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Had a new sitting done ..

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by GoldDustWoman622, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Actually 2 because one was really impromptu and I was not what I would called prepared . I did the second almost as a second opinion . They both said essentially the same and it was a totally different experience than the first . Again they knew nothing about either of us , only one requesting a picture of both of us . Did not have to be together.
    These 2 connected . To the max. I had no doubt who they were talking about one even knew he rolled his own cigarettes . They both knew how he died . What he looked like, what he did for fun and for a living . That he stays around me a lot and what signs to look for from him , that night I was woken in the middle of the night to a 60's western with another character that had his last very unusual last name . He says he sees me suffering and it is very distressing to him . He wants me to keep on doing the things we said we were going to do and that he will be right there . To focus on the memories . They both knew I was in treatment now for chronic grief but told me not to be in any rush … that this was my soulmate and we were bonded so tight that this is why I look/ feel so badly half of me is gone . So I must push the other half to keep on living twice as hard they knew my heart was in pieces and it does hurt . The saw Mountains and water again . correct . They say his heart disease , they knew he choked but that the heart condition was so severe that had he not choked he would have gone fairly soon . They both saw cancer but the dr didn't report any but that could mean anything .
    That he knew his time was coming but he was not ready and did not want to go at all . They named three people . 2 friends of his that had died climbing who he loved and my roommate who sees him all the time . The also saw the #8 . They both asked whos the snake?? I immediately knew it was that cult his mother belongs too that's been so horribly vile to me during this .. they said like a snake to cut them off for my own health and well being . No problem there ! Gladly ! They saw cats, horses , peacocks and eagles . As some know I am a professional equestrian so loads of horses , We both loved and had cats , his nickname was Kat and yes he was my Pea and I was his hen so peacocks and I always said when he wasn't afraid to let his guy side show he flew really soared like an eagle . They said in no way do I have to move on they just encouraged me to keep living and take my necklace with me ( I really do wear a locket necklace with his hair in it so we can still "go places together") I know that sounds pathetic but its all I can do . They both said he missed me and now knew I really did love him more than he ever thought - which was a fear in his life

    Now is the hardest parts - they said we were both very old soul, many lives lived but that mine was the gentlest as in I navigated through life easier . That we were soulmates alright - with a karmic connection that we were together to learn lessons ( again I am just not with the lesson learning thing ,I've learned far too many on my own ) . I did NOT want to hear that . I am not sure I even believe in that . One said we had a karmic relationship The other said we had a touch of karma attached to us , but we were of the same soul family and we would be back again to finish unfinished business . That I truly hope not . I am tired . I just want to see him and go on to something else beyond the veil .
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  2. However , I tend to crash hard after a sitting I have discovered and the next day after my second epic meltdown that required a new laptop I went to our FB pages and gathered all of our photos to have on my comp some were old ones of him I liked before we knew eack other and I found on accident the best reading of all and that was from him . Just a few day before he died he made a public post that Id never seen because he'd not tagged me properly and it did not take .. this was totally public so I am going to put this here . He would love this anyway that I did ..
    He wrote : I love you Leea, you are my soulmate, my best friend, my wonderful lover, the mother of my only child, my super intelligent, super-model, my princess, and although we are apart right now, never forget you ARE my wife not only on paper but in spirit, soul and heart <B
    KISSES my darling Hen, KISSES! You are the best, and I am so very lucky to have met you, for between us there is never the need to pretend that we love each other, as you are my one true love.

    You are still ridiculously beautiful, amazingly intelligent, funnier than anybody I've ever heard of, and of course you are still stubborn on a thermonuclear level (mules eventually give up, but not my Hen LOL!).
    We will just have to rebuild your collection bit by bit my dear little Barbie. ( my 50+ yr Barbie collection perished in a fire last July 4th 2017 - I know, I am just FULL of good luck !!)
    For those that don't know, Leea, does a very good version of a real-life Barbie. What the pictures don't show is what a classy lady and how incredibly intelligent she is.
    I am a very blessed Pea to have such a wonderful Hen. After all these years, I finally found true love, my soul mate, my best friend, my darling Hen <B

    I LOVE you Leea-Paprika!!!
    Even when you are a BAD Hen...
    Though I know not why...
    Bad lil Hen... Bad-bad-bad...

    Finding this the next day was a complete treasure . I don't want to keep it from others . I am so grateful to him for this - it helped my grieving immeasurably and given me some kind of hope . I have completely changed though since his death but that's ok and I feel better for beginning this huge change . Any religious beliefs I had growing up are gone ( his mothers cult didn't help though ) and I have decided to go my own way . Permanently . It's healthier for me and makes more sense .
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  3. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    That's wonderful, that you had good readings and also that you found that message/post from him.
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  4. That message could not have come at a better time .
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  5. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    Yep, sometimes it happens that way. :)
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  6. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    This is beautiful to read! I am unspeakable happy for you! And thats so incredible that you found his message! Lots of love for you!♡

    I have an issue by myself that i cant find out what happened to my love. It seems that this accident is kept in secret. For whatever reason... the person who survived could say nothing, police and resque team could say nothing, people who can contact with him in any way could say nothing, i asked Michel and he could say nothing. Thats awkward for me and keeps me awake during the nights :(
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  7. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I'm curious now.....

    I don't remember all your details but it seems very odd that no-one in this world is able, or willing, to tell you what happened. But I find it even more odd that Michel won't explain what happened, even though he must know how that is upsetting you.

    Does he avoid speaking about any other subjects?
  8. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    Maybe someone in this world could tell me but such a person still did not occure in my horizon :(
    All what the person who survived could say was: "I don't know what happened. From one moment to another the boat was full of water."
    I know it is not completely true or not true at all. I decided not to push this boy to the corner with my questions as he was in a shock. I guess. He is young (18y/o) and i didn't want to put him into bigger trauma than he was in already. He was crying everytime he saw me. Crying so much that i could not even speak with him.
    I have an image what could have happen there. And if I am right, it explains why Michel does not speak about that. When i ask Michel to tell, he is changing topic or just say I cant tell you. He answer completely to all my questions, just not this one. As i say if i am right with my suspection then i understand why Michel doesn't answer. He keeps the boy safe. This brings to conclusion that (if i am right) Michel has nothing against this boy no matter what had happened there. This means i also should not have something against him.
    I might be completely wrong with my own thoughts and connecting points.
    But there must be a reason why i can not get this information. And it hurts. Maybe it would hurt even more if i would know the truth. I dont know :(
  9. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I now remember more of what you've told us before. I don't know, of course, what's happening but it would seem reasonable to say that Michel is afraid of telling what happened because he does not want the young man to be blamed as it could not change the situation and might make things worse both for that young man and for yourself.

    It's tough on you but Michel will suspect (I guess) that knowing the full details wouldn't help you come to terms any better and may make you more angry and upset than you already are. It's not so different from other situations in this world - sometimes we decide we should withhold some of the details when we judge that certain individuals would be unlikely to be able to handle knowing everything.

    I don't know if any of that makes any sense. Perhaps when you speak to Michel next why not ask him if he's afraid that the full story would upset you even more? Work with him to see if you might help him to help you? I don't know how fluid your conversations with him are so I have no idea if you could do that. You may have tried already but it's all I can suggest.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
  10. Monika I DO know what that is like . In my case he died at his moms house and she took full charge , falsified docs so myself and his own sister could see nothing - she listed him as single - and waited 48 hours to even tell me he'd died ( she is also an insurance agent ) and had a member for her church call me I didn't even know . I could not find him anywhere and was correctly panicked . I had to go through this god awful 14 hour phone call of religious malarkey sitting through extremely wild praying , several "exorcisms" and promise all this stuff before she finally broke and first read then sent a copy to me . That should have been my copy only - yes I could report her for a million things but she is an 80 yr old extremely mentally ill woman and would do no good . Won't change anything but at least I can get away from her for good.

    I may be 55.10 years old but boy did I want my late mom and dad at a time like this . OMG!

    If I want to be beside him I will have to do it again . Although I have to follow her completely off the hook ( like the mother in Carrie) religious instruction which I am not willing to do . It does make it harder when you just do not know what happened . Thank you also Monika I am glad you enjoyed his words It was such a coincidence.
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  11. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    Yes, all of that makes sence and i have same opinion. I am just very not tallented to put into words and you did just great! :) and i am every time surprised how good you catch the idea i am trying to express.

    I do agree that sometimes not to know the answer might be less painful than to know it.
  12. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    Big big hug for you :)
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  13. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Your English is very good! I can easily follow what you say. :)

    There's a saying "If you can't live with the answer don't ask the question." ;)
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  14. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    That's a great saying! :)
  15. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    :D It sure is!

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