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Hello Beautiful Souls and a Big Thank You to Roberta!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Sabrina S, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I wonder if you really do understand? It's not that I don't "share" about matters spiritual (the primary thrust for my being here) but that I don't see myself as anyone important whose experiences are there to be shared by others UNLESS I judge they may be helpful in some way. I don't come here just to share - this is a serious website for discussions on a very serious subject. I enjoy discussion and debate. This is not Facebook for sharing every little experience, action or thought - Facebook does that so much better.

    I agree with your findings. This is certainly a safe place and it's reassuring to hear it called a stimulating one and what we each take from, or give to, it is likely to vary considerably.

    You are, of course, bang on right about bees being vital to our existence. It was never my intention to even suggest otherwise. But horses-for-courses goes the saying and Africanized bees are not so beneficial to us humans as other bee species and this interbred species is territorially aggressive and potentially a nuisance. The species who are helpful to humankind are the ones that humankind needs to take care of, others will survive or fail according to natural selection principles. I don't want to make bees the subject of this thread either and I'd thought it wouldn't develop that way.

    I, too, have a passion for understanding bees but bees do not have a 'working' role in the so-called afterlife and neither do butterflies. They may, though, continue to have appeal for some of us and that appeal leads to their existence when individuals or groups have a strong enough desire for that to be the case.

    They have, though, no roles equivalent to the working roles they have in this physical world. ;)

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