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For Carol And Mikey Please - Part 2 (Ask your questions here.)

Discussion in 'Carol and Mikey Morgan - Q&A' started by mac, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    thank you :)
  2. baob

    baob New Member

    Thanks, Carol & Mikey!!
  3. pirimir

    pirimir New Member

    Thanks for the answers. Questions:
    1) If I die and fall on level 3, can I travel to any galaxy or are there any restrictions?
    2) Did Atlantis and Hyperborea exist? And if they existed, why did Heaven allow them to die?
    3) There is an opinion that human history is artificially lengthened for a thousand years between antiquity and the Renaissance as a result of the error of chronologists. Is this true?
  4. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    These are interesting questions!
  5. baob

    baob New Member

    Hi Carol & Mikey,

    Part of the questions I am asking are based on one of the forum members "Reflective" comments on the "Confused" posts. The following is the "Reflective" comment:
    1. When I spoke with the medium, did the medium talk to my husband's high self or only his consciousness that hadn't fully transcended to his spirit at "home"? A while ago when I was reading "The Road to Immortality", I was wondering what level of state my husband was at, and I had a dream that night. He told me there are 14 levels in the spiritual world and he is at level 3. I Googled it and only found one person who said that 14 levels. This person said that it means that half of the 14 levels are positive and the others are negative. I know Mikey said there is no clear division of levels and all is vibration.

    2. Once my husband was gone, I set up a few things in hopes that he could move around the objects to prove his presence. But he never did, even though he showed he was aware of the objects during communication with the medium. He gave some signs through manipulating the electronics, although I still doubt that those things happened because of him. Does it take more energy for spirits to move objects than to manipulate electronics?

    3. When I talk to my husband through the medium, is there any way I can know whether he has reincarnated or not? I know Mikey said that usually our loved ones would wait for us but the exception is if the spirit had planned their life very poorly. Pretty much every time I've talked to the medium I've asked this question. Most of the time, it was the medium, not my husband, who said he would wait for me.

    4. I was wondering why people in the spiritual world couldn't communicate with living people to write a book that informs us of the existence of an afterlife and what afterlife looks like. Is it because we would lose our motivation and free will?

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  6. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Hi Pirimir,
    Question 1: It all has to do with energy. Mikey tells me you can travel anywhere that is of compatible frequency or below in regards to those dimensions . Higher vibrational dimensions we cannot if our energy / vibrational state is not compatible.
    Question 2: Mikey tells me they did not exist in this earthly dimension. (That does not mean it did not exist in a different dimension. Mikey is talking about just THIS dimension.)
    Question 3: Mikey tells me no.
    This is what I am told by Mikey on this. Again I have no idea!!
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
  7. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Hi Baob,
    I am hopefully understanding all of this as I read.
    Question 1: Mikey talks about 7 planes that have many vibrational dimensions within them. So not sure exactly what is meant by the 14 levels. Mikey again tells me it is not "layered or linear". It is all about the vibration of that particular dimension. Again this is only what Mikey is telling me. When we communicate with a medium , we are connecting (through them) to our loved one's consciousness according to Mikey.
    Question 2 : They can move things, trust me on that! Mikey tells me when we "test" to believe, it does not go in our favor. Putting objects out for them to move because we want them to "show us" is way different then them moving something when we least expect it. Mikey says there is a big difference here with intent. Allow your loved one to have the joy of surprising you! The one thing I have learned (Carol) is that great things happen when you are not expecting it. Pay attention. AND never doubt! Let them know you saw it!
    Question 3: Chances are he will wait for you! Mikey tells me it is not common to come back immediately .
    Question 4: There are actually some books out there about this.......
    Hope this helps some Baob!
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
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  8. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Oh dear Carol and Mikey, you are such a blessing to us! Once again, our beloved Mikey has answered every question perfectly and precisely, according to nearly 200 years of afterlife evidence. And I was curious to see what he would say about Atlantis - I learned something there! Thank you, dear wonderful friends, for being such a beautiful light for us all!
  9. baob

    baob New Member

    Great! Thanks, Carol & Mikey!
  10. GoldenCat

    GoldenCat New Member

    Hello Carol,
    My question is, in the book, Mikey talks of people who were entertainers on earth, (for example, Elvis), still entertaining in heaven, does that mean anyone who enjoyed their music on earth can see them perform? Like go to their concerts?
    or are they unable to, - because they don't have the connection in consciousness, as you mentioned.

    I would like to know if this also means people can't make friends with strangers in heaven?
    And if Mikey only teaches people in heaven he has a connection with, or if new people can come to him?

    and lastly, If you know of a person who is dead, but they didn't know you, if you pray to them, can they still hear you?

    Thank you very much
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