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For Carol And Mikey Please - Part 2

Discussion in 'Carol and Mikey Morgan - Q&A' started by mac, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    If only things could be that simple......
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  2. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Hi Nirvana,
    Mikey tells me he could never say that as there are too many variables. I am sorry! But, we need to keep on keeping on, which is my (Carol's) motto these days. Mikey does say many good efforts are coming, but it won't be a major global event to "rock the world" at this point, anyway. We need to remember that this is our school, and as tough as it can be, learning and spiritual growth is happening according to Mikey. Balance is happening.
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
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  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Hi Carol

    This is for you as much as it's for Mikey.

    I'm so glad to see you back on ALF doing again some of the 'stuff' you used to do during those special, early years as your gift was emerging. But doing that only here on ALF would mean a very limited 'audience' although you have said you hope to be doing more things 'out in the open'. You also mentioned another book - can you say what that might be about?
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    We've recently 'spoken' about the following subject, Mikey. I've set the scene below and I'd appreciate your thoughts on what I've written.

    Recently I was 'chatting' in a thread with a friend who owns that website. We were discussing how some folk experience strange things happening on their smart phones. She later hunted out some of her postings from several years ago, strange phone messages after the death of a close friend. My closing response was: ".....there won't have ever have been such wonderful opportunities for our loved ones in spirit to reach out to us. [​IMG]

    With so many individuals seemingly wedded to their smart phones there must be unlimited opportunities for discarnates to manipulate them to show their presence. Always provided the recipient understands and ideally has someone to share with them as reassurance it's not imagination, interference or a faulty handset.

    We've discussed the seemingly-remote likelihood of a working 'Soulphone' being developed in any foreseeable future but in the meantime is there any new thrust to help loved ones 'in spirit' to affect the smart phones that so many folk carry at all times?
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  5. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Hi Mac,
    The first book needs to get out there a bit first. Doing a second book will be much work again so I need to be able to take that kind of time before anything can happen there. Relaying messages definitely takes time on my part as I absolutely need to confirm everything I hear and do with the pendulum.
    Regarding the subject matter, more detail to life lessons and afterlife specifics. First book just touches on several things, second book will be more clarification on subjects is what is thought at this point anyway. Time will tell , and I need time! Questions and answers may be good too!
    Carol (and Mikey "in Spirit" too!)

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