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Have any of you read the book Nosso Lar (Astral City) by Francisco C Xavier?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Maria, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Maria

    Maria Member

    I am currently reading this PDF EBook which was translated from Portuguese to English. The author a famous Brazilian medium, created the book through psychography, as dictated by the spirit André Luiz. When incarnate, he was an eminent and wealthy doctor who withholds his real name in the narrative. I have now reached Chapter 22, and André has since been rescued from the Lower Realm and treated in a hospital in a spirit colony named Astral City (a film by the same name has recently been released based on the book). It was a bit disturbing to learn that André spent eight years on the Lower Plane without realizing this, and although he died of cancer, he is deemed to have “committed suicide”, as the disease manifested in response to his negative interactions with others, and wasted talents. My expectations of the afterlife did not include the various government agencies throughout Astral City, ranging from the Ministry of Communication to the Ministry of Elucidation. Everything within the city runs on a network of wondrous organization and efficiency. There is no unemployment in the city as “service” underpins the colony, and to own a home you must present a “thirty thousand hour bonus” derived from assigned duties. I was disappointed that so far, André has been visited only by his deceased mother (who resides on a higher plane), and he has no knowledge regarding the circumstances of his family left behind on Earth, and no communication with them.

    It is also a cautionary tale that even young Heloisa who appears to have led a blameless life and died from tuberculosis, had to spend some time in the “Lower Zones” albeit in “heavy slumber”, and that the scars of a physical disease remain attached to the etheric body for some time. The story is fascinating, and I look forward to reading the rest of the book. It is very comparable to another Ebook entitled The Blue Island by WD Stead, that I read a few months ago, and I would like to have your opinion of both works.
  2. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    Maria, I have not read the book but it is on my reading list. I just ordered two of his other books, namely "On the way to the light", and "Missionaries of light".
    The books sound interesting, and I think I will start with "On the way to the light", which 'narrates the history of civilization from the perspective of Spiritism, showing the true position of the Gospel of Christ in the light of earth's religions and philosophies."
    In the book the author suggests that Adam and Eve never existed; it also addresses how past civilizations collapsed, etc. Yes, I think (and hope) it'll be an interesting read ;)
    "Astral City" (Nosso lar) will be next. I noticed the DVD is available on Amazon; it is in Portuguese with English subtitles.
  3. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Member

    Hi Maria! I have read the book and even his direct follow up The Messengers...Nosso Lar its a very interesting book, it has so much details that can even dazzle some newbie afterlife enthusiasts, in fact I have seen in a couple of ocassions people get upset and aggressive when something that they have never heard before gets mentioned in the book, specially in the parts where its mentioned that people eat and do work in a afterlife or astral plane, for some reason they cant fathom those particular topics...but in fact if you spend your time examining many afterlife literature, ITC communications and astral travels topics you will eventually find those topics and many more mentioned in the book.

    In fact last year in the afterlirfe conference in Scottsdale Arizona the astral traveler Cyrus Kirkpatrick gave a lecture about the kinds of astral realms and dimensions he has visited and he mentioned that in many you eat, work and even handle money. and he said never dismiss anything there are thousands of realms and each is different...thats why sometimes we hear some weird afterlife things that only a few persons has mentioned.
    In a ITC communication a few messages said basically this:

    *While the astral body has no need for consuming food, we take along with us into the afterlife most of the desires and compulsions we’d experienced while on Earth. So, along with absorbing nourishing energy directly into our subtle body, we can eat, drink… even enjoy sex with a willing partner (although, of course, no one gets pregnant).
    I dont know if you have reached the part wheres its mentioned that ikn the past have been some kind of strike and the people had to learn to get their nourishment from their enviroment...

    The more you read and research you start to find patterns that repeat and this help you to recognize the most possible authentic stories from the fake ones... other books that mentions things found in Nosso Lar and The Messengers are Life in the world unseen and more about life in the world unseen, I recommend you those also.

    *comments section of this page https://macyafterlife.com/2014/02/09/life-on-the-mid-astral-plane-or-third-level-2/
  4. dingodile

    dingodile Member

    I have read the book, after viewing the film based on it. Titled "Astral City" in English, the film is available via Google (not free). When it was made, it was the most expensive film ever produced in Brazil. I've also read a few other titles penned by Chico Xavier, purportedly from Dr. Andre Luiz. It's consistent with other things I've read of this genre, although there is indeed a greater emphasis on what might be called the celestial bureaucracy. I have not read the Blue Island, but it looks interesting. W.T. Stead was a well-known writer on many subjects.
  5. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    We've had conversations here about the nature of the levels that follow our physical death and what will be found. What appears to be consistent is that there is a wide range of conditions to be found and not a single environment always with the same conditions.

    Based on the principle of thought being able to 'mould' the material(s) found in the etheric levels there seems almost no limit to what folk might conjure up for their preferred environment. Some may devise highly-specific and personal surroundings whereas others may be drawn to communally created ones, perhaps with readily-recognisable styles of architecture or scenery - or whatever. On that basis even surroundings that some of us will find bizarre may be popular and widely shared. Who knows how many environments there may be and how peculiar some may seem?

    If there were one, maybe the sky's the limit! :D

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