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God and Creation

Discussion in 'Roberta's Blog Posts' started by RobertaGrimes, May 6, 2019.

  1. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Posted by Roberta Grimes • March 16, 2019 • 19 Comments

    It is amazing that deep in the twenty-first century we still don’t have good answers to humankind’s three most important questions. The scientific community has pontificated, and various religions have opined, but none of what any of them says feels right. Here is the sorry state of play, at a time when we really need to know!
    • What is God? Scientists beg the question by assuming no God, but the Judeo-Christian concept of a Big Guy on a Throne is no better. How can one God with human failings like anger and a reluctance to forgive have created this active universe full of an estimated one billion trillion stars, not to mention all the details of our planet with its seven billion people living complex lives? Those of us who study the greater reality have come to understand that the only thing that objectively exists is consciousness, and we assume that God is the love-based top, but how can creation really come from something so vague and vapory? No matter whose version of God we choose, if we are being honest we must admit that all of them are cartoonish and frankly inadequate to the task of being the omnipotent Creator God, and also the God Who hears every prayer.
    • Why does the universe exist? Or as the late physicist Stephen Hawking put it, “What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe? … Why does the universe go to all the bother of existing?” Physicists have no idea, but again, our religions are no better. Some say the universe was created as a place of misery to be overcome, or perhaps as a place where God can choose a few people to save and send the rest to hell. Others point to the notion that a lonely God might have needed worshipers. If a genuine God exists Who created this amazing universe, then it seems to be an insult to God for us to assume that God created it for a trivial, a selfish, or a barbarically manipulative reason.
    • How did the universe begin? And what maintains it? Scientists have discovered the Big Bang, by means of which they propose that the entire universe began 13.8 billion years ago by expanding from something the size of a pencil dot to its present great size and complexity. But they cannot meaningfully speculate about how and why the Big Bang occurred, nor can they say how it has managed to avoid either collapsing upon itself or blowing apart in all the intervening eons. They simply beg every question again by telling us that the fact that the universe exists and is stable means that its beginning and subsequent stability were within whatever might have been the range of possibilities. And we have to admit that the Christian creation notions are plain ridiculous! The basic Bible version tells us that something like six thousand years ago this universe was created in less than a week. Every creation theory is so unsatisfying that there might as well be no theories at all.
    I set out half a century ago to understand my childhood experiences of light. I knew they had been real! So I spent my life studying the afterlife and the greater reality that includes this whole universe, and after decades I put it all together. At last it really did make sense! But I completed that work ten years ago, and still there was a big something missing. I understood it, but it didn’t feel real. I can see now that what I actually have spent my whole life searching for was satisfying answers to these three questions. And I further realize that it has been my residual Christian squeamishness that has put me through a further decade of floundering. It was only when we sat at the Lord’s feet and really listened to Him that I was able to trust Him enough to put together three daring evidence-based answers which, surprisingly, work pretty well together! My primary guide considers these answers to be sufficient to begin our better understanding, and he asks that I now share them with you. This is not an end to our seeking, but it does give us a sounder beginning.

    What Is God?

    I have been seeing references to the possibility that God is plural since I was a child. The old Hebrew word for God is the plural “Elohim.” There are hints at God’s plurality in the Old Testament, too; for example, “Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness’” (Gen 1:26). When I was deep in reading old channeled materials as I began my serious afterlife studies, I found that all the advanced beings who spoke with authority to us through channels made it clear that they were speaking for collectives of hundreds or thousands of advanced beings. My guide, Thomas, has let me know that he is working with a collective, too. Mikey Morgan, living at the Sixth Level, insists that God is “the unity of pure love.” Advanced beings tell us that Jesus “came from the highest aspect of the Godhead.” And the teachings of Jesus are all about erasing the separations between people! It is clear that the farther we advance spiritually, the more we are drawn to work closely together, and it seems that working in collectives is pretty much the way all advanced beings roll. So now Thomas has flat-out told me that I must get over my Christian qualms and accept the fact that the Creator God at the Source Level of the greater reality is a Collective of Perfected Beings.

    Why Does the Universe Exist?

    The only sensible explanation for the existence of the universe that I ever have found is based in A Course in Miracles. I don’t have a searchable ACIM, but the explanation goes something like this: “Into the mind of the Son of God came a tiny, mad idea at which the Son of God forgot to laugh.” That idea was the possibility of separation, and Mind is so infinitely powerful and creative that immediately that separation happened! At once, of course, God ended it. But inside that infinitely powerful and creative separated bit, Mind already had manifested time and space and minutely divided minds. According to this explanation, what we are living in now is that long-ago mistakenly separated bit of Mind, and what is still going on within created time is the rescue mission that eons ago ended that very brief separation. Beyond time, we already are back in God, and we have been back in God for eons. What we are doing now within this artificial time is simply remembering what we are, and as we do that we become aware of being the perfect beings in the Godhead that we are eternally.

    How Did the Universe Begin? And What Maintains It?

    We talked last week about the fact that what we think of as the past is just a part of Now. So it may not surprise you to know that the secret to understanding how the universe is created, and how it is so well maintained, is that God continuously manifests this universe in each micro-instant. Each present manifestation includes all of history, so it is simple for God to change the past. And God does that! This universe has been expanded, with galaxies and complexities continuously added, and then even a Big Bang was added too with all its related history, to ensure that we never will find an edge. The Collective has included enjoyable ways for us to study this increasingly complex history by, for example, creating a backstory for life on earth that is complete with fossilized bones and other bits of evidence. They even have gone to the amazing trouble of making matter mathematics-based. There is no other reason for the history and details of this material universe to be based in the human science of mathematics than to give us a way to study what is in fact an entirely Mind-created reality! Of course, there are glitches to be seen, such as the odd way that evolution stops and starts and the fact that nearly all modern species arrive in history together with modern man in a very recent geological instant. And scientists, still clueless about all of this, continue to trouble the Collective by trying to find ever more of Their little glitches!

    This notion is not as mind-bending as it seems. Nothing much really changes from micro-instant to micro-instant, just as when Lego toy films are created not much will change from frame to frame. And some gradual changes can be automated. Occasionally we even might catch these changes in our history as they are happening! For example, many years ago I read an account by an astronomer who had trained a high-powered telescope on a section of sky where there was literally nothing. He left it there, and a year later he looked through that telescope again, and what do you know? That formerly-empty section of sky now held billions of galaxies!

    So, how did this universe actually begin? We who were divided aspects of the Godhead caught in this micro-instant of separation found ourselves in an illusion of a time-bound reality that those of us who were vibrating highest were able to shape into a means for our rescue. With creation happening freshly in each micro-instant, there didn’t need to be much created at first, just matter andenergy, time and space, and maybe a solar system with a minimal planet. Then as those of us who thought we were caught in this illusion of separation were better able to notice things, of course it was easy for the ever-increasing Collective of Perfected Beings Who were being developed in that tiny universe to make it ever more complicated, larger and with a more complex history. The billions of years of past universe expansion that now comes with each micro-instant of creation is in reality not old at all, but rather it is continuously new. All that really exists is Mind! And in fact, with gratitude to my brilliant software-engineer daughter, here is hot-off-the-press evidence that even working physicists may be coming to see that no objective reality exists beyond our own minds.

    God as Collective is active in our lives by means of our beloved spirit guides. The Collective’s minions are as close to us as our own thoughts! And they work so smoothly with the Divine Collective that for the first time we can see that, yes, God truly does hear all our prayers.

    It will occur to you that God as Collective may not be the Ultimate God. After all, Who was the God Who ended that micro-instant of mistaken separation? My guess is that your suspicion is right, and there is an even much greater God beckoning for us to achieve the perfection of the Godhead that we know, and then to continue on toward ever more glorious Everlasting Arms. But there is little point to our wondering about that just yet. For now, our task is to grow spiritually so we can escape this mistaken separation which actually ended long ago. Surely it is long past time for us to be learning and devoutly living a more spiritually productive kind of love….
  2. ChrisGreece

    ChrisGreece New Member

    So my 2 cents for entertainment purposes. I do not even claim to be close to the truth.
    What is God? God is all and all is Love and all is One.
    Why does the universe exist? Because God want to express him/herself , know himself/herself and also grow himself/herself and finally LOVE himself/herself.
    How did the universe begin? And what maintains it? God.Also RobertaGrimes explanation about this segment is 100 % confirmed by my higher self so i have absolutely nothing to add.
    God as Collective is active in our lives by means of our beloved spirit guides.
    Yes but he can also intervene in a much higher level.Look at our lady Fatima sun miracle.
    It will occur to you that God as Collective may not be the Ultimate God.
    Ok this will be controversial but who is really God ? My higher self is my oversoul.
    May i recommend the Oversoul Seven Trilogy by Jane Roberts.But my higher self also has an over-soul
    his/her higher self. Repeat a hell of lot of time and only one higher self of all remains
    the Oversoul (Higher Self) of the Oversoul (Higher Self) of the Oversoul (Higher Self)
    ...............repeat unknown number of times of the Oversoul (Higher Self) of me or RobertaGrimes

    basically of everyone that exists in all the universe.And that one is not the whole of God of course because God is Everything.

    For now, our task is to grow spiritually so we can escape this mistaken separation which actually ended long ago. Surely it is long past time for us to be learning and devoutly living a more spiritually productive kind of love….
    Sadly the more you grow the more work exists for you to do ...
    Our task is to awaken into the light by becoming love practicing love for our-selfs and others , serving our-selfs and others and becoming LOVE . About the mistaken separation - i would replace the word mistaken with the word intended . About the spiritually productive kind of love . This is UNCONDITIONAL love for everyone but including ourselves first because in order to learn to love others you first need to learn to love yourself totally and completely.
    So may i suggest some practical advice here.
    Get rid of TV in any form and form stop watching any mass media stop watching any form of porn give things you do not use and need to others give money to the beggar and homeless directly while feeling gratitude to god for giving the chance to improve your good karma meditate in nature barefoot while touching a big tree and also try to replace the negative thoughts with positive.
    The worst will never happen because the spirit world is very real and will intervene.
    Have also in mind that God is Love and Love will protect you always if you ask for it.
    End of my 2 cents rant for entertainment purposes only.
  3. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    Good morning @RobertaGrimes !!

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