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For Carol And Mikey Please - Part 3 (Ask your questions here.)

Discussion in 'Ask Mikey! Carol and Mikey Morgan, Q&A' started by Kurt, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Carol I've reformatted Coogie's block of questions to make answering easier.

    re: It builds on our spiritual vibration.

    I think I am understanding that our spirit has a vibration, and a frequency, and energy.
    10. Can Mikey provide some more details on the spiritual relationship between these 3 things, vibration, frequency, and energy? Is there a difference in how they feel to us when we are in the earthly realm vs. when we are in the afterlife?

    re: vibration, frequency, energy, question #2

    11. which did Mikey experience stronger when he was on earth?
    12. Which is more of a strong feeling where he is now?
    13. Are there different situations where he felt one or the other more while he was on earth and if so please provide some examples.

    re: question #2

    14. can Mikey please describe when he was on earth, now that he is in the afterlife and knows what love truly is, when he did an earthly act what was the feeling he had at the time that he knows now was a sign it was from true love?
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    thanks :)
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    hello Carol :)

    As you'll have seen above I've split Coogie's long posting into blocks as closely as possible to match what you asked. I hope that's made the large group of questions more handleable.

    If there are still too many questions (as in the last block) press the 'Quote' button to reply as usual but deal with as few questions you and Mikey decide. Then repeat the 'Quote' procedure as many times as you wish to progressively answer questions remaining.

    I hope that works for you.

    mac :)
  4. Hi Carol and Mikey,
    Thank you for the reply! This does make sense for sure.
  5. Hi Carol and Mikey,

    So, I have another question. In terms of the reference to the "Source" at the 7th level, is this regarded as God or would it considered something different? I have heard and read quite a bit in regard to "The Source", but is this equated to God or is God all, and the "Source" a part of God? Hope this makes some sense. Thank you.
  6. genewardsmith

    genewardsmith Active Member

    Mikey: From your perspective could the Source be considered the self-existent ultimate creator--meaning all creation stems from It? Would you call this God?
  7. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Hi Coogie,
    Sorry it has taken so long for me to get back on site. I've had a busy week so far. :)
    Question 1: Mikey tells me we as we do good things along the way here, we are gradually increasing our spiritual vibration. It is acknowledged when we return, but it is "added" (for lack of a better word ) as we continue on our journey here.

    Question 2: (Using the word earthbound is not correct in this context). We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. :)
    So in our "human shell or body", Mikey tells me when we feel good, when we are excited and happy inside , this is a higher feeling of vibration from his viewpoint. -Versus when we feel sad, down, upset or angry. These feelings can actually make us feel low emotionally, and sick or nervous in our stomach. This is a lower vibration feeling from Mikey's viewpoint.

    Question 3: Mikey tells me it is the vibration or frequency of the energy. The energy of us is already present. A negative act can pull our energy down, but positive acts raises the vibration of us up. We are all energy. Our soul is spiritual energy.
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
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  8. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Question 4: Mikey tells me yes, when we do good things here and for others, we all benefit . When we are kind to another individual, that also helps that person as it can raise their vibration as they feel better and more positive from our interaction. Our example can help guide them to be kind as well. The trickle effect! :)

    Question 5: Mikey tells me we come here for a life journey to challenge ourselves in different experiences to progress ourselves spiritually. We are here making free-will choices in an environment that has positive and negative influences. Being positive and loving in our ways and actions gives us the most spiritual growth. BUT, it is always our choice as to how we want to take on life here. Mikey preferred positive!

    Question 6: Mikey always encourages me to surround myself with positive loving people. Negativity brews negativity. Being positive brings positive. Love is then the basis!
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
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  9. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Question 7: Mikey tells me how we act goes with us, whether positive or negative. Our vibration continues and changes as we go along on our life journeys. Mikey also tells me we need to understand that we are human and no one is perfect in human form. Don't be too tough on yourself. Again, it is the intent of our actions that is significant. Basically just being nice goes a long way!

    Question 8: Mikey tells me no.

    Question 9: Mikey tells me be kind, have boundaries with them, and don't let them pull you down. Often they drift out of the picture if their negative ways don't get a response that they need from you.
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
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  10. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Hi Russell,
    Mikey tells me God=The Source= The Unity of Absolute Pure Love which is Infinite=The Collective. Whatever word you want to use, from Mikey's perspective, it is the same thing! :) We are all part of God .
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
    Hi all,
    *I know there are more questions but I need to come back later! Thanks much!
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