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For those of you who are certain, what convinced you that there definitely is an afterlife?

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by dan t, Mar 5, 2020.

  1. dan t

    dan t New Member

    I'm an anxious, easily-stressed and doubtful person lacking in the self-confidence, even despite my experiences, to say that I firmly believe in an afterlife. For those of you here who are certain it exists, or at least that consciousness survives death, what evidence or experiences confirmed it for you?

    Warning: I may play devils advocate at points due to my own worries and skepticism.
  2. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    I'm more like you about this, dan, but I am interested in seeing how others respond.
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  3. Juniper

    Juniper New Member

    I don't come around here much anymore but I had a near death experience followed by a very startling dream in which I was given information about a man I didn't know who had died, which proved to be accurate. I was shown a number of things that related to him very clearly in the dream including things I had no way to know before it happened. A friend of his I got to know a little also had same go on, actually had regularly had dreams of people who had died and been shown things about them too that she couldn't know.

    In our respective dreams the people would have very definite presences, and the dreams themselves were very vivid, realistic, and unlike your average dream.

    My full story is actually quite astounding and very lengthy to tell, and her experiences honestly are some of the most involved, shocking and I think detailed you could find on the subject of communication with the dead. She had SO MUCH proof, far more than most I think will ever get in their lifetimes. What convinced me of the veracity of her experiences though was partly the way in which she told them--she didn't act like she knew everything about spirit communication, that she had all of the answers, and there was something to her way of relating them where you just knew she was not trying to tell you a story for a cynical reason, like to get your money. The other reason though was that in my dream and one of hers of the friend of hers whom I had seen, we both witnessed a particular detail the other saw and I honestly would have had no way to know she did before mine occurred.

    Also, it happened to her a number of times that someone would die and they'd come to her the night they died, but she didn't even have a way TO know they died then. In the dreams she'd know that they had died too.

    One person was shown burned in a dream and she knew then he had died, and he died in an unpredictable explosion, if you can imagine. Her experiences were such that it was not even easy to discount them as coincidences.
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  4. Nirvana

    Nirvana Regular Contributor

    Think you could elaborate just a bit more?
  5. kirolak

    kirolak New Member

    May I add my request to you to please tell us the full account; I am sure the fact that it may be lengthy is not a fault! Most of us are under lockdown & have time to spare which we ordinarily might not have. . .
  6. Flossie

    Flossie New Member

    Well there are so many things that have happened for me personally that I would say I believe. On the outside as I go about my daily life and get lost in all of it I could have doubts but when I stop and think I know there is something else and that we do carry on existing in some other way. Maybe some of what I say could be pushed aside as wishful thinking but for me personally my experiences are my own proof and evidences. They help me a lot. In fact they keep me going. I wouldn't know where to start. But these are a few things.

    At age 12 and 14 I took part in ouija board sessions. My first was with my dad and his parents and my grandparents house. My mum's sister bought a board from a catalogue back in the 1960s. My gran was curious so my dad borrowed the board from my aunt and took it to their home. I would be 12 years old. It was a bright sunny Sunday afternoon. The board was set up on their dining table. It is obvious to me now that none of the adults thought anything would happen. But something did happen. My gran's dad came through and we all had a discussion via the board. I never knew the man. He had likely been dead over 20 years. I know with certainty that nobody taking part moved the pointer. When in later years I discussed the subject with my dad he said we had no control over the movement of the pointer. My dad and grandparents were practical and honest people. What happened was not expected.

    A few years later I used the board with two friends. We were all curious. None of us practical jokers in any sense, way or form. My granddad came through with messages for me. They did not know him. He was 80 years old when I was born and never left his house on the other side of town. They didn't even know his name but he came through with his name. He told me I would marry Richard. A boy I had met just a month or two earlier. I was 14 and getting married was the last thing on my mind. But we did get married and we are still married 43 years later. So I can safely say my granddad approves of him!

    These are just a few stories I cannot dismiss. They happened. No tricks.

    I have seen my 'dead' dog looking completely solid right in front of me. The dog we had after him died unexpectedly at 10 and a half years old. He was like a person to us. So full of love. Never known a dog like him. We were heartbroken. He died of a twisted gut which took him within hours of its onset. That dog came to me morning and night. Sometimes just as I closed my eyes to sleep at night. Sometimes as I woke in the morning and closed my eyes again. This went on for 5 weeks solid before the visits began to become less frequent. I saw him for a matter of seconds. Mostly in a twilight background. It would always be his face right beside me or close up to me. For the remainder of that year he continued to make visits at least once a week. On the very night of the first anniversary we lost him I was woken at 4am to a loud bark beside the bed. I knew immediately it was his bark. I turned over in bed, feeling content and closed my eyes. I was still awake thinking about it and suddenly I felt his nose on my chin. It was the side of my chin nearest the pillow. His nose felt dry and almost flaky but definitely his nose. I felt no weight on the bed, just his nose touching my chin. My husband who had a chest infection, was sleeping downstairs with our other two dogs - they never come upstairs. After that visit I felt Merlin wouldn't come to see me again. It was so strong it felt like a final goodbye, at least for some time to come. But a few weeks later I opened my eyes during the night and saw the top of his back walking past the side of the bed. Like he had his head sniffing along the ground. The atmosphere in the room felt different. I have not seen him properly since. That is over a year ago.

    I could go on and on. I feel blessed having these connections which are personal to me. I am not a medium/psychic.
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  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    You're not a medium but you are psychic, Flossie. ;) Or shall we just say you appear to have enhanced psychic sensitivity? Perhaps you're downplaying what you are aware of?

    Using a ouija board is generally cautioned against because inexperienced users leave themselves wide open to mischief-makers but with sincere sitters positive results can result. For you that was the outcome. :) Perhaps in different circumstances, with encouragement and help your latent attributes might have blossomed into something recognisable, perhaps emerging as a psychic, a medium or a healer.
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  8. Flossie

    Flossie New Member

    Thank you for your thoughts Mac.

    Well, I feel like I definitely have connections from that other place, whatever that may be. We can all have our own ideas but I often think it's out of our scope to comprehend, so to some degree I am concluding that I'm not going to ponder into it too much. I will try to be content that it just 'is'. I have no control over what comes about. Though I have noticed that the more I meditate the more I get these connections. However it's mostly several hours or days after I have meditated. I think it's more I am in tune with those on the other side who help and possibly guide me more than being able to do readings or that sort of thing for others. I do sometimes get feelings about someone if they have a problem and I can be intuitive to what it is - quite often but not always. Maybe if I joined a circle and got involved it would bring it out more but I don't think that is for me. So that's why I say I am not a medium/psychic. I think too much and am too critical of myself lols.
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Carol Morgan doesn't want to go down a path of sitting/reading for others. And why would she or anyone else want to do that if they don't feel moved? Remember always that it's not the incarnate that's doing the business - the lead is taken by our friends in spirit. Mediums and other communicators don't and can't summon anyone - they can only invite them to come. Anything you receive from your helpers is primarily for you, Flossie, although you may be helped with your intuition. ;)

    Mediation? MEDITATION! is good for you if you enjoy it because it allows your helpers to draw a little closer - you open up a little more and they can use that situation. That's enough for now and especially while you're doing it by yourself. It doesn't matter how long after meditation any enhanced connection starts to work. Trying for more would probably be better tried under the tutelage of an experienced practitioner but that's not for now if ever.

    Just enjoy your link and any guidance you feel provided you find it's appropriate and works positively. And if you don't like to think of yourself as a psychic, why not just think of yourself as a sensitive? :)
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2020
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  10. Flossie

    Flossie New Member

    Lols - I think it is more likely I am sensitive than psychic, Mac. At least in the sense we are led to believe. I do like the communications I get. I thank whoever keeps me connected every night. I don't know exactly who it is, maybe more than one to thank - so I go through them all just to make sure! It is personal to me that they bring me comfort and reassurance when I struggle. And if them helping me also helps me to help others around me just by sharing my stories and having a sympathetic ear then I am very content with that. Thank you for your reply.
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