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For Carol And Mikey Please - Part 3 (Ask your questions here.)

Discussion in 'Ask Mikey! Carol and Mikey Morgan, Q&A' started by Kurt, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Hi Arsiie,
    Mikey tells me when we first pass over, we do have the desire to eat but it is not necessary. However, if you want chocolate cake, you can have it! Once we adjust to the afterlife realms again, that desire fades away according to Mikey.
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
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  2. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Hi Baob,
    Mac answered this very well! The medium should need NO information from you. Went I (Carol) went to mediums, I gave no info. Their information needs to come from spirit.
    Mikey tells me it is NOT common to reincarnate like that so quickly. He very much questions this.
    You will see your father again when you pass over and he can assist you with your transition according to Mikey. :) No worries there from Mikey's viewpoint!
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
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  3. Arsiie

    Arsiie New Member

    Thank you both!
    I have like many others allergic/sensetive stomach. This cause me alot of problems because i want really eat everything. How does it work if someone havent eat something because of allergic? How do we know if the taste is the same?
  4. baob

    baob New Member

  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I wasn't meaning that you should leave ALF, only that you could try a different website, an additional website, to see if you could help elsewhere too. ALF could remain your homebase the way it always has been. I'm a regular contributor to a number of other websites but they don't take me away from here.

    There's an abundance of information here on ALF and as we have a fair few registered members who don't get involved on the forum pages it might be that they come looking for - and finding - information that helps them in their search for understanding - I do hope so. The pages are open for visitors to browse at their leisure so there could be any number doing that too.

    Maybe there's so much information here that there's no reason for most visitors to engage with you and Mikey or indeed with other members.
  6. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Hi Arsiie,
    Mikey tells me this is just not a concern usually in the afterlife. The taste is generally known from the experience here. The desire to eat fades away as we adjust back into our true home. But if you tasted something from a previous life experience here, that will be with you according to Mikey!
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
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  7. Arsiie

    Arsiie New Member

    Thank you both for your answers! I dont think about the desire like that. More of a big smile because of the delicious cakes:)! I hope Mickey eat some cake:).
  8. Arsiie

    Arsiie New Member

    I was actually thinking about Youtube channel! I would be nice if Carol and Mickey could start a youtube channel.i know another medium who have free livestream and answers some questions from people around the world. I just an idea if course.
  9. Arsiie

    Arsiie New Member

    Mickey and Carol, i am one of them who loves too play mobile games/PlayStation and computer games. Does things like this exists in afterlife, if not do afterlife have something similar? :)
  10. this question has been answered by Mikey in previous page
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