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free will

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by mac, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    The notion of free will and how it applies can often be found here on ALF in discussions and debates we've had. Below is what guide and teacher 'Silver Birch' had to say during a Q&A session.

    "lt is part of the plan that you should have an element of free will, the power and the ability to make choices in certain circumstances. Used for its best and highest, you can play your part in the spiritual unfoldment and evolution of the race, the world, the universe and the cosmos because your spirit is part of the Great Spirit.

    You share in the divinity that is responsible for all that exists everywhere. You are the Great Spirit in microcosm. All that the Great Spirit has of that infinity you have and you will have eternity in which to unfold it.

    You can wake up tomorrow morning at an hour later or earlier, or you can stay in bed if you like. You can go for a walk or drive a car. You can lose your temper and hope to find it again. There is a variety of things you can do for which you have the free will. But you cannot stop the sun from shining, you cannot halt the tempest; these are beyond your power. Your free will is limited because your choice is restricted.

    There is another limitation placed on your free will. It is the mental and spiritual stage which you have reached in your development. You are free to kill, but your character will ensure that you refrain. So even when you have choices these are limited by who and what you are at the time. Like many things in the universe you have a paradox. You have free will within limitations all the time.”

    Linking to an earlier point about free will and karma the guide went on: “Now I must go a stage further because you introduced the question of karma. This too is a very important consideration because many of those who have work to do in your world chose to do it beforehand. Though awareness may not come immediately, the choice imposes another restriction in free will.”

    In answer to another question: “Our consciences, are they really ours or those of the guides because they are connected with free will? the guide replied:
    You are receiving and transmitting stations. It is very seldom that you construct your own thoughts. Your radio and television have channels, vibrations - frequencies is the right word - to which they can be attuned. So you have your [own] frequency. That enables you to receive thoughts, ideas, suggestions, inspiration, guidance and a variety of ideas from those on your wavelengths. As you receive them they are tinctured with your individuality and sent on their way so that others capture them. All this is determined by your evolution. The higher spiritually you are evolved the greater is the thought that can reach you. And, because of that, the greater will its effect be as you transmit it and send it on its way."

    When the subject was raised again, the guide said this:
    “Nobody has perfect free will. It is free will within a restricted range. Your will is subject to circumstances which you cannot control. The soul knows before it reincarnates what it has to achieve. It may take a long time for awareness to dawn.

    The soul has the awareness imprinted within it. If that awareness does not dawn, then it will have to reincarnate again. If the awareness does come, then it will begin to fulfill the purpose of its incarnation.

    I cannot change human nature. lt is a very malleable material. It can respond to the highest and pitifully can fall to the lowest. This is the great purpose of earthly incarnation. You have within you all the divine possibilities. You have a physical body that comes from the earth, but its animation is derived from this vitalising spirit.

    You have the choice as to how you order your existence, as to whether you give priority to spirit or to matter. That is the nature of the human problem. But you must help those who come to you wherever you can. When you cannot, leave them. For all who are brought to you it is their opportunity to find themselves. If they succeed, express gratitude for your chance to serve. But if they fail, feel sorry for them."
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