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Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by MLeeSB, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. MLeeSB

    MLeeSB New Member

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'd really like some advice about now. My paternal grandfather just passed away a few weeks ago, and on a few occasions since then we've had some strange events in our home. Nothing too dramatic, but a couple of times when I was home alone I was sure I heard somebody of his (generous) stature moving around in the guest room which he (and almost nobody else) often slept in, and on one occasion I distinctly heard the door to that room slam shut, RIGHT AFTER I had taken the time to close and lock it before going downstairs. :eek: When I went back up to check it, the door was slightly open and there seemed to be a faint odor of his favorite aftershave in the air. Has this kind of thing happened to anybody else? Should I get a priest to bless the house or something? Am I just going crazy?
  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Soon after people who love us die - not immediately, but within the first year - they often try to communicate with us. Familiar smells are among the most common kinds of communication, and aftershaves, perfumes and cigarette or cigar smoke are typically reported. No ghost, in other words - just a friendly "Hello!" from Grandpa to let you know that he made the trip successfully.

    The guest room events are much more unusual, and - yes - they are the sort of thing that is sometimes reported in the case of hauntings. If you continue to hear noises from just that one room, and especially if the locked door problem recurs, then Grandpa might in fact be stuck so it may make sense for you to try your own exorcism. Go into the room, sit down, and tell your grandfather how much you love him, and tell him that he has transitioned to the next level so it is time for him to enjoy life there. Ask him to look around for his wife or other loved ones - if he is stuck, then they are trying to reach him. Sometimes when a loved one has died very recently this sort of gentle nudge will be enough to send him happily on his way. But don't be afraid of him! He isn't dangerous - he may just be a bit confused.
  3. MLeeSB

    MLeeSB New Member

    I tried doing that DIY exorcism on Friday evening after the aftershave smell came back, and so far there haven't been any more incidents or strange aromas anywhere in the house. I'll let you know if any more suspicious stuff happens, but so far, so good! Thank you!
  4. lifeforever

    lifeforever New Member

    My mother began communicating with my brother and me almost immediately after her death. A lot of her communication involved feathers. We still receive those, but not as often. I know she moved to a higher level, but I still get occasional messages from her.
    I hope they will never stop.
  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Hi Lifeforever! What a wonderful gift your mother has given you - I also hope they never will stop, but her reason for sending feathers must have been to make sure you both know that she is fine and she loves you. And since she can read your minds, she knows that her gifts of feathers have helped your healing. She may move on now - please let that be okay. Where your mother is, time does not exist so it will seem like a couple of eyeblinks to her before you and your brother join her, having lived long lives here. Meanwhile, you can go on with your life in the certainty that all is well!

    For others reading this, I want to assure you that what happened to Lifeforever is so common as to be normal. I am now writing The Fun of Staying in Touch, which will be out in March of 2012, and my research for that book has convinced me that in almost all cases where the tie of love is strong - especially, it seems, between parents and children - the dead give us signs that they are just fine and that their love for us continues. Leaving lots of feathers or coins is most common. Other signs can include repeated visits from certain kinds of animals, birds, or butterflies; familiar scents; and even multiple glimpses of a loved one in crowds. Generally each of the dead will use mostly one kind of sign to make sure that the point cannot be missed, but a few use several kinds. This is all normal! Nearly everyone who receives such signs will hug them in the heart and not discuss them, which is why so few people realize that all around them people are receiving feather-hugs from beyond the illusion that is death.
  6. SimoneC

    SimoneC New Member

    Hi MLeeSB and lifeforever, Its wonderful to know that you are receiving these signs that your loved ones are around you.
    I too have experienced my sister's perfume and coins being found in odd places. It's a true blessing...hugs Simone
  7. VioletRose

    VioletRose New Member

    I'm curious, is it possible for someone from a higher level to become earthbound after spending too much time lingering at our level? I've read accounts of hauntings that start out benign enough, but gradually turn nasty or frightening, and at the beginning everyone involved seems to believe that the spirit involved is a departed loved one. Perhaps the risk of this happening is why they don't spend more time communicating with us directly?
  8. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    I've just noticed your question, VioletRose, and since no one else has answered it, I will try. This is another thing that I used to wonder about, but I am confident now that people who have completed their transition to the Summerland levels are in no real danger of getting stuck back here if they make contact with us. It seems that only dead people who have considerable spiritual strength are able to make the sort of intense contacts that you would think of as hauntings: poltergeist activity, voices, spectral appearances, and that sort of thing. And the very powers that make them so able to do these things seem to keep them well-rooted in the afterlife levels.

    I am aware of stories of the sort that you describe, where what had seemed to be contact from friendly old Granny then turns scary and even forces people out of the house. In such situations, I believe that one of two things happens: either their communicating with Granny has called in and made the family susceptible to negative entities in the area, or (more commonly) what they thought was Granny was actually a low-level earthbound playing with their minds. This kind of thing happens often with Ouija boards: negative entities pretend to be loved ones so we will let them in and start communicating with them, at which point they turn nasty.

    If your dead loved ones can communicate with you, they are almost certainly not in any danger, VioletRose! But in opening yourself to them mentally, you do expose yourself to some risk. So it always is good to say a prayer for protection and perhaps surround yourself with spiritual light whenever you are communicating with spirits.
  9. Firebird

    Firebird New Member

    Here's something I haven't seem asked before: can earthbounds or "negative spirits" perceive each other? You've mentioned that individual "bad" spirits are weak, so I imagine that a group of malicious entities would more easily be able to achieve some of the nastiness attributed to "negative" hauntings, such as larger-scale manipulation of the environment and direct possession of living bodies.
  10. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    You have a spooky mind, Firebird ;-)! From what I have read, there is a considerable range of earthbound spirits. Some of them are stuck in both time and place, and they continue their routines in what looks to them like the same house for what apparently feels to them like one afternoon that might last for centuries. Others apparently are aware of their more modern surroundings to some extent, and they might interact with the people around them in a limited way but they still are benign. There is, however, another kind of earthbound. We don't really change when we die, and sometimes a person who wasn't nice in life will leave his body in a fit of rage and stay so angry that he chooses to stay here and do mischief. People who are spiritually healthy seem not to be in any danger from these guys, but if we let down our spiritual guard we can invite them into our lives and even invite them to possess our bodies. Here are some of the ways that such negative possession events have been reported to have happened:

    1) Getting drunk or doing drugs. Our spiritual defenses are a kind of aura around our bodies which acts as highly effective armor. Getting very drunk or very high on drugs seems to damage this protective aura, and when we let that happen in a bar or an alley or in some other place where people may have died of drugs or alcohol, they can literally possess our bodies.

    2) Being in the midst of a street fight or a battle. There is evidence that some cases of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in soldiers are caused by the possession of their bodies by other soldiers who died in battle. The strong negative energies of fear and rage can weaken our protective aura, and being in the presence of people who are dying in a similar state is a way to invite them in.

    3) Attempting unprotected spirit communication. To play with a Ouija board or automatic writing or pendulum communication without first praying for protection and then testing the spirit to make sure you aren't communicating with a stray negative energy is the equivalent of opening your front door and putting out a sign saying, "Welcome All Criminals!" There have been cases where some very bad hauntings and even spirit possession events began this way.

    - As to whether demonish earthbounds can band together and compound their bad energies, I think that (fortunately!) the odds are against it. People who are spiritually weak are selfish and suspicious of others by nature, and that seems to be especially true of negative earthbound beings - they seem to be solitary to the point of abject paranoia. Of course, anything is possible. But in this case, it seems that the very tendencies which make them negative and nasty also work against their even wanting to be anywhere near each other!
  11. Firebird

    Firebird New Member

    Wow, that's a pretty detailed explanation! I just need clarification on a couple of portions.

    Concerning point #2: I understand that therapists occasionally find certain prescription drugs effective in the treatment of PTSD; do you suppose that the other cases (where medication doesn't help) must be the spirit-related ones? That would be an interesting variation on Cromulent's idea for using pharmaceuticals to aid afterlife research.

    As for point #3: what does "praying for protection" do? Does it involve invoking the help of "good" spirit-entities, or perhaps God him(it)self? If so, exactly why can't they help out without an express invitation? I'm sorry if you've already covered this elsewhere, I'm just confused by some of the concepts you are bringing up here.
  12. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Hi Firebird! To answer your questions:

    1) I don't honestly know whether there are multiple kinds of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It may be that certain medications suppress the activities of possessing entities - I don't know of any actual cure for PTSD other than spirit depossession. It may be, therefore, that there is just one cause for PTSD and that medication can suppress symptoms but generally is not effective in curing the problem.

    2) There is no practical difference between "good spirit-entities" and God - at least, I don't know how to make that distinction. Good entities - angels, if you prefer - are God's messengers and helpers, and I have a hunch that what we see as God's actions usually are the result of their efforts in God's behalf. A prayer for protection is a way to invoke spiritual protection, and if you pray sincerely for protection it can be highly effective in keeping you safe from negative energies.

    I'm sorry about the confusion where terms are concerned, Firebird! We are working on a glossary of terms which will contain brief definitions of all the terms used in these forums, which should make things easier - it will take another week or ten days to complete. Watch for it!
  13. PassedPawn

    PassedPawn New Member

    Not sure if this adds to your answer to Firebird on the previous page, Roberta but I'm finishing up Borgia's book, Heaven and Earth, and Monsignor Benson comments about this sort of thing. He states, I believe in reference to WWII:

    "The last great war was brought about by an overflowing of these sunken souls on to the earth plane where, all unseen by you, they found that by a combined effort they could easily inspire an evil minded man and his evil minded supporters and cohorts." (p.95)

    So these negative entities really do seem to be able to combine their efforts and influence spiritually-weak people, not just for haunting houses and possession but also for starting huge wars.

    Monsignor Benson also mentions:

    "Terrestrial conditions were such that this enormous eruption of evil from the dark regions was made possible." (p.96)

    That part about "terrestrial conditions" is interesting. I'd be fascinated to know what those conditions were.
    Last edited: May 5, 2011
  14. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Hello, PassedPawn! I believe that would be The Great War - World War I, believe it or not!

    This is interesting. I have the sense from reading the afterlife evidence that wars tend to produce self-aware earthbounds killed at the height of negative emotions (anger, hatred, etc.) who try to possess the bodies of weak-minded living people so they can continue to fight. Having come to understand that these disembodied dudes would be spiritually weak, and being ever the optimist, I had assumed that they wouldn't very often be acting in concert... but I have come to trust our friend Benson because most of what he says is so consistent with what I have read elsewhere. So you have brought me new (and not very happy) information!

    The "terrestrial conditions" he mentions would almost certainly be spiritual, rather than static electricity or anything else physical. A general falling-away from spiritual aspirations, for example, as happened during the Roaring Twenties, or an increase in desperation as happened during the Great Depression, might be what he is talking about. I can't recall reading this book of Borgia's - I will add it to my list!

    ... But if anyone doubts that wars are always counter-productive, add to your list of the evils of wars the fact that they pollute the spiritual atmosphere with confused and angry people thrown from their bodies ahead of schedule and bent on doing harm. Ending wars has to be the ultimate "green" cause!
  15. PassedPawn

    PassedPawn New Member

    Interesting, Monsignor Benson stated on page 96:

    "You have witnessed a group of evil men being brought to the bar of earthly justice to answer for their monstrous crimes against the whole earth."

    in connection with the war, which led me to believe he was referencing the Nuremberg trials.
  16. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Hmmm... Not sure what he means by that. I believe that all their books were written well before 1945, but I could be wrong. What is the site again where these books are available, open-source?
  17. PassedPawn

    PassedPawn New Member

    Yeah, I'm not sure of the date for some of his books. I thought I came a across a source that mentioned Borgia writing some books in the mid-50s, but I could be wrong.


    Scroll down a bit to "A Full List of eBooks Available To Download". They're listed by author, first name sort.

    EDIT: Amazon lists the book as being published in 1948. Maybe accurate, maybe not.

    ANOTHER EDIT: This site lists the publication years for 5 of Borgia's books. They all seem to be post WWII.
    Last edited: May 27, 2011

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