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Hello Beautiful Souls and a Big Thank You to Roberta!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Sabrina S, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Sabrina S

    Sabrina S New Member

    My name is Sabrina and I am delighted to have a 'place' like this to meet others who are drawn to this light! All of you dragonflies and butterflies and yes, Roberta's sunflower too. :) I will just say that I only read the rules before jumping on, I wasn't even ready to post the thumbnail photo as I'm not that computer literate, but the unseen chose for me as an old logo came up and it portrays how I feel about afterlife research as well as it did how I felt about life and business back then.
    I am now retired with time to look into what has always fascinated me and I stumbled across Roberta's podcasts searching for one on the mysteries of the Universe and the spooky aspects of quantum physics. I have listened to all the podcasts so I'm familiar with all the good folks doing all the explorations in the scientific method. I've always believed we can all be scientists. All it is is being willing to look at the facts and test. I think being a gardener helps develop that. I am just getting started on reading the books and visiting all the websites especially EVP ones and there's so much, it's like a banquet I could be feasting from, for the rest of this lifetime!

    At present,I have no pressing pain driving me here, though I've suffered loss but I've always questioned life and the strict Christian faith, from the time I was a very little girl. I nearly died 3 times before age 10 and while my grandmother who was, in effect, my mom till age 8, was extremely psychic and saw and heard dead people, she was also a staunch, fundamentalist Christian and felt alternately, guilty about and frightened by the 'extra', afterlife knowledge that came to her, unsought, that didn't fit in with the Christian cosmology and beliefs.
    So she told us about her experiences but grudgingly, and hung that classic picture of the guardian angel with the 2 little kids by the edge of the cliff, over my sister's and my bed. But her Christianity induced, fear of death was so strong that I promised to be with her at her passing and honoring that promise is one of the best things I've ever done in life.

    I've had on-going, delightful and sweet proof of my very, patient guardian angel who told me its name is Adrienn and of survival of death, through my estranged biological Dad, who I had no childhood contact with. He got in touch through a ouija board, the one and only time I got over my fear of it, as it was forbidden by my grandmother, and used it with a friend, the day of or maybe, the day after he died. I didn't know it was him till much later as, he used a shortened version of his name and I never dreamed he could be dead, he was only 44, and it was a month before my sister found out he was murdered.
    I've always felt, actually known, that otherworldly help is available and that it is also up to us to figure out why we are here this time around. As a lifelong believer in reincarnation, I struggle with that last part. I am looking to make connections around bees and their role and intermediaries with the Greater Reality. I am not a beekeeper but am going to be and it's all ok that it's taken till I'm 60, to really focus on it, because now, just like afterlife research, there is new evidence on how important they are on this material plane and not just for pollination! It seems they've always been connected with consciousness and death and if you are a treatment free beekeeper with unusual experiences, (or know someone who is,) both with the Bien (the bees) and with the afterlife, I'd love to hear from you!
    I have always tried to be kind and look on the bright side of things as a psychic told me in my thirties that I was 'on vacation' in this lifetime.
    At times it sure hasn't felt like a vacation!, especially my childhood, but when I read the heart wrenching stories of others, I know that may be true. I'm aware of the dark and never turn my back on it but try to always keep my face to the light. I look forward to meeting any of you here on the screens and maybe at the conference-symposium this September, which I want to go to.
    Thank you Roberta, for shining your light and for giving us all a place to 'meet' and a way to have the info we need to really relax and live in the joy of this knowledge, even in the midst of painful struggles. Right now, those struggles are not just our own, and but that of the other animals and the very planet too. It feels like what can one person do? So it's a blessing to find this online gathering and to learn what's being done.
    Thank you if you read this far, I wanted to give you a sense of who I am so we can maybe be friends, as well as fellow travelers.
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Well it's an odd association, bees and aspects of life spiritual, and although I'm keenly interested in the science surrounding the lives of bees and the benefits they unknowingly bestow on our lives, I don't associate them with spiritual issues any more than any other animal, plant, insect, fish or aquatic life-form.

    I'm very much a believer in 'horses-for-courses' and although I'm very interested in bees and many ecological issues, along with many other aspects of science of this world and others, here I'm an observer of, and commentator on, the so-called afterlife, on trans-dimensional and communication matters, and most other spiritual issues raised by consideration of life, death and what follows.

    I hope this gives you a flavor of who this particular fellow traveler is.
  3. Sabrina S

    Sabrina S New Member

    Hello Mac, so nice to meet you! Thanks for the taste of your views on nature.
    Like you, I'm so interested in natural sciences, because as a person who likes to be outdoors a lot, I feel that since we are a part of Mother Nature, that all beings, are energetic expressions of the mystery of the Divine Intelligence, whether it's called God or quantum psychics or whatever.

    As for bees being associated with aspects of spiritual life, I have to tell you that, except for meeting the odd maiden bee, also called worker bees, out in gardens, I haven't really spent much time around them and that's what I'm looking to change! I'm dying to know, first hand, what is really going on in their world!
    I do know that there's a truly, old, old custom in several places in the world, mostly in Europe, to inform the bees of the death of their beekeeper. Someone actually had to go out and stand in front of the hive and tell the bees out loud, that their keeper had died.
    This is the gist of a sentence from a search on the practice of telling the bees.
    Little is known about the origins of this custom but there's a theory that it is based in ancient Aegean [Greek] notion about the bees ability to be a bridge between the natural world and the afterlife.
    If you search 'Telling the bees' you'll find a lot about how much they are intertwined with us, from pre-historic times on and the reverence early cultures had for them.
    So Mac, I hope that was of some interest to you. :)

    I am looking forward to reading more of your comments and observations on all aspects of afterlife experiences, especially anything you wish to share about your own personal experiences. I am all ears and a total believer in what anyone here tells me about their own direct experiences.
    It is so cheering to me to now have a place to speak with like-minded, truth-and-mystery-loving people about experiences and ideas that many people might shake their heads and laugh at or just feel uncomfortable talking about.

    I glad to find people who share my belief that we don't have to wait till we are plunged into grief or loss of a loved one, to explore the afterlife.
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's good you're happy to be here although I don't share many of your views thus far. No matter because we all have an individual, personal approach to matters of the spirit and the subject on life, death and what follows. As for bees, a totally worldly approach for me, I have mixed feelings.

    Here in Arizona the wild colonies are considered to have become 'Africanised' which makes them more a threat to humans and also that the native species have been dominated by these aggressive interlopers. Keepers of these aggressive bees are unable to handle them as before because of their aggression although it's said that honey yields are higher, the colonies more productive. Humans have screwed their worlds, however, with mono-culture farming so we have much to answer for.

    Back home in the UK, and worldwide, bees are struggling for survival, disease wiping out huge numbers - I realise you know this but it's information for 'lurkers'. I don't see bee-keeping as anything romantic or spiritual and as for telling a hive that their keeper has passed over, well it's a nice story but humankind's pretty superstitious about many other things too.

    You won't hear much about me unless it's to try and help someone else, to relate my experience to reinforce a point I may be trying to make. That's not because I'm secretive but because I don't subscribe to the social-media approach of talking to the world about oneself. I don't talk much about me because individually I'm not of any importance.

    As for not plunging into a search for understanding I have absolutely no idea whether searching outside of bereavement yields any better understanding than when we've experienced a loss. Speaking about myself this time, I had only a little interest in such matters but after bereavement I found the need to understand what life is all about, whether it's life here in the physical or life elsewhere in the etheric dimension(s).

    I acknowledge others will have their own approach and I suspect they may react very differently from one another depending on their personal situations.
  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Wow, Sabrina, Welcome! It's lovely that you've joined us. Unlike my wonderful friend and colleague, Mac, I think you and I likely agree on most things, and I look forward to our having some lively discussions!
  6. SueK

    SueK New Member

    Hello, Sabrina,

    I'm delighted with your plans to become a beekeeper. I'm in the same place: close to the point of getting my first hive.

    All the best,
    -- Sue
  7. Sabrina S

    Sabrina S New Member

    I understand if you are not up for sharing. To me, this seems to be a safe and stimulating place to learn how common these experiences that show between this world and the others, are and how many people are having them. I know that many people don't like bees and there's a worry about the 'africanization' of them but I think that bees have much more to fear from us than we do from them! They're so important for our survival as a species and we ignore their distress at our own peril
    But I don't want to make this about bees, or mislead you to think that is what I'm here about.
    I only shared my passion for learning about them, as it dovetails with my passion for learning where we go after we die and what happens there. I believe the bees are also part of afterlife. Like butterflies.
  8. Sabrina S

    Sabrina S New Member

    Thanks Roberta, for your warm welcome. I'm tickled to know that these kinds of discussions are now going to be possible, not only with you but also everyone who enjoys a good gab about the mysteries. I love your podcasts! They are wonderful gab sessions. I smile, laugh and yes, shed tears too. But mostly I end them with a smile. I know that everyone comes here to this forum, with their own thoughts on it all and I'm happy to hear it all. I figure the more we talk about it the more it becomes, 'normalized'. Our world needs a bigger vision on all these experiences and realities. as we all walk the path towards the exit. Thanks again for being the light bearer for the rest of us, lighting up this part of the way. :)
  9. Sabrina S

    Sabrina S New Member

    Thanks Sue. I am not sure when it'll happen as I've just set the intention, but it will. Have a lot of fun with getting to know your bees. Have you heard of treatment free beekeeping and Jacqueline Freeman's book 'Song Of Increase'? And I hope I don't come off as having a bee in my bonnet! :) I mainly brought them up on this forum as part of my passion for them is connected to my passion for the subject of the afterlife. There is something afterlife-connected about them, like butterflies. Have you heard of the Butterfly tornado angels of Joplin, MO in a terrible tornado in 2011? I am going to see if there's a guardian angel thread on the forum and I'll post the info there.
  10. SueK

    SueK New Member

    I googled the butterfly people of the Joplin tornado-- what wonderful stories of people being protected.
    I'm becoming a beekeeper because we need the bees. Our clover used to buzz with bees, and now we have hardly any.

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