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Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by VioletRose, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Craig's latest blog post establishes pretty firmly that the soul (or self, or whatever) is genderless. I would have to think, though, that most people in the Summerland level would have a gender identity of some kind, even if it was merely whatever gender they had in their most recent incarnation. Am I wrong?

    If so, would this have an impact on the sexual identity of whoever they become in their next life? In other words, could a person with a gender identity disorder simply be a person who has switched genders since their last lifetime?
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi VioletRose! You are correct: in the Summerland most people do choose a gender after death and a good amount of people will keep the same gender and general body that they had in their last earth lifetime. We can, however, choose to be either gender and choose any body that we had from any of our lifetimes. After the Summerland, in Levels 6 and 7, we begin to lose the illusion of gender, along with the illusion of the self altogether.

    I would say that the gender we chose to be after death won't affect the gender we choose to be in another lifetime. You see, linear time doesn't exist in the Summerland, and highly advanced beings tell us that all of our lives are really being lived at once. One being suggests that we think of our higher self as a large bucket of water. Each time we reincarnate onto earth, a little bit is poured out, but the majority of the higher self remains aware and united with God. That coupled with the idea that our earthly gender is probably chosen to help us learn certain lessons, leads me to believe that what gender we chose to be after death doesn't affect us in the next life.

    That being said, most people, if they thought they could learn from it, would probably have no problem being either gender in an earth life. You see, once you no longer have a physical body, despite the fact that you may retain a gender for a while, you're not as strongly linked to it as you may be during earthly life. Plus, there is no evidence that you have to keep the same gender for all of eternity (or the same body). It seems logical that, if you got tired of one form or gender, you could change.

    It's also important to note that, in the Summerland, social norms don't exist. No one really cares what gender or face you take on because they can identify you by your self. If you decide to change your gender and not keep the one from this life, no one is going to gossip about it or mock you. Those things simply don't exist in the Summerland. Everyone will be incredibly understanding!

    In my opinion, and this is just my opinion mind you, people with gender identity disorders probably could have had the opposite gender in their previous earth life. I think it is more than that though. Since there is no linear time, I would say that this occurs in people who have had only one gender for most of their lives. For example, if someone is female in all lives except one, in that single life he may feel as though he is meant to be a female because it is what he's used to.

    I hope this answers your question, dear VioletRose!
  3. I suppose it's just because I never thought about it, but until reading this I always assumed that gender was a transcendent quality. It makes sense that people who don't have a need for sexual reproduction or familial pair-bonding wouldn't have any distinct sexual characteristics, though. On that note, I do have to disagree with your opinion on reincarnation being at the root of gender identity disorders, as there are currently known to be several different varieties that occasionally include distinct brain anatomy patterns. If it were merely a matter of choosing to be one gender more often than another, I doubt it would manifest in so many different ways. Plus, that sort of hardship seems like exactly the kind of thing we would "plan" for our spiritual growth.
  4. Gospel of Thomas 22:
    Jesus saw infants being suckled. He said to His disciples, "These infants being suckled are like those who enter the Kingdom." They said to Him, "Shall we then, as children, enter the Kingdom?" Jesus said to them, "When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter [the Kingdom]."
  5. That's a very interesting passage you've found, Vic, although I'm not really familiar with the gospel of Thomas. If I'm reading it right, the basic idea is that our spiritual "bodies" are homogeneous, genderless, and completely mutable form. I guess it does make more sense for physical and mental gender divisions to be left out of any higher spiritual existence, since we probably don't bother taking along our fingernails, eyelashes or small intestine, either ;)
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi OldManRobot! You're probably right. I don't think that having a different gender than usual is the main cause for gender identity disorders, but I think it may have something to do with it. I do like your theory, wherein we give ourselves this type of disorder. Since we give ourselves pretty much every other type of disorder, this makes a lot of sense to me but, I think that having switching genders could still be connected. For example, if you wanted to give yourself a gender identity disorder, wouldn't it be easier to do that if you place yourself in a body which has the gender that you're not used to. So perhaps, if gender identity disorders are more common in people who have had more lifetimes as the opposite sex, the one they feel more connected to, this is because switching genders is means to an end - a way to help bring on this type of disorder. This is just my speculation though, I'm not sure about it.
  7. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Thanks for the Gospel quote, dear Vic! People so often forget that there are more Gospels than just the four in the Bible. Even those who are not overly religious just seem to ignore these books. Their information (depending on which Gospel we're talking about) could be just as factual and relevant as that in the church-accepted Gospels. Personally, I've never read the Gospel of Thomas - but that's simply because I haven't had any time, not because I don't consider it factual. This particular quote does sound like something the that Yeshua I know would say. Thanks again for the quote!
  8. ChuckAnderson

    ChuckAnderson Member

    Hi Everyone!

    If we are genderless in the Afterlife, will my Mom still be my Mom?
    I love her so!

    Chuck Anderson
    University Place, WA
  9. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi ChuckAndrerson! Your mother is likely in the Summerland - the middle three levels of the afterlife. That's the most earth-like section of the afterlife. So, she will most likely have a gender, but she may have chosen to be male. It's really a matter of personal preference. What I can tell you for certain though, is that you will have the same loving, eternally unbreakable bond that you've always had. You see, different people play different roles in each of our different lifetimes so, for example, you may have been the mother, while your mother was the son in another lifetime. No matter what though, you will immediately recognize her and your bond will be stronger than ever!
  10. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    What a great thread! And I have been working so much this week that I have missed out on being part of it!! Thank you, everyone, for helping each other so wonderfully. Dear Chuck, Vita is correct that gender in the afterlife is optional and is our choice, but your beloved mother always will present herself to you as your mother. Don't worry about that! And OldManRobot, please always remember that the mind creates the body's details. So it is entirely possible for anatomical features of the body or the brain to have been modified to suit what the occupying mind thinks is true of itself.

    This is such a wonderful topic! I have wondered about it too, dear VioletRose, and I can't recall seeing it discussed in the older afterlife literature. No doubt some of the entities currently being channeled (Seth and others) have been asked this question, but I still don't read recent channeled material because I think that what came before about 1940 is less likely to be tainted by a profit motive. So I have been guessing about gender issues, and here is what I think is true:

    1) Gender is biological as well as mental. Genetics determines which sex the baby will have, but the occupying mind might have a different idea. Even though that mind might have wanted to spend some time as a woman after many lifetimes as a male (or vice-versa), the mind may be used to what had been its habitual gender. It might have trouble overcoming those habits of thought.

    2) Mental gender occupies a whole spectrum of identity, from very male to very female. There are some very girly-girls and some very macho men, and everything in between! I will use myself as an example. I have been told by many mediums that I have lived nearly all my lifetimes as a male, and even today I have no interest in girly things - I have never had a manicure or a facial or been to a spa in my life! My friends of both genders tend to be more thoughtful and serious people, like myself. I have never had identity-confusion issues or homosexual tendencies, but I can see how if I were a bit more toward male on the gender spectrum those issues might begin to crop up. Fortunately, I consider my being a bit more male than most women to be kind of ideal!

    3) There may be a biological predisposition toward homosexuality. I have seen some evidence that male homosexuality might be carried in the female line, but not much work has been done on this so far. I am coming to guess that homosexual tendencies might be the result of a biological predisposition combined with a mind which has spent many lifetimes as that opposite gender. So in my own case, there might not have been the biological predisposition, so I found it easier to assume a fully female identity this time around.

    4) Gender dysmorphia is probably the result of a gender switch as we entered this lifetime. In this case, too, it might require a biological predisposition, but it might also be a case of a very strongly male or female mind switching genders this time and being unable to deal with the change successfully.

    4) Minds are genderless. The evidence suggests that there are certain things which it is easier for us to learn as a male, and things that we most easily learn as a female. But after we have lived many earth-lifetimes, we eventually progress toward genderlessness. Most of the highest-level beings who still appear in the Summerland levels appear to those there as tall, male-ish, but a bit feminine in appearance - or occasionally they are tall, female-ish, but a bit male-ish. Gender doesn't matter to them, so the temporary body that they assume doesn't matter as to its gender appearance. Most of these very advanced beings do seem to look more male than female, but that may be because they are authority figures and we are more likely to see a male as an authority figure. Who knows?

    Again, dear VioletRose, thank you for such a great question! And thanks to all of you for such wonderful, thoughtful contributions. I should take a few days off more often ;-)
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2011
  11. Annie

    Annie Member

    Really interesting reply Roberta, this thread really has me curious what gender I was in previous lifetimes. I definitely am a girly girl and I think I've been a female in most of my lives, but I'm curious if I've ever been a male and what that would have been like. I need to find someone who knows how to do past life regression.
  12. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Annie, while hypnotherapists can help you remember with the least effort from you, there are some in-home ways that you could try if you cannot find anything. On YouTube there are a lot of regressions that you can listen to. It might take longer, but some of them may be effective for you. I haven't personally tried it, but I think this one will work pretty well. It's broken up into parts, and the uploader recommends that you hit "play all" so that you're not disturbed during the process.
  13. Annie

    Annie Member

    Thanks Vita! I'll give that a try. I was hypnotized once at the state fair and I tried a hypnosis video once online... the video didn't work, but hey, it was relaxing so there's nothing to lose.
  14. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    In the course of my afterlife research I had several past-life readings and one hypnotic regression session. The information was relatively consistent throughout - for example, the readers all told me that I had been mostly male, and I heard about only one previous female lifetime. I was easily hypnotized and easily regressed to a Cro-Magnon-era lifetime as a simpleton in what appeared to be northern Spain, and to a pre-Christian-era lifetime as an old slave in what was apparently Egypt. Regression very often takes you to a climactic moment in that lifetime, and in both cases I dropped in at what was apparently the beginning of events that were going to end in my violent death. To actually be those men, and to be entering their lives in crisis, was horrifying! In both cases I became so distressed that the hypnotist brought me right out of those lives and we didn't make a third attempt. I have since learned that people who are not as chicken as I was will go through the death process and end up able to discuss and draw conclusions about the life just ended, but I doubt that I have the fortitude for that!

    Two more interesting wrinkles:

    1) In one lifetime I may have known Thomas Jefferson. I have long had an interest in Jefferson, and in my novelist phase more than 20 years ago I re-created his wife's journal (it was a BOMC alternate selection, believe it or not!). One past-life reader told me that I had been very close to Jefferson, and in fact I had been his son. I told her that Jefferson never had a son who survived infancy, which flustered her a bit - she said that nevertheless I had been close to him and he had called me "son," and my name had been Richard. She insisted that I look it up, so I did. And I found that Jefferson's great friend, Benjamin Rush, had had a son named Richard who clerked for Jefferson in the latter part of his life, and Jefferson had become very close to him and had indeed thought of him as the son he never had. (I did this research back in the days of books - I've just tried to Google Richard Rush quickly, and I came up empty.) I don't claim that any of this is true, but at the time - when I was still skeptical about reincarnation - it felt like additional confirmation of the reality of past lives.

    2) I cured myself of a fear of heights by inadvertently regressing myself to a past life. About ten years ago, when I was reading about the use of past-life regression to cure phobias and other mental quirks, I closed a book one day and wondered idly whether my fear of heights could have been caused by a fall in a previous life. My fear was of a peculiar kind: I didn't mind being in a plane or looking out a million-story window if there was glass in place, but if there was a nearby edge that I could get to I had a fear of stepping off that edge and falling. I thought nothing more of it, but in the months that followed I began to have flashes of being a young Native American (late teens, I think, and of course again male) standing on the edge of a canyon at dawn and psyching myself up to fly. It felt like some kind of religious thing - I knew I was so pure that I would be able to fly. When I began to pay attention to these bits of memory, I abruptly realized that must have been the source of my fear: that dumb kid actually did try to fly! I had my Aha moment, and the flashbacks ended. I thought nothing more about it. But a couple of months later we were in New York, on the 34th floor of an office building on a Sunday. It was a warm day, but there was no weekend air conditioning so the windows were open. And you could see the Chrysler Building! I went to the open window and leaned out a little to get a better look at a gargoyle or something on that building. I turned to see my husband's look of amazement, and it was only then that I realized that my fear of being able to step off a high edge was altogether gone! That is how regression therapy works: for some reason, just recalling the past-life incident that caused the fear seems to magically erase it.

    I think that everyone who has any interest - and especially people with irrational fears - should take a stab at doing past-life regression. Beware, though - it is not for sissies ;-)!
  15. Annie

    Annie Member

    Well I tried the video, and nothing really vivid happened so I dunno, either I need to try it in real life or it's just not that easy to hypnotize me. I want to experience stuff like you did Roberta because that sounds like pretty detailed stuff! Can you give me some names? You never know, I might take a vacation somewhere where a good therapist lives...
  16. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work, dear Annie. I've gotten a few flashes here and there from videos, but never anything like Roberta talked about. A lot of us (myself included, I think) have a subconscious fear of letting go and submitting to hypnosis. Working with an experienced, real person probably helps work out that fear and get past it. I've never been to a real person, but there is one man that is very good at hypnosis that I've heard of. I've read several of his books on regression and astral travel. His name's Richard Webster. I believe he lives in New Zealand, which is pretty far away from America (if you live in America like I do). Sorry I don't know anyone closer!
  17. Annie

    Annie Member

    Thanks Vita, yeah I'm in the US too. Actually I got a few flashes too so I can't really say if it didn't work, but I really felt like I was making things up haha. Then again, at the beginning the guy who made the video did say "most people say they feel like they made it up" so who knows. Honestly, that video really did go in depth and was really well made, I did it right before I went to sleep in my bed and it was definitely relaxing! I might try it again now that I know what to expect, or I'll just find a hypnotist, but either way I'm not giving up.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2011
  18. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Annie, I sort of felt like I was making it all up too. I didn't use that video, but I couldn't find the one I used and that one looks like the best alternative. In the one I used, the first thing I had to picture was my feet in the past life. What I saw was an alien foot! I was standing on a rock and I felt like it was nighttime. My foot was bare and and seemed sort of humanoid but vastly different from a human foot. I had four toes, which were small and each had a little ball shape at the end of it. The skin was grayish and very wrinkly. Weird, huh?
  19. I've had two hypnosis sessions with Susan Wisehart who is in the Chicago area, one early life and one past life regression. Both extremely helpful. Check her calendar as she travels doing workshops.

    Vita, my "Spiritual Companion", which I can visualize at will from a meditation that I once had, has a humanoid, mermaid-like body, but her face which is hard for me to see cause of its luminescence, is alien-like. Yes, weird...
  20. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    That's rather interesting, Vic. I know that his foot I was visualizing definitely belonged to me. Since the evidence seems to tell us that people do have several lifetimes on alien planets, it is rather likely that what I saw was really a past form of mine.

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