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Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Maria, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Maria

    Maria Member

    I have never really questioned the subject of ghosts and always divided them in to two categories. First, there is what I call the historical “stone tape” category such as phantoms of soldiers still fighting on battlefields like the Somme or Gettysburg or the legendary grey ladies wandering through the halls of stately homes. These are not sentient, and merely equivalent to the replay of a video scene. Then there are souls who for whatever reason decided not to cross over, or those who are not even aware that they are dead. I understand that the latter type can randomly haunt buildings (including poltergeists?), and can interact coherently with beholders. That was the extent of my belief of “ghosts” until my recent bereavement. I feel that Peter has successfully transitioned and is therefore not “a ghost”, but here my questions arise. They may seem silly queries, but stem from the sadness of my grief. Is it correct that we cannot see spirits who have transitioned because they are on a higher vibration (like not being able to see the blades of a fan when in motion), yet why is it possible to see those who have not crossed over? My second question is why are our loved ones not able to visit to comfort us, and is it because they are compelled and forbidden by the mysteries of the “veil” that separates the two dimensions? I sometimes wish that Peter was in the “ghost” grouping if it means I could see and speak to him, and it all becomes very confusing which I hope those reading my post will understand.
  2. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Some can but it's not known if that's the situation for all. And those who do behold them are likely more sensitive than average otherwise there would be many more accounts one might expect.

    Yes for ordinary people like me and no for those who are sufficiently psychically sensitive. Add to that the situation that discarnates are not at the same 'vibrational' level and the best general answer is 'maybe, sometimes'.

    There's nothing "forbidden" about what you ask. The veil might be considered similar to a physical barrier such as a mountain range. You can't communicate with someone on the other side from you unless you're both able to climb high enough up the range and shout across the peaks to one another - a crude analogy but it's the closest I can find right now. Continuing that theme natural climbers can get closest to one another, maybe even touching at times when they're close enough yet still separated by the very peak of the range.

    You're in a similar position to most ordinary people who lose their loved ones but you're in a less usual position of being aware of Peter's presence. I expect you're finding it a mixed blessing as you're unable to begin to fully deal with your separation from him while he's still around yet you're privileged to know that he's there and to have some contact with him. I know others in a similar position and they don't deal with it any better.
  3. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    I've seen both kinds of ghosts, Maria, and also sensed (but not seen) my dear departed loved ones, but all were very rare experiences in a long life. I'd give almost anything to be able to see my son or my Dad or the long-lost love of my life standing before me, but I'm unable to do so, despite reading and studying psychic development for my whole adult life. So I have some ability, but not enough and that's frustrating. I really empathize with your situation. I learned a lot about ghosts from books by Mary Ann Winkowski, the woman on whom the TV show Ghost Whisperer was based and also an interesting first person story by Gary Jansen. I'd like to know more about them too.

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