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Had a reading done and not in good shape after

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by GoldDustWoman622, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Thank you all , really I am embarrassed I feel this way .
    One like was mentioned above was that he wanted me to go out onto my balcony - I live very high up . I cannot believe anyone especially him would have me do that . I told her I still have to raise our last daughter ( one month til 17 ) I am not sure that that is the safest idea right now . The moving on statements - I'm pretty confident I do not need to explain those here . I usually LOVE the cemetery - I am west coaster from the deep southern US. We grave decorate like mad and I was taught early . Its a way to just celebrate the memory . He was placed in one 800 miles away and I had wanted to be nearer but since she left I have even thought about going back to Europe ( I am dual from an earlier residency ) or at least across the country . My daughter has taken everything up because she said my anger is really uncharacteristicly aggressive ( not at her though ) and he left those diamonds for me that are loose 2 are 2+ cts really good sz and one is a 1 ct pink diamond and yet I feel like throwing them out in the grass of the building !! At first the medium told me to only make a necklace and not a ring when I told her Id planned on doing a ring so I dropped it , later, I did mention a necklace scenario and she told me to make a ring out of them like this was the first time hearing about it . I see my plain therapist next week . I am glad my story could help someone and will defnitly take ALL of this advice .

    I do not think I realize like Mac said how distressed/depressed I really am . Yes I feel sad but not able to see myself at that level where someone else may me able to . I will wait and try again with someone else . He didn't have any bad messages they were just extremely conflicting.

    It was sort of like I were to tell you in this post , hey I am blue then 10 miutes later I say I am purple, I have always been purple and you all are blind ! THEN you all would be thinking whaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Very flip floppy .
  2. Mac as luck would have it the two dresses I had made for Ascot's Friday and Saturday meets just arrived . I wont - insert some terrible dress fate here - in honor of you . I was going to have such a good time in the Queen Anne enclosure but I think I will instead be working the backstretch at Saratoga . I got a call from one of my old trainers there earlier. It starts a few days after the lease here is up . In my real life I am a licensed excersize rider - both Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses. Ascot was my goal.
  3. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    Do you - or could you - spend some time in the UK? If so you might want to consider seeing a medium here. There's no saying you'd have any more success but I have less confidence about the nature of so-called mediums in the USA than I have about those in the UK. I'm not saying things are better in the UK but there are differences that may be helpful.
  4. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    I hope I can reassure you that you should not feel embarrassed. You are grieving your loss of your husband and grieving can distort your perspective on matters, even those about which you have some understanding.

    A reputable medium should consider what she says and how she says it. Even acknowledging they're out of context, such words sound bizarre to me.

    The sentiments have been discussed here on a number of occasions. The term 'moving on' can mean very different things to folk.

    Now I appreciate your approach to cemeteries/graveyards. We still visit the grave of our baby son well over thirty years on from his passing but we know he's not there and that it's just a focal point and a place to mark his short time in this world. Few know who he is, even fewer ever visit his grave, but we know and that's all that matters.

    Unless your husband had been trying to convey his wishes for those gems there's no valid reason for her commenting on what you should be doing with them. But because she did my thoughts are that she then was working at a psychic level, at least at that specific point if not at any other time. Unless you'd gone for a psychic reading there's no justification for a so-called spiritual medium (what I term an evidential medium) to be doing that OTHER THAN PERHAPS if she'd lost her spirit connection temporarily. The medium should know if that had happened - it's fundamental that a competent medium understands and recognises the difference. I don't know if this applies to the situation you've described but it's a possibility.

    I'm guessing that's for psychological/emotional support. I'm a supporter of that and of bereavement counselling just to get you through the early time.

    It's pretty difficult to stand back and observe yourself and sadness and depression go hand in hand. It's a hackneyed saying but time can help heal even if not for everyone. You've said "He didn't have any bad messages..." Who is he - are you meaning your husband? If so do you think it really was him communicating? I'm sorry if I'm introducing doubt but doubt is what I'm feeling.

    Been there, done that....
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