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EVP accounts and discussions

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by ekenda, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    You are clearly very knowledgeable about after-death communication and especially EVP--I do not mean to imply that you are new to the field of survival itself, but I do wonder how much you know about spirit life itself in the Summerland and the other post-transitional afterlife levels? Life there is vastly different than life on the earthbound level. If you are familiar with the spiritualist literature of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, then you've likely read many accounts of both. A lot of the questions you ask, however, would be superfluous if you had the same understanding of life after death as do many of us here.

    Mac is correct in his post above. If you do have a spirit team working with you, which is entirely possible in my opinion, then of course you needn't worry about negative entities within that group. However, that does not mean that these benevolent spirits can protect you during your EVP pursuits. All sorts of mediums can and do attract negative entities--especially when they seek unknown spirits out of curiosity, rather than contacting loved ones or higher spirits for more spiritual pursuits--and even the best communicators can be duped by them. Giving those in Spirit a voice on earth is a noble pursuit, but not all spirits are worthy of that privilege.

    On that note, I think it is also somewhat misleading to say that these recordings are communications from "Spirit," because the term connotes the wise, loving beings that we find in the Summerland and above, and some might mistake these responses for advice from more benevolent or knowing entities. (In any case, we should remember that all spirits who are communicate--no matter the medium--are just regular people; they are just as fallible as we are, and in no way do they qualify was omniscient. Whatever they say to us should be regarded as a matter of opinion until independently verified--I say this not so much for your benefit, Kenda, but rather because we have a substantial "lurkership" on this website.)

    No, I can't say this idea ever did occur to me. I'm all for thinking outside the box, but why look for such an odd explanation when we have every reason to believe that those communicating from the Stations are simply who they appear to be--our loved ones in the Summerland? The simplest explanation is very often true, especially when there is so much evidence to support it. I have spoken with several people whom I knew on earth, and I have asked them countless verification questions that no one would have known outside of my immediate family, and they have consistently passed my tests with flying colors. (I've also done the same with some spirits I didn't know, and their own loved ones have confirmed the answers I received, so I am more than convinced.)
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Thanks, Kenda, for the clarification. :) I feel a lot better knowing that you are not necessarily convinced by the messages you receive, and that you maintain an analytical mindset during your investigations. I publish my own communications for the same reason as you do--more to demonstrate the capabilities of ITC with Stations rather than to provide definitive answers.

    Well, I've offered my two cents on the potential dangers in this field of work--but how you work is entirely your prerogative, and I fully respect that. I agree with Mac that your approach to EVP is quite fascinating, and I hope that you'll continue to share your findings with us here on Afterlife Forums! :)
  3. Deb A.Z.

    Deb A.Z. New Member

    Andrew, what are your thoughts on a grounding prayer before each ITC session? It is something I do during any work with the other side, especially since Susanne Wilson found lower level entities who were impeding progress with the north american station a while back. If I remember correctly she was told of their involvement, and actually saw them. She then proceeded to inform Roberta, along with Craig. They, and others, started sending loving thoughts to them to inhibit their involvement.
    Please correcting me if I am wrong on this.

    Do you think sending these loving thoughts, and implementing a grounding prayer might hasten our communication?
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Deb! I would say that the prayer might be helpful for some people, but it's probably unnecessary. Sometimes I say a quick prayer--usually a gratitude prayer--other times I haven't though, and it doesn't seem to alter my response quality. What you say about the low-level entities is correct, but we are told that this problem has been taken care of by those working with the Station on the other side.

    How has your recording gone, by the way? Are you getting responses yet? :)
  5. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    "Home Circle Member" comes through on recording, wonderful to hear from her.

    25 yrs ago I sat with a small but dedicated 'home circle' for a couple of years. For those who are unfamiliar, a home circle sits in meditation (usually once a week); it's a good, gradual way to begin developing connection with the Spirit side of life. This particular circle consisted of 2 Spirit mediums, a Reiki healer and me (at the time I was functioning as a "battery," or power supplement, for the group). It was a wonderful experience, learned so much! The group took a hiatus and soon thereafter one of the members became ill. Sadly, "Nancy," a gifted Reiki healer, crossed over a few years later.

    I've been spending time with my parents lately and have noticed, in her sleep, my mother carries on very pointed conversations with unseen companions --the latest of these (night before last) was accompanied by a loud cracking sound that I know to be associated with Spirit's comings and goings. I suspected I'd hear something related to that smidgen of conversation. Nancy and my mother were great friends.

    This morning I'm pleasantly surprised to hear Nancy say her name on recording --so good to hear from her!! :)

    She says, "This is me, Nancy"

  6. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Kenda! Believe it or not, I can make this one out! To me, it sounds more like she is saying, "It's Nancy. Nancy." But I'm thrilled to be able to hear at least part of it! Thanks for sharing! :)
  7. Nirvana

    Nirvana Active Member

    I guess that has something to do with the dimensional shifting
  8. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    Must be! --Also accustomed hearing Spirit enter rooms through windows; on recording, sounds similar to striking fine crystal with a fingernail; In real-time, sounds as though the glass is cracking.
  9. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    Be really shocked if you couldn't Andrew! :) What I really love is, even though it's such a brief message, it actually sounds like her voice --that's a wonderful gift!
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2016
  10. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Member

    just for informartion Sonia Rinaldi said she receives comunications from the future, they said things like : we are speaking to the past . The name of the place where they are transmiting is called alpha.

    she also receive trans-images from aliens...they told her trough Evp that they are using a device to Change the lights particles in the video in real time to draw or paint images....the kind of images she gets are amazing.
  11. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hmm...that is interesting, Truth Seeker. I'm certain that we have been communicating with those in the Summerland, but Sonia is working at a much more advanced level, so it makes sense that she would branch out and try to reach other entities. She has also mentioned contacting animals through ITC--though I'm not certain whether the animals we alive or dead, and as I mentioned in another thread, those living people who are unable to communicate. The possibilities seem to be endless, and I'm sure that her work will change the world in more ways than one!
  12. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    Very interesting Truth Seeker! Love it.

    If you upload your sound files to a Spectrograph program, Spirit might show themselves via the sound wave signatures. On the Idigitalmedium site I believe there are 2 streams running (URLs below), not sure what sort of frequency cocktail they're streaming at the moment, but it's worth a look



    Had tremendous luck with the ITC Bridge Stream in 2012, so many Spirits forming (was screen capturing at the time), couldn't catch all the faces! (screen would wipe every 6 secs.) Great fun.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2016
  13. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    The 'light particles' they're changing are more than likely photons, have quite a few stills of this very thing happening; Just ask Spirit to appear on camera, many times they acquiesce.

    This still was captured on video shot in a 100 yr old carriage house; I asked that Spirit please come down from the stablehands' apartment... the doorway you see is the bottom of the apartment stairway; I was the only one in the residence at the time. (shocked me when I came across this gentleman (and friends) on the footage

    carriage house spirits_apt hallway.jpg
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2016
  14. Lance

    Lance New Member

    Hi all,
    I have been experiementing with using a background sound of (No-sense or gibberish) while trying to contact EVP researchers that are now in Spirit..... I was trying to Contact Sarah Estep founder of the AAEVP, Debbe Caruso from the (AAEVP big circle) and Joe Cioppi inventor of the Joe's Box communicatiopn device.

    I used their own voices, for each of the communication session, Which lasted 6 mins each.

    For the background audio, I played the voice through EVPMaker software, this then chop's the language signal into quarter of a syllabel, and randomizes it into a NO-Sense gibbersish file which Can not be understood.

    Anyway, please if you have time watch this small presentation video I put together to document my finding from each session.
    Take care, Lance
    (Headphones earbuds adviced)
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2017
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  15. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    Thank you for sharing this! I always have a hard time hearing what they are saying through EVP but some of these were quite clear for me this time. Your presentation was also lovely.

    In your experience, how does using recordings of their actual voice improve EVPs?

    How easy is it for you to identify their responses? Does your software have a visual marker that identifies possible replies? Like a spike or increase in a particular place. Hope that makes sense. It appears as though it can be quite challenging to hear clearly so I’m curious how you can identify what has been said.

    Thank you for your time!
  16. Lance

    Lance New Member

    Hi Unexpected, thank you for your feedback and kind words.

    Well for me, I find it's more familiar for the person in Spirit who I am recording for, gives it a personal touch for them to hear their Physical voice.

    I use Adobe audition for listening and recording my sessions, but you can use a free software like Wave pad (Free version) or Audacity, they all produce the same results, with this type of software, You can easily isolate a response if one occurs, very easy, rather than listening through a program like windows media player, where there is no visual feel to it ....

    But saying that, I tend to look away from the screen, when listening back to the session, because I find I can just concentrate on (If) any responses occur.
    I always give 15 to 20 seconds after I ask my question, so I am just listening for a response for that 20 seconds, If I don't hear nothing on first time round, there's no response there, but if something is said that catches my attention, I will isolate that response with the question just asked, for further review, but I never try to make something out of nothing.

    Does this help in any way?
    Take care, Lance.
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  17. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    Yes it does. Thank you for taking the time to share all of this.
  18. Storybud68

    Storybud68 Member

    Sounds incredible .but its hard to know if its actually real or fake.if its not a fake its fantastic.apoligies just being logical
  19. Lance

    Lance New Member

    Hi Unexpected and Storybud68.

    Unexpected wrote;
    No problem, glad I could help :)

    Storybud68 wrote;
    Thanks for the feedback and I can understand your concerns, as there so much fake stuff on Youtube these days, people just after the views and trying to get their own ghost hunting shows....
    But I can reassure you, this is real research, I am not a ghost hunting or fame seeker, I am a ITC researcher since Jan 2006 and take this research very serious, but I truly understand your reasoning for asking, it's good to question things!
    Take care, Lance.
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  20. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    It's a subject that should be researched. There are threads here on ALF that have had conversations about ITC and EVP so they're a useful starting point. Listening to others' accounts is fine but to assess their worth needs a background of understanding about a bunch of stuff. It's likely/possible/probable that not all accounts of transdimensional communication (TDC) will be inaccurate - 'fake' if you wish but not necessarily faked. What's indisputable is that a good deal of effort has to be put into trying to achieve TDC and outcomes will vary, success can't be guaranteed.

    But TDC in any other way can't be guaranteed either! :D

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