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Feeling rushed to enjoy the rest of my Earth life

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by seanmc, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. seanmc

    seanmc Member

    Hi I'm not sure if I'm the only one here who feels the anxiety and rush to achieve things in the rest of my Earth life.

    I keep having a fear of there being a nuclear war from in a few months to a couple years. I'll leave it at this since I don't want to go into politics right now.

    I feel rushed to get a job, get married, all my adult dreams within a few short months. My fear of doom is the reason for this.
  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Oh my, Seanmc - I'm sorry that you're so distressed! But I do understand it. I grew up in the 1950s, at the very height of the cold war. Children were being taught to hide under their desks in the event of a nuclear attack, and I recall as a little girl looking up at planes flying overhead and wondering whether I would be able to spot the bombs as they dropped. Really!

    I was so afraid that each day was going to be my last that I can recall one day asking my mother why she wasn't also terrified. She looked down at me from the pot she was stirring and she said simply, "We cannot live in fear." Simple. She taught me that fear is a choice! And I grew up, got married, had children, grew old. Had I been fearful all my life, I would have wasted what has been a lifetime of so much joy in useless, counterproductive, utterly pointless fear.

    As Thomas Jefferson said, "How much pain have caused us the evils that never happened!" Fear is indeed a choice. And you can also choose NOT to be fearful, which will make you so much happier!
  3. Ken

    Ken Member


    That's a tough, one. I am also afraid of death, I would be lying to myself if I said otherwise. o_O

    But Roberta and her mother says it like it is, "We cannot live in fear." It is packed with wisdom!

    This is the most recent thought process I've tried that helps me be at peace:
    I can only be sure of the present moment, this very moment is real and it exists. Yesterday is no more and tomorrow is unknown. So if I really look at what the source of my fear is, it becomes nothing but a thought. And I can observe that the more I dwell on it, the more anxious/stressed I become. So I simply choose not to think.

    This has helped me to overcome my unrealistic fears and to appreciate the present moment.


  4. Barbie

    Barbie New Member

    Seanmc, I can relate to what you are feeling right now. I also feel there is a potential for something serious to happen in the next few years. I also feel I need to get on with the things I want/need to do. However, none of us know when we will transition. We could meet our deadline in the next hour, day, week, year, etc in any number of ways that we can't foresee. After going to too many funerals over the past several years of women my age and younger, I decided to not put off what I have been wanting to do with my life and am now pursuing things that were just dreams a few years ago. I think everyone should live that way so we don't have regrets later when we are out of time or unable to do the things we always wanted to do/see. There are no guarantees in this life. I try to put my fears aside (and stop watching the news!) and just live my life as best I can, day by day, with a positive attitude. I hope some of this will help you get a better perspective on your life and give you the courage to do what makes you happy! (You can't be fearful and happy at the same time!)
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  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Wow, Barbie, welcome! A wonderful post, packed with wisdom. I haven't watched the news (or any TV, actually) for a decade, and I find that helps a lot - it's as if news programs are designed nowadays to make us artificially fearful. And deciding to begin the rest of your life right now and not wait is a wonderful idea! We know not the day or the hour, so let's all try to live without regrets.

    One thing I might add is that fear and love are literal opposites on the vibratory scale, so one way to get past fear is to take seriously our need to raise our own spiritual vibrations. And getting past the fear of death seems to be central to that! I found that once I no longer feared death I truly no longer feared anything. It was amazing.
  6. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    After a lot of therapy, I decided to no longer live in fear! I still get "scared" but have found ways to move past it. I choose HAPPINESS now - 'cos I like it better!
    Happy Holidays,
  7. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    I've suffered from depression off and on for as long as I can remember and I've longed for much of my life to "go back home." But the most recent experience I had of seeing a person who had died kind of cured me of both that and also of most of my fears and anxieties about life here. I'd drifted into agnosticism (mostly to please my husband--how stupid is that?!) so the sight of her hit me where I live and I've not been the same since. It sent me back to my roots as a very spiritual person and I can't tell you how much happier I am now, even facing the terrifying political situation here in the States. I've learned to focus my energy on working to make this a better place instead of being frightened of crime and mean people in general, but that came after many years of being miserable. I wish for a similar evolution of your outlook, sean.

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