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Hello again!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Annie, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone...wow it's been a while. It's so funny but I decided to come to this forum yesterday (when it was under maintenance) for the first time in ages, and then today I saw an email from Andrew saying that you guys have made some security changes. I guess the universe wanted me to visit here again, hehe. I missed it a lot and it has helped me learn so much, as well as help me through some hard times. I'm really glad to see Andrew and Roberta still active...Roberta I found your podcast channel and Andrew I saw what you posted about the afterlife stations...suffice to say my mind is blown. How cool would it be if we could communicate with those who passed ourselves, without a medium?

    Anyway, I had no idea there was a troll here...I started coming here less because I just kind of got busy and distracted, I guess. But even if I don't end up posting very often, I'd like to at least start reading this forum and absorbing what information I can. Thanks for the hard work you all do and all the contributions you make. I think you've helped more people than you realize.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Annie! It's great to see another familiar face from the early days of Afterlife Forums! It's funny--I originally was planning to send that email only to a few users who had been worried about trolling in the recent past, to reassure them, but something told me to copy you as well! Of course, I had no idea that you were here just yesterday.

    And I agree, the after-death communication research that is going on right now really is amazing! I'll post more details in the ITC thread itself, but it does seem that the goal of this work is to establish free and easy communication that requires neither a medium nor psychic abilities.
  3. I'm really glad you did Andrew! That's so crazy. It's funny because when I was here the other day, before I read the whole message, I thought the forums were closed and it made me pretty sad for a second there. Then I read further and saw that they were coming back up the next day. And then I got your email and that kind of reminded me to check again. I'm so glad to be back and hope to check in periodically because so much of what I read is very uplifting.

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