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Hello from Cookie

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Cookie, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Hello All,

    I'm Cookie, a seventy-five year-0ld working engineer. Oh, perhaps I should tell you that I am a man, as my sobriquet, Cookie, is genderless. My engineering field is Information Assurance and I am working on an Army contract.

    I have had two wives. My first, Joan Marie, died quite suddenly. My second, Jessica, took her time to die of Ovarian Cancer. I have one natural child, Heather, who has started a lovely family.

    I grew up in an agnostic/atheistic family, sort of. I think there was a small belief in my mother of Christianity. Once she mentioned Jesus briefly and hung a ceramic plaque of Jesus on my bedroom wall, and then saw that it got moved when our family moved from my grandfather's house to our new house next door and then to our big house in the center of town.

    Schooling. I was sent to the kindergarten at a Mrs. Salac's school at her home, where I had my first crush on her daughter Meredith. That ended after she complained to her mom that while washing my hands I was "gouging the soap"!!!

    On to the Little Folk Farm school for first and second grades. I don't have much to say about it, so on to the town's public school for third and fourth grades. At this time I was sent to the Congregational Church's Sunday School, perhaps because it diagonally across an intersection where our house was situated, but more likely it was to add to my resumé later. My Dad had his mind set on sending me to a church-affiliated school. I think the reason was thaat his boss also sent his son to that same school.

    Did, the exposure to Sunday School affect my spiritual/religious outlook? No, at that point I assumed that Science, the materialist kind, would explain everything. That mimicked the dominant view in my family.
  2. All,

    Sorry for the abrupt end of my first post. I either didn't get or overlooked a warning how much space I had left. I will attempt to synopsize.

    I was widowed for the second time in 2013, and started looking at streaming TV. I was already familiar with George Noory from his cameo appearances on the Ancient Aliens show, so I decided to watch his "Beyond Belief" show. It just so happened that his guest was Roberta Grimes. I was impressed, bought her book The Fun of Dying and here I am.

    I'm here because I was convinced of the truth of what she wrote. It was sensible and straightforward, not full of mysteries such as virgin births, etc. Why wouldn't I believe life after life happens? I think the question almost answers itself.

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  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Good to see you here Cookie - welcome to ALF. :)
  4. Wow Cookie this sounds almost word for word what I just emailed Roberta last night ! I too found her from the George Noory interview on Gaia. Had I not already determined that George Noory was credible from my familiarity with him from Ancient Aliens I may not have not ever gave that interview a chance and would have scrolled right past it! My less enlightened mind would have chalked that up to a coincidence but knowing what I do now I am almost certain this was a nudge from my guides. It’s truly beautiful to see.

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