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Hello all at Afterlife Forums!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Purple Dragonfly, May 12, 2016.

  1. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Hello dear Purple Dragonfly! There actually is considerable evidence that directly addresses your concerns. Here is a little of what afterlife researchers have learned:

    1) Consciousness is primary and pre-exists matter. Quantum physicist Max Planck made this discovery perhaps a century ago, and by now the evidence for it as fact is abundant. So consciousness never "emerged," and that includes our individual conscious awareness; bur rather, everything emerges from consciousness, which is primary and eternal.

    2) We are eternal spiritual beings who enter earth-lives in an effort to grow spiritually. This suggests pretty strongly that our bodies' evolution to act as vehicles for these eternal minds was probably by design. Although it doesn't much matter, I don't think.

    3) The "knowing" that you experience, and the fact that all human civilizations seem to tend toward deism, likely are innate remembering. Although we may not consciously recall who and what we are, and we have limited direct access to our eternal minds while we are temporarily in bodies, on some level we do know who and what we are. We have made this round-trip for learning purposes many, many times before!

    All these answers arise naturally from the afterlife evidence, and they are readily available to anyone who wants to do the research. I hope this helps!
  2. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 New Member

    Hi Purple Dragonfly!

    I have always had a big interest in the subject of the afterlife.. since I was young. I come from a Methodist background, but when I was in my teen years, started researching all other forms of religion. From Native American beliefs, Wiccan, other religions and so on. I have tried my hand at tarot cards, I have had other people who went to psychics and they were spot on about my life, I have had a palm reader tell me things that were right on target. I have always believed that there was something more out there that religion just wasnt explaining.
  3. Purple Dragonfly

    Purple Dragonfly New Member

    Hi Shininglight.
    I too have researched different religions thinking and hoping that one would resonate as Catholicism didn't...And most, if not all, fell short. Which was pretty disheartening given I was in the midst of somewhat of a "faith" crisis. But it wasn't the differences in these religions that got my attention, but the similarities and the fact that even in ancient times, in every corner of the world, humans have looked to a higher source to explain their existence. I feel there's something to it, but I completely agree with you. Religion doesn't have all the answers..
  4. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear, I think you will find that the Jesus of the Gospels without Christianity in the way will work better for you as a spiritual resource than any religion ever could. The Fun of Growing Forever will be out this summer - I'll be eager to hear what you think!
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I've referred to ShiningLight's words here but my observations aren't addressed specifically to her - they relate to anyone in a similar situation.

    There is definitely "....something out there that religion isn't explaining." but psychism doesn't explain it either.

    Many who have researched the situation reach a similar level of persuasion that we are immortal, that we don't disappear when we die; we continue to exist. We existed before we incarnated in human form, we'll live on after we cease to be human. We see it as all to do with the so-called afterlife. We get it; we don't die and we don't just cease to be. We live on in another, but similar, form. That's the reassurance that an understanding of life-after-death gives us.

    Sometimes we begin to gain our understanding from related issues such as stories about Near Death Experience(s). We may even experience one personally. Both situations can help us begin our personal search for understanding.

    But sometimes we are exposed to issues that are psychic and have little to do with survival. This way, I respectfully suggest, deserves caution. Over my years 'in the spooks' I've often heard individuals tell how impressed they have been about the accuracy of what a psychic has told them. But it should be accurate unless the psychic is an out-and-out fraud. Visit Coney Island, your local county or state fair, Blackpool or Skegness Pleasure Beach. You'll likely find one or several psychics, all part of the fun of the fair. But what can they tell us?

    Well what they will most likely tell us is what they have just read from us. That's psychic reading. It's an attribute a psychic reader has that enables them to learn from the individual - without asking them - personal information the individual carries 'in their psyche'. A good psychic can 'tap into' that reservoir of information and replay it back to their sitter. The practitioner may also counsel or say something about the possible future of their sitter. They don't actually KNOW what their future is because the future isn't set in stone but they may be able to gauge a possible/likely outcome based on what they're reading from their sitter.

    You may be perfectly happy with all of that but should not be mistaken that it is directly to do with survival or the afterlife.
  6. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 New Member

    mac, I think what I was pointing out was more that I have researched and experienced both the religious and the "spiritual" side of the life after death debate, and I have always believed there has to be more. I have dabbled here and there, and as Purple Dragonfly stated, I have always found that no matter where you turn, each "religion" shares the same fact that there is a "higher power" that we come from and will eventually go back to. This is why I dont believe in "religion" but I believe I am a spiritual person.

    As far as psychics, I have not been to one personally for an actually "sitting". My Dad went to one over 27 years ago, and this person told him that I was pregnant. When he told me that, I laughed... and blew it off, until 2 months later I found out I was pregnant.I hadnt seen my Dad in a few months before this, and it's not like we discussed my dating life on a regular basis. That always stuck with me. The palm reader was a girl I worked with who did it for fun.. told me that I was going to have 3 kids... I looked at her like she had lost her mind... blew it off.... and 6 years later.. I had a total of 3 kids. I dont make too much about that.. but I had forgotten her "reading" until a year after my 3rd child was born.

    It's a shame that while I have dabbled in it here and there, it has taken the passing of my husband for me to really start delving deeper and deeper into finding out the truth. I still have a lot of skepticism on the subject and dont take everything at face value. Such as my questions regarding number signs. It seems to me that maybe, just maybe I am trying to "force" the issue and trying to make myself "see" his number. How much of this is coincidence or "looking for the numbers" and how much of this is a communication? What are the odds on something like that happening, twice or even three times in a matter of hours?

    I will keep researching all of these topics, but I will probably always hold a skepticism until I find out for myself.
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I did point out that my response wasn't aimed at you and that I'd simply used your posting to comment on certain general points there. :)

    I avoided religious or spiritual aspects preferring to focus on the psychic nature of the issues you'd mentioned. Some individuals may get confused that psychism is indicative of survival, the afterlife etc. but I wasn't implying that applied to you.

    It's always interesting to hear accounts of readings/sittings. Your dad's was unusual as it told him about you, maybe mediumistic rather than psychic as information was given him that he didn't know. (I didn't touch on mediumship.) Your palm reader may have been reading something you'd planned for yourself before incarnating or might have been using her intuition about you. Interesting but it's not so uncommon to have three kids.

    On a similar theme, my wife and I were told on numerous occasions by a psychic/medium friend that we'd adopt but 31 years on that still hasn't happened - I'd be blown away if it were now to happen given our advanced ages! :D

    I'm totally persuaded about continuous life but I do believe in religion - just not all religions and not most mainstream ones. I am deeply aware of and involved in matters of the spirit but I don't know if that makes me 'spiritual'. I didn't used to be persuaded about the importance/significance of signs, symbols and number repetition etc. but heaing accounts from individuals whose integrity I respect has persuaded me of their significance - it hasn't been necessary for me to have similar personal experience to accept their significance although it has taken quite a few years before my outlook changed .

    I'm a great believer of not needing to re-invent the wheel. I haven't had vivid and sometimes mind-blowing personal personal experiences of the sort that convince others of survival. But I've been persuaded after listening to some of the experiences of those who have. By contrast I have had different, less-obviously evidential experiences. All of them have added to my overall certainty on the subject but I know that for others nothing short of personal experience would persuade them....
  8. Purple Dragonfly

    Purple Dragonfly New Member

    I look forward to reading it, Roberta! The only thing I hold of any value from the bible is some of the New Testament. Although I no longer believe in any sort of organized religion, I still feel a sort of connection to Christ and his teachings. Maybe it's because of my Catholic upbringing, but I feel it goes deeper than that. It just makes sense to me... And if there was ever a being who walked the earth for humanity to model themselves after, Christ would be the ultimate candidate. And this isn't coming from a Christian or Catholic perspective, as I feel the views of religion are somewhat skewed.
  9. Purple Dragonfly

    Purple Dragonfly New Member

    Hi mac,

    Although I agree that "psychics" themselves don't necessarily provide proof of "survival after death" , I can see where Shininglight is coming from in that Psychic phenomena may show that things aren't really what they seem. If someone can tap into our mind with their mind, then if anything it shows that we are more than just our bodies. Same thing with Remote Viewing, Telekinesis, etc... If one can be convinced of these experiences, then it could very well open up a whole new realm of possibilities... Such as "survival of consciousness" and "existence of the soul" .. One can lead to another, even though Psychic Phenomena is not in itself indicative of Survival after death.
    I myself, am more interested in Mediumship, as it has a direct correlation to the subject of survival..
    Last edited: May 24, 2016
  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I did say that my remarks didn't especially relate to ShiningLight's situation. They were general observations about psychics and the so-called afterlife situation. I hope I'm not presenting my points poorly.

    Experiencing psychism can be a life-altering event - I'm speaking from personal experience. When our full-term baby died almost in my arms the help of a psychic and medium rescued me from the deepest, darkest abyss I've ever been in. The things he told me, as we stood chatting one day at work, were largely of a psychic nature. (I realized this much later.)

    That meeting with him 'switched me on' and he followed it by giving me information that arrived via his mediumship - he was a 'spiritual medium'. So although my special interests are now mediumship and communication you can see that my introduction was through psychism. It was quite some time after that, though, before I began to figure how and why psychism has only a little to do with the spiritual aspect of survival. I think one experience in particular really firmed up my awareness of the differences.

    After that initial exposure to the notion of survival - and after my wife told me she'd seen her dead grandmother who told my wife that 'they were looking after him' - I became involved with others who shared my new interest in mediumship and communication.

    I began helping and promoting a local medium who had contacted me after reading one of my letters featured in the then-weekly newspaper 'Psychic News'. She knew what had happened to me and my wife but we never discussed it and I never sat with her under mediumship conditions. But one evening, after a poorly attended meeting had broken up early, we stood chatting in the kitchen of the old hall I'd booked.

    The meeting hadn't provided the right atmosphere to properly demonstrate her mediumship and as we discussed that she raised the subject of how I ended up 'in the spooks' after the loss of our son. She said to me something like "Let's see what we can find out about what happened."

    After the frustration of the evening I expected she was keen to show me how well she could have worked had things gone better. As we were old friends who got on well the atmosphere felt easy and comfortable and my hopes were raised that I'd learn something new. Imagine my disappointment, then, when all she told me were all the details I already knew. I don't know if she believed she was providing mediumship but she wasn't. It was nothing more than a psychic reading and I felt immensely deflated.

    I didn't say how disappointed I was because she was my friend but I lost all confidence in her and later found that other friends had felt the same but been reluctant to say anything to me.

    It wasn't a completely negative outcome, though, because it shaped how I have since approached matters. It's enabled me to judge them from a very different perspective to the one I had in those early times. From my own experience I know how valuable psychism can be but it should be seen - in my view - only as an introduction to the big picture of survival.
    Last edited: May 25, 2016

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