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For Carol And Mikey Please - Part 1

Discussion in 'Carol and Mikey Morgan - Q&A' started by mac, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. I was obsessed with A Course in Miracles for 2-3 years, reading everything I could about it. Here are some facts that I can cite from books I've read that included biographies: Of the two Course scribes, Helen heard the voice in her head and took down the dictation, Bill went over the dictation with her and typed it and literally held her hand through the entire process. One of the earliest people to have read the Course and got involved with it was Ken Wapnick. All 3 were Jewish (non-Christian) Psychologists. (I should add that Helen was raised and very heavily influenced by a Christian nanny, Bill's parents, though Jewish, were devout Christian Scientists until one of their children died, and Bill was chronically sick as a child at which point they dropped Christian Science, and Ken actually became a Catholic monk for a while, though he says that while he was converting to Catholicism he never thought much about Jesus.) Helen never really expressed whether she thought it came from Jesus or not. Bill explicitly denied it, saying that it came from a Christ Consciousness. Ken Wapnick explicitly claimed that it was dictated or channeled by Jesus. There are a couple of places early in the Text where the channel refers to himself stating things such as 'That's why I said...', then paraphrases something from the Gospels. In one of those cases the channel quotes not Jesus but Shakespeare! (Helen was a Shakespeare fan.) When Ken Wapnick was questioned about this he replied, "Jesus sure has a good sense of humor doesn't He."

    Personally I tend to side with Bill's view. ACIM, especially the Workbook, is a great way to get into doing spiritual exercises and meditation on a daily basis. Just remember that it's a "course", and don't get trapped in the rut of being a lifetime student of a "course" like many do. That's like taking the same college course over and over for the rest of your life. Take the course, refer to it and revisit it, but move on. (My opinion anyway.)
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    On the whole I find Mikey's thoughts in line with what's been taught by spiritually-evolved teachers who have influenced my understanding. BUT there are issues where what he says does not hold good for me. I am far from persuaded over matters of so-called life plans, predestination, orchestration of events etc. which have been spoken about here in the past. As I mentioned in another thread yesterday, many situations are personal and specific and generalizing about them dilutes their accuracy and their applicability.

    There may be times when so-called exit points have been planned for some individuals but even if that's so for them it doesn't automatically follow that it's so for everyone - that's how a 'general principle' based on a specific case can be misleading. And all too often chance, or misadventure, may bring about a premature or untimely end yet some will claim it was part of a 'life plan'.

    The teaching behind such situations perhaps needs to be studied and more than one source of information may be needed before one gets too comfortable that one has enough understanding about what's being said. The devil is in the detail....
  3. Mac, I'm fascinated by your views of "God" and 'individuals 'over there'" since they so closely resemble mine. I consider myself an agnostic when it comes to the belief in a 'single supreme spiritual being'. Would you consider yourself an agnostic as well?

    As far as Jesus doing miracles, even the most diehard historians acknowledge that Jesus healed and exorcised demons (at that time illnesses were considered to be caused either by demonic possession or punishment by God for one's sins, which is why Jesus forgave sins as a way to heal people). Healing and exorcism is believed by historians to have been quite common in those days. As far as the nature miracles, walking on water, water into wine, etc., note that most of those miracles were done for the benefit of the disciples only. Even the loaves and fishes miracle, the crowd didn't know where the food came from. When Jesus was asked for a sign (a portent), He specifically denied their request. I'm agnostic on these nature miracles, though there is plenty of evidence that anomalies (miracles) happen from time to time, so because of my biases I'll give Jesus the benefit of the doubt, though I wouldn't be surprised if Jesus' disciples and early followers exaggerated a bit, maybe even confusing a vision with the everyday world. Finally, the resurrection: If Jesus did not appear to His followers after His death, there would be no Christianity. People appear to the living after they have died as ghostly apparitions all the time. The Gospels even say that "They thought it was a spirit as He vanished out of their sight (paraphrased)." But again, did the early followers exaggerate, confuse visionary experiences with reality? Regardless, Jesus' message ("The measure you give is the measure you'll get", "Judge not and you shall not be judged", etc. etc. etc.) is solid Wisdom to live (and die) by.

    Forgive my long-winded diatribe...
  4. Jim


    Mokandi, I would like to help you with your pain. The best/only way I know how to help is to relate what helps me. I have 4 points that I developed soon after I lost Connor, based on my readings:

    - Connor lives on. I believe this from the hundreds of NDE's I've read and Roberta's and others' works
    - Connor is doing great. Every description of Heaven I've read show that it's a far better place than here.
    - Connor wants me to be happy. What son wouldn't want there parent to be happy.
    - I will be with Connor again. Based on my belief that we are eternal.

    I spoke with Raymond Moody (a well known NDE researcher and critical thinker) about these points, and asked him if he agreed with these points. His response was, "It is my considered opinion that yes, [these points are true]." And I note that he said 'considered opinion,' because he is very careful with his words, and is careful not to mix fact with belief. But, this is good enough for me, as he has been in this field since the 1970's. By the way, he told me that about 3 years ago, he finally concluded that we do continue on after physical death - again, he's a very critical thinker and needs proof. I, on the other hand, am less concerned about proof and more concerned with what makes sense, what is reasonable to believe is true. For me, it is reasonable to believe my 4 points are true. Some times I can even be happy for Connor that he does not have to live out a life here. he's in a great place, I'm in hell, relatively speaking. These 4 points allow me to be functional, to laugh, and enjoy life. I still grieve, and can barely wait to be with Connor again.

    Two more suggestions. First, talk with your doctor about an antidepressant. Second, I find that being with people I like helps. And I hope this message helps you.

    Have a great day Mokandi. - Jim
  5. Well put Mac, I'm surprised at how much your views and mine are the same, though they not the mainstream view on this forum.
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