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Hello New World!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Jooje, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Jooje

    Jooje New Member

    Hey everyone! I just found this afterlife site while wandering the web and thought I might give it a try. I haven't read any of the conversations yet but I'm looking forward to. I'm also very excited to give my take on things too. I'm a simple man so I figured the member intros would be the best place to start. Wish me luck :D
  2. Jen_always_Jen

    Jen_always_Jen New Member

    Helllo! I’m new here too! I just found the forum via a random google search! Love it so far! I do indeed wish you luck and am sure you will enjoy yourself here.

    Simple is best! :)

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  3. Jooje

    Jooje New Member

    Thanks! I just read your post on here too, guess we’re both new :) I hope to see you around the forum! It’s time to get reading.
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  4. Jen_always_Jen

    Jen_always_Jen New Member

    Enjoy fellow newbie! It’s like the first day of school for us!
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  5. poeticblue

    poeticblue Moderator

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