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First Regressions hypnosis session...

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by Bria, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Bria

    Bria New Member

    I can't for the life of me make out what it meant.

    in the beginning I saw this native American woman holding a baby. Actually it kind of looked like sacagawea. The baby was looking right at me but she was looking off in the distance. Then it hopped to me looking down and my feet and realizing I was in a guys body. And wearing what looked to be clothes made of rags or sheets. I looked around and it was like a dark cave and old looking vases made from mud or something. And then I'm in a log cabin and this woman, a teen girl and a probably 8 year old boy are seeking refuge here hiding from people and they keep looking out the window. Everytime they looked out the window my breathing got hard and rough. Then I after a few minutes was surrounded by black figures that I couldn't make out just standing around. And I heard birds in the distance and suddenly a little boy appeared in the middle of these train tracks with a tunnel behind him. And I got hot all over it was like the little boy was trying to talk but couldn't get word out. Then at the very end I seen three men's faces and then I was awake.
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  2. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    What were you promised before you undertook that first session and what do you expect in any future ones?
  3. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    Do you remember hearing the therapist's voice at any time? Is it possible that you were catching glimpses of more than one previous incarnation? And, if I may, what prompted you to seek life regression?
    Usually - and there are exceptions, of course - when you regress, the therapist guides you and then encourages you to stay with one past life, generally until that life ends. Several subjects have been successful in remembering that period between incarnations!
  4. Kurt

    Kurt Well-Known Member

    That is amazing and I am glad to hear that it was successful... I do not have any answers concerning the meaning and will not pretend to. I can however say congratulations on doing this, Welcome to the forums and that you may find the answers to what it is that you seek.

    Sincerely and with all the best,

  5. Bria

    Bria New Member

    Thank you so very much. Im still trying to dechiper it myself!

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