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Hello everyone

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Deb A.Z., Jun 21, 2016.

  1. This is my first post to Afterlife Forums. I have been reading in on your blogs for quite some time, and thought I might join in on your conversations. I find it truly amazing the insights so many of you have into the afterlife, and from what I can tell many of you are very young! I'm sure technology has something to do with that, but the interest must have been there to start with. It seems we are being prompted to further investigate.

    As a child I felt isolated because of my thoughts of the afterlife, especially after my first visitation from my grandmother at age nineteen. Before that I had many unexplained events and no one to talk to about them, and no internet. My first research group delved into the Seth books by Jane Roberts. After that anything I could get my hands on, including Raymond Moody's Life after Life. Now.... finally some answers !!!

    More recently my husband transitioned eighteen months ago. Ever since his transition he has been playing havoc with anything electrical in our home, everything from light bulbs to complete power outages, and computer problems even the skilled experts can't explain. O.K. Now, most people like Roberta get dragonflies and butterflies, and what do I get???? I yell at him all the time, but I'm told to be grateful for any signs that I get and to say "Thank you." Butterflies wouldn't be as big an expense! Lol
    A few days after his leaving here I had a beautiful visitation from him, one that I will never forget. For that I said "Thank you."

    Several weeks ago I had a second reading with a VERY wonderful medium here in Az., and was told my husband knew of my trying to connect with him(which I had).
    I was also told that he is in training with a group on the other side that were to help him with this endeavor. Now... I had been thinking of getting involved with Dr. Hogan's ITC program prior to this, so immediately went to work on it. Andrew has been helping "tweak" the system that I'm using, so I will keep you informed when I get my first response from my Jack (or anyone.)

    I'm looking forward to bouncing thoughts and ideas off all of you. And, thank you Roberta, and Andrew, for making all of this possible.
  2. lybg

    lybg New Member

    Welcome, deb! We look forward to hearing more of your experiences.
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Deb! Welcome to Afterlife Forums--I'm glad to see you on here, and I can't wait to see the results of your ITC work! I started working with the North American Station mostly out of curiosity, but it's evolved into a real passion for me. It's wonderful that anyone can be involved! :)
  4. Nirvana

    Nirvana Regular Contributor

    Hey Deb, was that Susanne Wilson by any chance?
  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Welcome, Deb! Working with Craig and Andrew, you are in very good hands indeed ;-).

    One thing in your post that I want to point out to others is that your Jack is involved with a group who are teaching him how to better communicate with you. This is exactly how the dead work! Even the most advanced beings seem almost always to work in groups, even if one might be designated to be the named communicator. It's an interesting phenomenon, and one that we are emulating at the Afterlife Research and Education Institute and we hope will extend to the whole field of afterlife education: individually, we can each be dismissed as kooks, but when we work to assist and support one another we are infinitely stronger. And you'll note that Jack doesn't instinctively know how to do these things, but he must be taught to do them, which is one reason why not everyone's dead loved ones might be in communication with us: it takes patience, learning, and some effort on their end to accomplish good communication.

    Again, welcome!
  6. Thank you, everyone, for your warm welcome!

    Roberta, I'm glad you pointed out Jack's schooling to everyone. Isn't it interesting to think of our loved ones sitting in classrooms!
    Craig has told us we will have better communication by the end of this year, so they must be working at this as much as we are.

    And yes, Nirvana, Susanne Wilson is not only gifted but such a delight to talk with. If you haven't already, give yourself a treat.

    Again, Thank you!
  7. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    Welcome to forum Deb. I am glad to see new members.

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