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hello again

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by mac, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Hi guys :)
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Welcome back, dearest Mac! We're glad to have you back and cannot wait to hear your views on that matters discussed here! Unfortunately, this website's been down all day, due to some bad hacking, so there's not much to talk about. Hopefully though, we will have more posters soon!
  3. Half of Us

    Half of Us New Member

    Hi Mac, very glad to see you back.
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    thanks for the welcome back.... After I'd re-appeared and dropped in my note, I added the website back into my 'Favorites' tab and shortly afterwards went to make sure the link was active. Immediately I saw the hacked Forum link with its spinning emblem and music and read the hacker's claim. I immediately reported the issue although I expected it would already have been known about.

    Good to see things have now been repaired because mid-afternoon when I last checked it was still out of action.
  5. Hi Mac, hope all is well there! :)

    Regarding the hacking...it seems that there is a soul which has some resentment and grudge. It's such a pity that such souls waste their energy into negative things instead of doing something good for themselves and humanity. I saw the web sited hacked 3 times for sure lately.

    I would pay a 100 bucks to have a face to face chat with the hacker...would be interesting to know what leads them to do this negative acts and try to enlighten them :)

    Have a good day.

    Last edited: Feb 17, 2012
  6. Hello Dear Mac! So happy to see we are back up and running. Gonna be a good day, friends!
  7. The hacker might have done it just to see if he could. Welcome back mac, look forward to your input. It truly pains me to admit when Andrew is right, now if only I could get him to extend me the same courtesy. ;)
  8. Oh RA and Andrew you two keep us all on our toes and thinking! ;)
  9. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    The hacker was part of an organized group of hackers that randomly attack online communities, just for the fun of it. I must say that this particular one was rather sadistic. First he posted in big letters "You've been hacked." Then, once I banned him, he said "You're still not secure!" He seemed to like playing with us.

    It is always sad though when people feel the need to do this. Clearly, there is some type of underlying issue with his life. If only he could be persuaded to use his considerable skills for the benefit of others somehow. Perhaps I will try to show him that.

  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Perhaps some good does come of each such attack inasmuch as website security will get tightened, hopefully reducing the risk of further problems. I read the statement by the hacker who said he did it just because he could....

    I think there would be little point in trying to persuade such sad, anti-social individuals not to do what they enjoy doing.

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