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Hello to all on both sides

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Indy, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. I just found out that my girlfriend from many years ago had died without leaving a message for me. The psychics I've talked to told me that she is still with me and waiting to join me on the other side as well as in our next lives. I'm a Buddhist so I believe in reincarnation but still would like confirmation that these types of reunion are possible.
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    welcome to ALF :)

    Whatever your approach to reincarnation, the matter of survival beyond death is less contentious - slightly!

    Some of us here are certain we survive physical death and that there's life 'beyond-the-grave' although others still harbor doubt. That seems to address your need for confirmation that your friend will be there to meet you after you pass over.

    As for any future lives you may wish to share well that's another discussion altogether and a good look through the many threads here should show you it's one we've had already. If you want to start a similar discussion then please go ahead. :)
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  3. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    Yes. They are.
  4. Thanks for your replies.
    I don't want to start a new thread before reading old ones but I was told that :
    1. Time passes a lot faster on the other side so our loved ones who have died don't have to wait that long for us to get there.
    2. People on the other side can choose to be reincarnated whenever they want so they won't be forced to come back here before we get there.
    3. It's possible for people who are in love to find each other again after reincarnation but I wonder how likely this is since most of us can't remember our past lives.
    With a background in engineering and a degree in Electrical Engineering, I'm also interested in building devices to communicate with the North American station on the other side.
    Has anybody posted a detailed instruction for doing this ? Considering how long these devices have existed I would expect them to be available on Amazon or ebay at least in kit forms.
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  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Points 1, 2 and 3 are essentially correct. How likely you asked in point 3? very likely to certain!

    Re the ITC query, I don't know if any kits are available but if they are be sure you understand what they're intended to do before you part with your cash. Take a look in the 'Resources' tab for interest.
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  6. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Indy, the negative forces arrayed against the success of the North American station are such that its head - Nikola Tesla - is now working with the Brazilian Station and its leading this-side operator, Sonia Rinaldi. This is a fairly new development, and it seems to be happening because Sonia has been having such extraordinary success! They are trying to build the NA station, but meanwhile Sonia is now getting communications in English as well as Portuguese. And it will be awhile, I think, before Amazon carries communication kits, sadly :-(!
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  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

  8. genewardsmith

    genewardsmith Active Member

    It's not that time passes faster, but rather the sense of time is different.
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  9. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    True. I'm glad you are back.
  10. Thanks. A Buddhist friend of mine just wrote to tell me that according to the Buddha's teaching we cannot choose to be reincarnated whenever we want but it's our karma that decides when we have to be reincarnated. I wonder if it's possible to find a common ground that satisfies both of these theories so I'll get to be with my girlfriend again and she won't be that much older than me :)
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