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Hello to all, from the UK

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Lance, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Lance

    Lance New Member

    Hi all,
    my name is Lance and I am a ITC researcher from the UK,
    I am currently been working with the EVP maker software (Sonia Rinaldi method of using Chopped up foreign language sound file, with no English words at all) to gather voices from the afterlife.
    I am a Member of the 'Big Circle' run by Karen Mossey and Vicki Talbott, since 2007, helping people with contacting their loved one's in the spirit world through EVP.
    I am very glad to be a member of this forum, look forward to chatting with you all,
    Take care, Lance.
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    There's at least one long thread about ITC with Stations here on ALF and in my 'Resources' section there's a link to Mark Macy's blog/website. I imagine you're already well familiar with the latter.
  3. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    Welcome! I've been very intrigued by EVP. What's the average time before you experience results? I've read it varies. What is the reason for the variance? Is it just due to learning curves of the individual attempting or more so whoever you are attempting to connect to learning also? Thank you!
  4. Lance

    Lance New Member

    Hi Mac and thank you for your reply and links, I will check them out.

    Hi Unexpected, thanks for your question.
    What I have experienced over the years, is that it does depend on the individual and the people on the other side that want to communicate with us. In my opinion, there are more likely people on the other side that are very excited to communicate with a person, but it's about experimenting and adjusting our vibrations and instruments that we are using at the time, to give them more chance to communicate with us.
    Sometimes people get a EVP through in their first week, others may have to wait a bit longer??
    One thing I do, is to make a regular sitting time for my EVP sessions and be consistent, even if you record for 5 mins at a time, they will know you are serious about your communication and providing the tools for the contact to happen.

    Also, Your right, about it being a learning curve for the attempting individual, getting to know the instrument or recorders you are using and they capability.
    One thing That I have learnt, is to always set your sample rate on your recorder or PC, that you record with, to a low sample rate (8000) or (LP Long play on your digital recorder), this will give more internal noise for the communicators to work with, to produce their voice.. If you are recording with a 41000 sample rate you will need to add a subtle background noise.
    But to answer your question, What I have experienced, is that you need alot of patients and be prepared for sessions with no contact, even after you been doing it a while. But!! Then there are the times when you get a good contact and it blows your socks off :)
    Hope this helps in some way.
    Take care, Lance.
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  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    We 'did' this subject some time back and I recall that results were inconclusive. Posted audio clips didn't work for me and one member investigated at length but wasn't totally persuaded. Bacci is the EVP exponent, of course, but he's a physical medium so it's a different situation from 'ordinary' DIY.

    It's interesting to reflect that the INIT bunch's activities came to a halt after years of apparently good progress, as did the Scole Experimental Group's activities. Not exactly similar to what you're experimenting with but interesting how such research seems to have peaked and has now tailed off almost to nothing.
  6. Lance

    Lance New Member

    Hi Mac, What results were inconclusive?

    To my Knowledge, The INIT stopped, because Time-stream station closed the bridge, because of arguing and disharmony between the group, But I feel that other bridges are ready to open again in the near future.
    Take care, Lance.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2017
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    "We 'did' this subject some time back and I recall that results were inconclusive." The results produced by those involved at that time.....
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Yes I know why it all stopped and for the reasons you've mentioned I suggest it doesn't bode well for any other group attempting to re-invent that particular wheel. Finding human beings without human characteristics / weaknesses to be sitters for such communication links looks pretty unlikely to me - at least in our foreseeable future. I hope I'm wrong but time will tell.

    Maybe the immediate future will involve individuals working alone rather than organisations?
  9. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    Thank you very much for all of the information. It's very helpful. I definitely want to step in this direction when I have a time slot to set things up.

    As for communication, he knows I'm serious and we already communicate in other ways and he's with me a lot so that's a plus. I'll just need to work on my learning curve so that it's easier for him.

    Have a wonderful day!
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  10. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Welcome, Lance! And you're right: reportedly what shut down the Timestream effort was strife among the living researchers that caused the discarnate researchers to withdraw. The Scole effort was similarly shut down by its discarnate experimenters, this time apparently because beings from our future were trying to use the open portal for time-travel. Oy!

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