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Hello, new member here!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by andyinhuyton, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. You'll have to bear with me as i'm still at an informative stage regarding the Afterlife and NDE's.
    I have never had an NDE or OBE or any other psychic episode, i've just got an unhealthy interest of the Afterlife.
    I've been on a few different websites, but this is the 1st one i've registered with and posted a question.
    Can someone explain to me what the afterlife is like, what we are like, is everything in real-time?
    i mean, do things only happen if you think about the things you want, or are we interacting with people as we would in our pysical life on Earth?


  2. LaLuzBella

    LaLuzBella New Member

    Welcome to the forum :)
  3. Linda

    Linda New Member

    Welcome Andy:)
  4. Thanks, LLBella&Linda :)
  5. Any takers on my original questions?? :confused:
  6. Welcome Andy. I wish I could say I'm educated in the afterlife enough to answer all your questions. However I'm not at that level of comfort in my knowledge yet. May I suggest you peruse the forums, maybe beginning with the one termed "Evidence of the Afterlife"
  7. That's a big question to answer. The founder of this forum Roberta Grimes has an excellent book called "The Fun of Dying" that should answer a lot of your questions. Her colleague Dr. R Craig Hogan has a book called "Your Eternal Self" if you want to get more in depth information.

    With Lovingkindness (metta),
  8. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Active Member

  9. Identity

    Identity Inactive


    HAHAHAHA, let's hope the obsession is not truly unhealthy.

    The afterlife has various levels, including what can be lower, denser level. Usually, its a warm place, where time does not exist, and you can materialize anything with the help of your thoughts or guides. You can travel simply by thought, and you are in a state of bliss.
  10. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear Andy, I have spent decades studying nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent afterlife evidence, and I can tell you that the following things are true:

    There are about seven afterlife levels that exist about exactly where we are, much as all the television channels exist as energy in your living room before your TV set picks up one of them and shows you sounds and pictures. Right now, your mind is tuned to the "earth" channel. When you die, it will simply tune to a higher vibratory level and it will pick up a whole new solid reality!

    The three Summerland levels of the afterlife, where most of us end up after death, look like the most gorgeous possible earth vistas. Fields, mountains, buildings, abundant flowers, and family homes where we can congregate with those we loved on earth and thought that we had lost. It all feels real, dear friend. Repeatedly the dead tell us that in landing there, they realized with a slap of the forehead that there is real life - not here! - and they had left it to begin a brief earth-lifetime but now they happily have come home.

    Yes, we interact with people there! Communication is telepathic, which (somehow) allows us to communicate with people who spoke different languages when they were on earth; and each of us has many eternal friends there. No jealousies, no strife, none of that kids-in-the-schoolyard bullying and status-seeking that persists through life here and really is obnoxious. Instead, we exist there in a hierarchy based in love and kindness in which making spiritual progress is everybody's goal.

    There is a lot to do there. And since we never get tired there and night never falls, we have a lot of time for fun! The afterlife levels seem enormous and underpopulated when compared to the earth, and they apparently contain every earth-culture that ever has existed so we can travel to ancient Egypt or Medieval England or wherever else our curiosity might take us. It is all still there!

    Our minds learn so much more easily without the interference of a material brain that we can learn to paint or play the piano or knit or whatever else strikes our fancy much more easily there. We attend plays and concerts in vast open-air amphitheaters. We attend classes, and even sit at the feet of Jesus if we like. The wonderful stories that the dead tell us make our lives here seem deadly dull!

    Everyone there is young and beautiful. Most of us choose to look and feel like a more perfect version of our most recent earth-self at around the age of thirty. We generally wear what the dead call "spirit robes," which are (believe it or not) basically the floor-length, long-sleeved belted tunics that we associate with angels, made of light-colored fabric that softly glows with luminescence.

    The vegetation there is conscious and loving, and flowers are everywhere, many of them in colors that we have no names for because they are beyond the visible light spectrum. The vegetation and the living water (silky and water-like, but not wet) give off a subtle music and an energy which is nourishing to people - in fact, eating is optional and very soon most of us give it up and just take our nourishment from breathing in that glorious energy.

    ... Does this help, dear Andy? If you have more questions, ask away ;-)!

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