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Had a reading done and not in good shape after

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by GoldDustWoman622, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. I am embarrassed to even say this but no other group would understand or think I am crazy . You all sort of know what is going on and if not my posts are not so many that it would be easy to see.
    Anyway I had a reading with a certified medium . I had no expectations or demands - none . I had meditated alot before , even left for a week or two to get some clarity and everything was quiet and I am always open to the spirit world anyway so I was very receptive .
    This lady was really nice but contradicted herself on so many things and with the same person/ people that I am now really confused- and frankly having a hard time believing some of it , a reaction I did NOT expect to have . I know of too may sensitives to doubt like that . They are not my personal friends but I have had readings I at least understood and felt great peace with about departed loved ones at way different times in life ( since most of my family and friends have already crossed over ) and we are all sensitive to varying degrees in this house .

    It's been a week or almost 2 and I am in worse shape now than before . Very depressed and angry .. and not at the medium.
    Not sure if I should wait and try this again with a different one or not or idk .
    Yes I would like to have a reading ,but these contradictions were so extreme that I literally could not understand , not even 2 weeks later . Maybe I am wrong about something that I just cannot see. At this point I am so angry with my late husband that I never want to hear about him again , ever want to visit him again ( at the cemetery ) and dont want him in my house , around me , nothing . This is just really strange . I NEVER felt like this towards him in life . You can see in my other posts how I adored him, now I am on the brink of hating him ?? At only 53? It's not like he made my life a living nitemare for 50 years or something obvious like that . He is irreplaceble. This confusion is so bad right now though that I am actually considering throwing all of his things /pictures in the trash . Is this normal ?
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  2. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. :(

    I would caution you against throwing out your husband's things. You are angry right now, but that may change, and then you would be upset that you threw everything away. If you don't want to look at his stuff right now, I'd recommend packing everything up in boxes and storing them in a closet or garage or attic, for the time being.

    It is so easy for our feelings to go haywire, since our entire worlds have done the same, and a bad reading only amplifies and worsens that feeling. Maybe after a while you will want to have another reading, with a different person (or maybe not, it's up to you). I am not surprised that you are feeling as you do right now, and I do think it's normal, though I suspect you won't always feel this way.

    If you still find yourself wanting to throw out your husband's stuff at a later date, you can always do so in a few months or a year or whatever, when you will probably be thinking about it more clearly.
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  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    You're with friends who understand here on ALF. We have members with varying levels of experience and understanding but those who contribute to the forums generally empathise with your situation.
    You have approached the reading/sitting in the best way in my view.

    I understand. In my early time of investigating everything that seemed relevant my wife and I had a sitting (as we Brits call a reading) with an accredited medium at the SAGB - the Spiritualists Association of Great Britain in our capital city, London. I expected that the Association would have only the most accomplished mediums operating under its roof. Perhaps it does but our reading was a nonsense from beginning to end and we returned home bemused and very disappointed. Luckily we had other support and that helped us get past the disappointment. But I learned something very valuable that has often helped me when speaking to others - there is absolutely no guarantee that any particular spirit person will come through and it's not necessarily a failing of the medium.

    So you understand what I've just written....

    I rarely give advice but based on what you've told us here my suggestions are: 1) yes, wait 2) yes, try again 3) try someone different next time.

    Been there, done that!

    Oh this is hard to answer sensitively. PLEASE don't abandon your husband - he won't abandon you. Your husband isn't in the graveyard; there's no reason to go there if you don't want to visit his grave if it doesn't help you. I beg to disagree with your last point - I think YOU DO still want him around you.

    You're deeply distressed and depressed. That's why you're feeling as you do.

    same as above....

    In response to your last question, yes it's normal when you're as depressed as you are BUT don't do what you're talking about as a response to your distress and depression.
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  4. Maria

    Maria Member

    I am glad I read your post Gold Dust Woman as I thought it was only me who felt like that. It was the anniversary of Peter’s funeral on 21st April so I arranged to have a telephone reading last Tuesday morning with a medium as I was feeling very sad, and yearned for some messages to be conveyed to me. Before the reading I spoke out loud to Peter asking him to use the opportunity to channel through messages regarding how is doing in the afterlife, and any advice he could give (as I have been having a hard time recently for many reasons). I was bitterly disappointed with the result of the reading. The profile of the person described by the medium sounded nothing like Peter, and the message “he is saying you must go out in the sun” was a total denouncement to what I was eagerly waiting for. When I expressed how let down I felt by the reading content, the medium’s opinion was “your expectations are too high”. Initially, I was very hurt that Peter failed to come through, and it felt like a black cloud had descended upon me for the rest of the day. Having analysed it further however, I think that the medium did not to connect with Peter either through apathy/inability, or that he simply did not have the rapport with Peter for successful communication. I compared the reading with those I had with another medium who captured Peter’s personality perfectly, and conveyed information which convinced me he had definitely communicated with Peter. I also felt so uplifted after the reading with this medium unlike the one I spoke to this week. My advice to you is therefore do not blame your husband for failing to come through more positively, and instead understand that the fault lay with the medium who provided the reading. I am confident that when a medium has a genuine gift and sufficient chemistry to link with your loved one, they will come through loud and clear, and you will be left with no doubt or confusion if it it was them.

    I have just read Mac’s post which was published before I had submitted mine, and he has given excellent advice.
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  5. Bill Z

    Bill Z Well-Known Member

    GoldDustWoman I am sorry about your experience. As other's here mentioned I hope you hold on to Peter's belongings and this event. Susie and I wrote a lot of letters and She also wrote poetry and prose and I treasure them. Not a week goes by that I do not read Her sweet words and weep. The weeping is healing. I wish you the best.

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