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Hello all new member :)

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by MaGinX3, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Welcome to the forum MaGin. I'm sorry to hear about your depression. I'm kind of in between you and Roberta. When things are going well in my life, the skies are blue, the sun is bright, there are flowers everywhere and everything is beautiful. I can deal with most of life's headaches pretty well. But when something really painful happens, it just tips me off the deep end to where all I want to do is sleep. You described it really well when you said that it's like you feel completely drained even though you haven't done anything physically exerting. I've been there.

    For me, it's been more situational, and that's why I haven't taken antidepressants. Plus I always have been scared of the side effects Highlander mentioned...feeling dull and as though there was a wall between me and my emotions...no depression but at the same time, no real joy or passion. And also the fear of weight gain because while I'm thin now, I was overweight once and that really brought me down to wear I just didn't want anyone to see me or look at me and I felt like who I was on the outside and who I was on the inside were two entirely different people.

    Learning about the afterlife has helped me a lot. When I came here, I just was so fed up with life and the people in it because the guy I was seeing left me for his ex that he had been cheating with. And I just kind of felt like...isn't there more to life than this, why should a good person like me get treated like this, and if I was dead would I still continue suffering? Morbid thoughts I know, but I just felt hopeless. I guess what I've gathered is...no, you don't suffer emotionally in the afterlife the same way you do here. You're not hindered by anything...being tired, chemicals/hormones that cause mood swings (yeah, I get a little down that time of the month but it's not bad at all lately), hunger, money woes, having to work, aches and pains, body image issues, all the millions of things that make life difficult. Once I started to see what a good afterlife there is in store, it made me want to live more. Ironic I guess, but I wanted to live a better life now so that I'll feel like I deserve lots of happiness when it's over and can get to a high level and not have to reincarnate again.

    But there are other things that help me with it that have nothing to do with the afterlife. I'm kind of introverted but being around people whose company I enjoy helps me, just doing stuff, whatever it is, and it doesn't have to involve drinking (although sometimes it can) but just anything that gets me outdoors, traveling, figure skating clears my mind. Being home alone, sometimes I need that too, surfing the internet, watching movies or TV, playing video games. But that's more what I do when I'm feeling stressed/frazzled. If it's a depressed/lonely thing then I try to push myself out of my comfort zone. You say you like being around people so just force yourself to go out with your friends one day/night and see if it doesn't make you feel better. We all get stuck in ruts.

    And as for whether depression is planned into life, or whether it's a sign that we're not on our life plan's track...I think it can be either/or or even both. Depression can be genetic, and I was reading an article that if your mother was depressed or really stressed out (like women who have babies in wartime) while pregnant with you, it could make you more disposed to depression yourself. My mom's marriage was falling apart when she was pregnant with me so I found that interesting, I can imagine how stressed she must have been, she told me that she kind of hoped my dad would change his mind once I was born but that just didn't happen. But my point is, the evidence suggests that we more or less choose what parents we want to be born to, so I must have known that my mother, while not really a depressed person, was going through a rough time and I went with it anyway. And to be honest, when things are going well in my life and I'm feeling great like I am lately, it's just nice to have that feeling like you're overcoming the odds that are stacked against you.
  2. thanks annie :)
  3. LachlanMac

    LachlanMac New Member

    Greetings Abby and welcome,

    I think I'm a bit like you in the sense that I feel this link between depression and spirtuality. It is a bit amazing at how many of us here have battled these demons and some of us can't find our way out of a paperbag at times, but we've all found this place somehow or another which is pretty exciting. I don't want to be too cliche, but these forums have given me a lot of peace as it made me feel that there are people out there like me who have suffered like me and need something to hold onto. I reckon a few of us don't have people we can go to with spirtual concerns, which is most difficult so naturally this is a great outlet and I believe it has helped me cope with a lot of my spiritual needs.

    This place is very great and the resources here are brilliant. I've not been dissappointed and hope that you can gain as much as many of us have here.

    Either way, welcome!

  4. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Yo yo yo MaGinX3,

    There is nothing wrong with you. You are maturing. You are asking the who, what, where, when, why's, and how's because you care. If you weren't on the correct path in life then you simply would not care. Sure we may deviate slightly from our course when we get really depressed but there is a difference from being off the path and walking slightly crooked. You are simply just walking a little crooked on your path .. but you are still on it. Your spiritual strength will never let you completely go off of this track. Sometimes we may stray from it.. or take an alternative path.. but we will always somehow end up right where we are suppose to be. It just takes time, patience, and endurance.

    Your spirit guide is also there to help you stay on the path as well. If you feel yourself going off of the path a little too much, ask them for a nudge back onto that path. Know that they will always try to nudge you in the right direction regardless.. but it is still good to speak with them.

    All of your mental imperfections is simply part of your human/mind side. It has nothing to do with who you truly are. Whether you chose to have depression before previously coming to earth.. or whether you developed them as a result of being here on earth is nothing more but a tool to help you learn, preserver, and push through all the madness so you can come out stronger. Its like lifting weights. Initially your muscles will be sore.. but keep lifting and working the muscle and you will be become stronger. So with your depression you have to push through it so that you can develop your spiritual muscle. Please learn how to separate your mind from the spirit. The spirit is your true self. The part that questions "is there something more?" is your spirit. It is you! Yes there is something more and you know there is. So keep pushing and don't look back. That outgoing expressive side of you is still there. It is your spirit self and it has not left you. It is your higher self that resides in the afterlife whispering in your ear everyday to take one more step forward. Start to peel the layers of depression back off of you and let that beautiful self shine. Don't look back on the past and how things were. Make it now.
  5. KatLen

    KatLen New Member

    Welcome, MaGin! I'm pretty new myself around here. We can be newbies together!

    I'm sorry you are feeling the way you are. I know that my story may not be fully relatable to yours, but my main purpose is to let you know you're not alone. Like Annie, I've experienced situational depression -- mine boiled over during the sickness and eventual death of my mother. The event, itself, was just the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, and I had actually been headed in a pretty dark direction for quite some time prior to that. For months, I didn't like myself at all, heck, I didn't even recognize myself. After my mom died, my life collapsed. Some days, I didn't get out of bed. On the days that I did, I spent much of my time in a puddle on the floor of my bathroom, weeping for hours at a time, and silently asking God -- or whoever else was out there -- to help me. I tried so hard to ignore the voice in the back of my head that was always saying to me: "would dying really be such a bad thing?" I wasn't at the point where I was suicidal...yet. But I see now how dangerously close I was.

    At what I would consider my lowest point, my best friend suggested that I might benefit from seeing the chakra healer she'd been going to for some of her own difficulties. I'd never heard of chakra healing, and reading about it, I was immediately skeptical. What could this guy DO for me, really? In the end, I went because I knew I needed to do something. I was too close to the edge for me to feel comfortable. Long story short, this man saved my life. My chakras were all at their lowest levels (similar energy profile, he said, to someone with PTSD), so of course I didn't want to/couldn't do anything other than survive. After one session, I felt like I could DO things again. After 3, I started to become more recognizable to myself. Over the course of the last 8 months, ha has helped me not only connect to the spiritual side of this life, but he has done so much to help me remember that this life should be about joy and love and forgiveness (of myself and of others), and that the difficulties I encounter don't need to be my undoing. It's not been an easy road, and I've obviously run into some speed bumps along the way -- for example, this Friday marks one year since my mom passed away -- but I can truly say that I have come farther than I ever believed I could. Again, my depression was situational, and by no means am I suggesting that there is an easy fix for this. But energy healing was a new avenue for me to try when I'd lost sight of all the other roads.

    This forum also helped immeasurably. I was inspired by all of the people on here who had faced situations just as difficult, if not harder, than my own -- some similar, some different -- and come through them. With the help of my loved ones, this forum, a few books, a toddler who seems to know just the right way to make me smile, and my chakra healer, I've found myself "back on the path" that I had been off of for so long.

    Love and strength to you, MaGin. I hope your path glows under your feet again soon.
  6. LaLuzBella

    LaLuzBella New Member


    Welcome and thank you for sharing! I too have suffered from General Depression and at one-time severe Depression. 9 months ago I had to go off of my medication because I lost my insurance coverage. I highly recommend reading "A Course in Miracles". It really delves into where our thoughts come from, particularly negative thoughts, in a way that has been very healing for me. I am still taking it one day at a time, but I KNOW for sure I am on my way to full recovery, I can feel it not only in my mind but in my mind's future. I'm glad you've joined this forum and look forward to hearing about your healing journey. Welcome :D

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