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Hello Eveyone

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by DarthT15, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. DarthT15

    DarthT15 New Member

    I'm happy I found a forum like this, in recent time (around the holidays to be exact), I was having some bad anxiety about dying and death in general which led up to a major panic attack. Ever since, I've been deep in reading about NDE's and the sciences behind them as well as OBE's and ADC's. It's helped lessen my fear immensely to know that there is most likely something beyond this world. I've also been witness to some ADCs after a friends father had passed.

    Of course being me, this has also given rise to some other worries and anxiety regarding the afterlife (Will I be bored, what is there to do, can I still do what I love, etc.). Although I've learned meditation to help manage the anxiety, It's still there from time to time. And of course there's that little skeptical part of me that doubts all this regardless of the proof.

    I have a couple questions regarding the matter, although I'm not sure if I should post these here or elsewhere.
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  2. AmbraADC

    AmbraADC Banned

    Hi Darth, I've never had a fear of death. Repent and follow Jesus, would be my corny but true advice, lol. If you put your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, I don't see how you can go wrong upon your death. It's what kept me from having any fear of death anyways :)
  3. Ken

    Ken New Member

    Good to see you, Darth. Im fairly new to this forum as well but I think you've come to the right place. Most of the guys I've met here are knowledgeable, very open-minded and friendly so I believe you'll get a lot of different answers regarding whatever questions you have. This is an introduction area so you might wanna head over to the, "General Afterlife Discussions," and post your questions there.

  4. DarthT15

    DarthT15 New Member

    Thanks for the welcome. :)
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Re your last sentence, best thing is to look for the forum here that's most appropriate - there's a good selection to choose from.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2017
  6. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator


    Religious proselytizing is against the rules of this forum. How would you like it if a Buddhist kept preaching to you here about Buddhism? We all get that you are a Christian, AmbraADC, and good for you if that makes you happy, but people who come here to learn about death and the afterlife from an evidence-based perspective deserve not to be preached to by anyone about any religion. If you do this again, you will be banned for a month. If you do it after the ban is lifted, it will be made permanent. Please obey the rules here, which are meant to protect you as well, because I truly hate to ban people!
  7. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Welcome, Darth! If you have questions that you can't easily find answers for by using the Search function at the upper right, it's fine if you post them in this thread, or in any other thread!
  8. Gustavo Woltmann

    Gustavo Woltmann New Member

    Welcome to the family. Your story is very inspiring. Hope to hear more from you.
  9. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 New Member

    Hi DarthT15 and welcome.

    One of the first things I want to say to you is that this place is a good place to come and start or further your investigations on NDEs. OBEs, ADCs, and the like. This place was one of the first places I was guided to after the death of someone very close to me.

    The second thing I am going to say to you is this.. I too, have a very skeptical and doubtful part of me, after a year of delving even more deeply into this subject. I have had, what people would say are very extraordinary ADCs and contact through mediums, and yet, still I doubt. I just wonder if that is part of the human nature.

    Thirdly, I too deal with anxiety of dying. Especially because I have had so many people close to me pass away. If I may, can I suggest you not only looking into Roberta's books, but start checking out Sandra Champlain. She is an amazing, everyday woman who through her anxiety and fear of dying did so much research that helped her. Her book is called "We Dont Die" and it's fantastic.

    Through this site, I have found so many other sites, people, books, etc that have forced me to ask the bigger questions. Do I still have doubts, yes.... at times I do.. but I continue to search and try and find the answer to my questions.
  10. Hello Everyone,
    Life is a beautiful gift and we have to spread love and happiness everywhere..

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