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for Carol and Mikey please

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by mac, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    In a recent posting I mentioned that I enjoyed your interviews and that in line with Andrew's proposal to have a Q&A type 'stickie' for you and Mikey I'd like to put few questions on subjects which ought to be of general interest. I hope this is OK and if so, could I start with this one? I'll write it directly to Mikey as I suspect that as you read them he'll get the questions without you needing to ask him. :)

    question: We're told you're a spiritually advanced individual, Mikey. From your mom's interviews we've heard something of your 'work'. Do you spend all, most or some of your time in the 'lower realms' for this and other reasons?

    question: Does your personal spiritual progress 'entitle' you to live in 'higher' dimensions and have you temporarily set aside that 'right' to stay close to your mother and to carry out the work you do?

    (please note the ' ' marks to signify how things are often described - not necessarily what I'd say)

    I hope all this is OK?

    The following section and web address was added October 3 2013:

    For anyone intending to read this long thread a shorter version with the most relevant postings may be found at https://www.box.com/s/uk70t2vneu2ujz8jnzwi where there is also an index of the subjects.
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  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    If it's okay with Carol (& Mikey), I see no problem with this being a sticky thread for them. I'll stick it now for you.

    For anyone who is new here, or unsure of who Carol & Mikey are, please check out these two radio segments that Roberta and I conducted with Carol last year:

    1st Segment - October 11th, 2011
    2nd Segment - October 18th, 2011
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  3. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Mac and Andrew,
    I just got home from visiting my younger son at college. It was mom's week-end so we had quite the time! I have decided I am way too old for staying out with these college kids! It will take me a week to recover! :) I am exhausted!
    Anyway, it is fine to ask questions. I will do the best that I can. I try really hard to say exactly what Mikey tells me. It is a slower process as I ask , type, ask , type and so on as I post. :)

    Mikey tells me his work is to guide and teach through the veil . He is teaching "through" me. He posts through me to spread the word about the Afterlife. Apparently we planned this before we came to earth. To teach through the veil. He stays in higher realms but comes through when we communicate. He for sure visits other planes in Heaven. He visits other loved ones. But his knowledge comes from the Higher Realms. He has progressed to this higher realm from many, many works/previous experiences that he accomplished in loving ways.

    Mikey tells me in Heaven, higher advanced souls are given the ability to move about if/as needed to carry out their work. He not only understands the Higher Realms, but he also understands the human challenges as he was so recently here on earth. That is what makes this different according to Mikey. He feels his messages can relate more to the average person because he was just here himself. He says that makes him a better teacher with what he is trying to do. It also helps significantly with validation of who I am really talking to. I have ways to "confirm" it is him. The questions I ask him to confirm it is him is only things he would know. Mikey tells me that Heaven allows this confirmation for my safety. He tells me it is important that I have this protection as my information needs to come from the higher realm for proper teaching to occur. He also tells me this work helps him to continue to progress spiritually. He loves helping others learn about the Afterlife and LOVE! :)

    Mikey says to remember that Heaven is all around you. So when I call for him, he really isn't that far away! :)
    Hope this helps!
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
  4. mokandi

    mokandi New Member

    Could you please ask Mikey if it's possible for me to communicate with my son? Thank you.
  5. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Thanks for that, Carol. I expected he wouldn't mind. :D

    If I may I'll go on with one or two more questions? My intention is that they'll be of general interest, something that widens everyone's understanding. So....

    questions: At what point does one's interest in matters relating to the physical world diminish? For example, what awareness do folk have of events which are big for ourselves and, as you're both Americans, what did folk 'over there' think to the events of 9/11/2001 or the Iraq war and Saddam? I suppose I should have asked first, are such events (widely) known about in the etheric dimensions?

    These questions are to try to gain some perspective of the 'view' from the etheric and will lead on to others if that's OK? Please say, though, if it's gonna be irksome and I'll stop.
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  6. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Mikey does not know. He does say it is not very common. (I talk directly to him without a guide in between. ) But I would suggest looking up Sally Baldwin and the Dying To Live Again Foundation. She was the spiritual medium who told me I had the gift. She is a different type of medium, but was truly amazing for me no doubt. Her approach is different. She too was very accurate. She is a direct channel. She uses a pendulum as well with the motion being very open and flowing with movement. Which is different then me. (Mikey moves the pendulum in a different manner for me). Hope this info will be helpful for you. :)
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
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  7. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Mikey tells me they are very aware of what goes on here, especially when loved ones are still on the earth plane. These events have huge "spiritual significance" and this is why: they were acts of "non-loving energy" that created acts of "very loving energy". People (souls) would risk there life for another, etc. It out poured! Mikey says that these events triggered loving ways in many. One person's tragedy is a catalyst to another's person's spiritual growth and understanding to the importance of love. It also helps understanding of non-loving behavior. Mikey tells me that "ego" influence is one of the worst things that affects spiritual growth. Saddam is an example of how ego and love for power and control went overboard. Mikey continues to say that plans of non-loving acts are never God's plan. (It may be a individual soul's plan, but never God= A Unity of Absolute Pure Love which is Infinite.) Mikey continues to say nothing goes unnoticed. Hope this answers your question. :)
    Carol and Mikey 'in Spirit"
  8. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    In part this answers what I asked and I already had no doubts that such negative events can have potentially unexpected positive outcomes - thank goodness for that!

    I wasn't so much interested in Saddam as in what folk 'over there' think about the war situation over here. I was also hoping for insights into what folk (let's not forget these are still folk) 'over there' thought about the events of 9/11 and particularly how aware they were of such events - and how they became aware.

    We see TV, read newspapers, go online, use cell phones to communicate but how do our spiritual counterparts get to 'hear' about such monumental (for us) events? More directly, DO they get to hear about events of this sort....?

    I ask these questions because although we have abundant guidance and information on many aspects of life in the etheric, we don't have much guidance about matters such as those I've just raised. We talk - I talk! - a great deal about awareness, about communication, about 'the summerland' et al and yet much of the details is historic with contemporary issues rarely mentioned.

    There are many more issues that would be a natural follow-on from what I've asked thus far and answers to those questions could lead to more, and more in-depth, questions - kinda like an interviewer uses to learn more about the interviewee.

    But I won't hog the scene and if my questions don't interest others I'll happily drop out of the picture.
  9. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Mikey wants to readdress the comment "nothing goes unnoticed." He says everything is known in the higher realms of Heaven. Remember Heaven is all around us. It is here, there, everywhere! They communicate telepathically. They can sense when something of great magnitude is going to happen. Because nothing goes unnoticed, they see what is in the works. Mikey says to remember that guides try their best, but the cannot overcome free-will. The soul chooses to do this. So the question that may arise is why can't Heaven step in to stop an awful act or warn us? The answer is the earth is our school for learning from positive and negative events/experiences. These actions bring learning in many ways as Mikey said above. Heaven does not step in because it is part of spiritual growth for some. Ultimately much is learned, but there is a price for this kind of action for those who were the individuals involved in such a task. Not a fun life review. Mikey also says, that if the ego carries through to the review where the soul does not feel they did anything wrong, that does NOT give them a pass. They are worked with and guided accordingly.
    Mikey tells me the higher realms of Heaven does not like this type of activity on earth. This is NEVER God's plan. It may be the individual's plan, but not God's.
    Mikey wants everyone to know that loving ways is how we want to be! Kindness is sooooo important! It is all about LOVE! Loving and honest ways brings great reward! Be loving and forgiving!
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
  10. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    thanks Carol - The answer to the questions I put are partially answered in the first few sentences.

    Mikey says, though, quote: "...everything is known in the higher realms of Heaven." and I wonder if events are perceived by the individuals NOT in these "higher realms"? How do the 'regular' individuals get to learn of these monumental events such as 9/11 or the Iraq war to use the examples I gave earlier?

    Or is it that such events don't impact much on those in the so-called lower levels? Maybe they are vaguely aware but the spiritual progress of the individuals is such that events in this world have ceased to have interest or significance?

    It was to set the scene that I asked in an earlier question 'where' Mikey was because I wondered if he spends his time in the 'lower levels' or if it's predominantly in the 'higher realms'. Teacher and guide, Silver Birch, has explained that he temporarily relinquished his earned right to live with his spiritual peers in the higher levels of the etheric so that he could carry out his chosen task of communicating through his medium to bring enlightenment to humankind.
  11. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Mikey tells me he is mostly in the Summerland levels but does go to the Higher Realms for further guidance for his teaching needs. He does not go to the lower realms. That is not part of his work.
    He tells me that if loved ones are still on earth, there is an awareness of what is occurring here by others in Heaven. Otherwise, the lower levels are not so much interested in these type of events as it is not related to their spiritual needs. This is what Mikey tells me.
    Carol and Mikey 'in Spirit"
  12. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    thank you, Carol That confirms what I'd already received - I needed to check. I had intended to broaden the topic based on Mikey's reply but what he's just told us closed that direction down. Maybe, though, I can open it in an alternate direction?

    Individuals living in these Summerland levels will (naturally enough) be getting on with their new lives and we've had guidance on what that may mean from various teachers and guides. From what Mikey has just told us, events in this world have little interest or relevance for them. But if we are to accept that events in the physical are orchestrated (at least to a degree) by 'heaven' I'd think it's fair to assume that some in the higher realms will take an interest. Even to the claimed intervention of 'guardian angels' on a personal level with their incarnate charges. (and I've heard some pretty 'iffy' accounts in the past! ;))

    It's also been taught that 'spirit-side' scientists work on finding ways of helping humankind to deal with problems. We are also taught that many scientific discoveries have truly been inspired by spiritual scientists. So one might reasonably assume that individuals at these levels of spiritual evolvement will have knowledge of, and interest in, the fortunes of our physical world.

    Can you, Mikey, tell us what you know about the situations I've just mentioned?

    (If I'm hogging this thread please say so and I'll back off. I don't want to be an insufferable bore.)
  13. Wonderer

    Wonderer New Member

    Stop hogging this thread Mac! I want a piece of this cake :p

    Joking apart...this thread is very interesting, thank you guys for your time and feedback and also thanks to Mikey for the insight he is giving us!

    What does not make sense to me is this....if we are all on a spiritual journey to grow and become more loving and forgiving, and for people to start believing and jump in the right path....wouldn't it be very easy if we, for example, get a few amazing apparitions, let say somewhere in pubic, an important hub, like London, New York whatever....something paranormal that all can see, like a big ball of light with a loving message, where all can believe and change their lives?

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  14. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    In my early days of learning about 'the spooks' I used to think much the same - why is it that something amazing can't happen in the public eye which would conclusively show that we lead lives on 'the other side'? Three answers have become the most likely in my mind.

    1. It's not possible to achieve something amazing. (I doubt that's the case.)
    2. It is possible but folk would be more interested in the occurrence than in the reasons behind it. (compare with interest in the production of phenomena via physical mediumship rather than the underlying reasons for the phenomena)
    3. It's not intended that humans - with widely differing levels of personal spiritual progression - should be exposed to matters which wouldn't spiritually benefit them. Those at 'the right point' can find their answers in many ways - as they are doing right now, for example, when they're reading our interchanges.
  15. Wonderer

    Wonderer New Member

    Very true dear Mac, thanks. However, the fact remains that even if I read a million book and read another million thread and get to 'know' what the 'truth' is, the fact remains that I have to accept what I read or not, just based on research given to us by other human beings and mediums.

    There isn't something tangible, visible, somethings with seals what I accept to be the truth, and that leaves a little hole to 'maybe'. This does not really affect me, as I still feel that living a life out of love and forgiveness is the right thing (something which I feel deep inside.)

    But who knows, I guess it will have a positive impact on other people. Maybe those who are totally lost, can maybe jump on the right path faster.

    Maybe Mickey will give us his insight on this :)

  16. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    We individually always have to choose for ourselves whether the information we find is convincing. Whatever that may be it's only ever going to be a part of the overall picture - not untrue but incomplete. I can readily live with that - part of it is WAY better than none....

    We'll see if Mikey has anything to say but to get a specific answer it's my contention there first has to be a specific question.
  17. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Mikey wants to sum up his discussion on our posts so far. Think of earth as our school. Now think of when we were in school. We were focused on the lessons at hand. When we "graduated" and became involved with our jobs, we were no longer "interested " in the school curriculum. If we had children ( loved ones) later in life who started school, then we became focused again on the "lessons" at hand for our children. We wanted to "help and guide" them accordingly. When our children "graduated", our focus was no longer on their school "lessons or curriculum." But with teachers, they are always focused on the curriculum and the lessons at hand. Wanting to teach better, guide, and help their "students". They never lose interest. Heaven is the same way! :) The "teachers" are from the higher realms. They are always aware of what is going on. For others, after their loved ones have "graduated" to Heaven, the interest decreases with what happens here at this school on earth!

    Mikey talks about the need for a foundation with the "spiritual shift". He says that Heaven may do something of a magnitude that could "wow" people . But there needs to be a foundation of knowledge for an explanation of the event. Otherwise to many, it will be a random "occurrence" like many things are considered. I personally think no matter what, people would think something unusual would be "photo shopped" or done by special filming, or whatever. I feel even if people literally get slapped in the face , they still won't go there. Mikey says amazing things happen now that people deny. One example I think of is the miltary dog in light story. Truly amazing that was caught on national news during an interview! But sure don't hear much about it anymore. Mikey says getting the knowledge out there will be a gradual process. You cannot force anybody to believe. Hopefully people will have experiences that make them open up to what is real. :)

    In regard to the scientist question, Mikey did comment on that on a thread about planets I believe a couple of weeks ago. Mikey says yes, there are scientists in Heaven that work on things with info channeled to scientists here for progression in technology, etc. So who knows! I personally questioned it when I first heard that. But a few people were talking about this at the conference with me. :) I continue to learn myself. I have no way to prove any of this. The only thing I know for sure is that I am talking to my son. Absolutely no doubts there!
    It is Roberta and Andrew who have researched this stuff. Mac you have good knowledge too!
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
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  18. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    That's what makes it so truly amazing, dear Carol! Since there is no possible way that you could know what you know, it is incredible that Mikey is able to convey such detailed and consistent messages to you.

    Personally, I agree with you Carol - I think that people just won't consider something general, if it is amazing, to be a spiritual event - no matter how spectacular it is. General events don't seem to impress the public. The best thing for people seems to be specific events, such as successful readings from mediums and spiritual experiences.
  19. Millie

    Millie New Member

    Can Mikey get in contact with anyone he wants to over there? Or is it like earth, in which we only come in contact with those in our area?
  20. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Mikey needs a loving connection. We know one another in Heaven by "our energy". When Chuck from this forum asked me on the computer if Mikey could find his mother, Mikey said he does not know Chuck or his mother. I have not met or talked to Chuck on the phone either. At least in this lifetime at this point, there is no connection. With a true medium (which I do not claim to be) I believe they at least need to be talking to a person on the phone who wants to connect to someone in spirit for communication to be possible. Skye would know this. :)
  21. RudeAwakening

    RudeAwakening New Member

    Carol could you ask Mikey to clarify something for the readers regarding your gift/ability to communicate so effectively with him. We can all agree it is rare and wonderful and no doubt enviable. I consider myself blessed just to be able to communicate through a medium. I can’t imagine what some would give to have such access to a departed loved one.

    On several occasions I have seen Mikey state something similar to the above statement. Specifically that this communication between our world and there’s was “planned” before you both came to earth.

    Where my confusion lies, and I feel the need for clarity exists, is I’ve also seen stated on several occasions that you and he were essentially “granted” this rare and amazing gift because at the time of his passing you personally held no one responsible for his death. You harbored no blame and assigned no guilt, hidden or otherwise, to the driver. (I personally can’t imagine being able to control such an emotion.)

    So, if this teaching through the veil was planned prior to your individual births, where exactly does the blamelessness relative to his death fit in all this? I know I’ve seen that reason for this incredibly valued and unusual communication stated many times on this forum.

    Such as, would the pre birth plan have been scrapped, or delayed had your reaction been less benevolent? How are they both relevant, was the communication contingent upon your reaction, was your reaction somehow already known and not a concern? I’m sure you and Mikey can see where the confusion is?
  22. Identity

    Identity Inactive

    Love the sticky. Mikey has a career now, hahaha! It's nice to see that kind of communication. I will have to be one as well once I pass over.

    I would love to thank Mikey for doing this as well as Carol to really help and assist us. It means a lot to us!!!
  23. TriciaA

    TriciaA New Member

    This stood out, posted by RudeAwakening:On several occasions I have seen Mikey state something similar to the above statement. Specifically that this communication between our world and there’s was “planned” before you both came to earth.

    This reminded me of something my daughter said to me when she was about 4 years of age. She said to me one evening before bedtime 'I'm happy I chose you as my mama' :)
  24. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Carol and Mikey! Please don't rush to answer this question - it's not really urgent, and I can see that this thread has become very popular! :)

    Anyway, my question is this: do Mikey's friends (especially the ones who survived the car crash) know that you are able to communicate with him? If so, what do they think about this? Has it helped to lessen any survivor's guilt they might have had?

  25. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    You know, one thing I am still trying to figure out is just how much small children (ages five and under) actually know. It seems that many such children are somewhat are of spiritual beings, the nature/reason of life, their closeness to the Source, and many other things that we have had to rediscover. Normally, this awareness fades as they get older and become more immersed in the physical world.

    What a wonderful story though - I have heard a lot of similar things about small children.
  26. TriciaA

    TriciaA New Member

    I do believe, Andrew that young children are so much closer to spirit than we as adults. They don't question everything, their young minds are so innocent etc. My daughter saw many things at a young age, more so than she does now. She never thought it strange seeing spirit (although during those times she said they were people, some of whom were very colourful), it seemed all so natural to her.
    Exactly Andrew, over time the awareness can fade. Samantha is now 21, she still talks about all she saw, remembers it as clear as a bell. She doesn't get as much now, but what she does get/see she does acknowledge it and has no fear :)
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2012
  27. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Anger and blame is a block to openness apparently. I have been told this over and over. I personally did not know this at the time. Only after I saw Sally Baldwin (the medium who told me I had this gift) was I aware of this type of thing. I just knew what was happening to me was real. I asked Mikey your exact question over a year ago: What would have happened if I reacted differently? He told me Heaven knew I would react the way I did because of who I was. (Whatever that means.) But that is what he tells me. He also said had I been angry and blaming, the openness to this would not have occurred. It is a block. But he again said that Heaven knew that was not going to happen. So who knows! Believe me, I didn't go looking for this! I understand that this has happened to me for a reason so I will continue to do the best I can to help others. :) Kinda crazy really!
    Andrew, some of Mikey's friends know and some do not. Some believe, and some do not. (I think they think I am imaginating it, but when they see how I do it, they cannot explain it.) So who knows!
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2012
  28. Identity

    Identity Inactive

    Hi Carol!

    I just have this one question. I was going to ask this but I forgot. You know the show, Ghost Whisperer, on which a woman constantly gets spirits who want to talk with the loved ones whom they left behind? I was just curious. Let's say someone passes away, and then contacts a psychic from the Earth realm, or a messenger like Mikey or Erik. Can they relay the message to the loved ones who they left behind? A soul may often not be able to connect to someone as naturally, so they may need a medium or guides to do that. The problem is that the soul cannot pay for this service since they are not really alive or have a bank account.

    I think it would be a lovely idea to fund a non-profit organization just to relay messages from the deceased. If they can provide a telephone number, names, and their message, then the hopeless loved ones can feel strong. I think it makes for an interesting tv show/book as well where donations can run an organization where mediums make contact.

    By the way, thank you for answering questions here. HAHAHAHA, Mikey is popular. It's fabulous that this forum is bustling!
  29. Fasaga

    Fasaga New Member

    Hi TriciaA

    You've just reminded me of something I haven't thought of in years.
    Eight years ago, my wife and I had our "planned" family, a son and older daughter and we were quite content to stop there. My wife got one of those 5 year contraceptive inplants in her arm and we thought we were right.
    Six years ago my wife started getting warm sensations on the right hand side of her head, with a muffled ringing in her ear that sounded like a "DA....DA....DA". This went on for a few days. Doctors check up, no problems. Then two weeks later it happened again and more regularly. This became a daily occurrance. One evening my wife had the same sensation again only this time she heard the words "I am Damian, I am your Son"
    We went back to the Doctor and as a matter of precaution had blood tests done.
    We were pregnant. We both hated the name Damian (Oman and all that) but what could we do? Damian is now 5 and still gets his own way.
    This may sound like a typical "proud father" add on, but he displays abilities and talents far beyond his years, confirmed by his teachers and other parents who have witnessed his antics. We have concluded that he is here for a higher purpose and can't wait to see things unfold.
  30. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    The answer to your question is yes. Mikey says they can go to someone in attempt to relay a message. Mikey went to Sally Baldwin and was persistent to get me to that retreat. Sally told me this when she met me, and Mikey has confirmed this as well. Roberta has a story I believe about someone who came to her during a "reading" and they wanted her to tell her friend about it. I know there is a thread on this. Anyway, sometimes they will go to someone in a dream to get a message to someone else. So yes, it does happen.
    The phone concept apparently is something scientists are working on. Not sure on that one. Andrew and Roberta know more. Mikey does say there are souls working on this concept in Heaven. How cool would that be if it actually happened?! A little out there! But, quite frankly, I believe anything is possible these days!
    Love the story about your son! It will be interesting to see how things unfold! And I am glad you're a proud father! Those are the best kind!
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"

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