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EVP accounts and discussions

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by ekenda, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    Hello Everyone! Exciting to be among those asking familiar questions... Having been communicating with Spirit for 20 yrs and recording for 8, it's always a breath of fresh air to be among like-minded people. I remain ever-open to receiving the next 'piece of the puzzle' --never knowing exactly who or what will provide it (definitely keeps life interesting!) Looking forward to reading all the insightful posts here- :) x Kenda

    If you're curious as to the kind of thing I do, you're welcome to check out a couple of videos of my session material. While I do record the on-living, occasionally living OBEs appear on recording as well.

    I generally don't use audio assisted material (radios, apps or speech/phoneme files) --What I do I classify as "Pure EVP;" I ask a question and remain silent for a period to allow Spirit to answer. So what you're hearing on recording in the videos is a voice out of "thin-air."

    Here are the URLs:

    LOUD, SUPER CLEAR SPIRIT MESSAGES (the introduction is a bit of fun, the EVPs-- absolutely real)

    WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE? (Spirit tells it like it is, really interesting -and unexpected!)

    (this one is about Spirit's concern for ALL life-forms, there IS a spider involved...)

    HAPPY LISTENING! :) x Kenda
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    My compromised hearing may be the cause of my being unable to differentiate words from background sounds in the EVP, or perhaps I just need to spend much more time listening. I wonder, though, if it's because I'm not clairaudient?

    Have you considered that the 'priming' of one's hearing "....to accept the sound of Spirit Communication" (as indicated on-screen before the audio clips) may be greatly enhanced if one has the attribute - even if latent - of clairaudience?

    I wonder, too, how one authenticates the identity of a communicator. In traditional, evidential mediumship ('spiritual mediumship') an experienced medium will work hard to make sure that a communicator is the correct one for the eager would-be recipient.

    Can EVP be used similarly because it seems such a slow endeavor that fluid interchanges may be hard to achieve.
  3. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    Hi Mac,
    It does take a bit of priming the hearing, probably more than one encounter with Pure EVP; it's a case of listening "inside" the sound, if you will. Having done this for a considerable amount of time, one thing becomes more and more apparent, there is nothing concrete about the Spirit side of life... things we think we "know" are never written in stone. Yes, it's difficult to determine exactly who the communicators are as we're interacting with invisible hosts; that being as it may, I enjoy taping because the results are tangible.

    Below you'll find a recording done in an "inhabited" residence on the Nat'l registry list of historic sites... After the first clip you'll hear a male energy speak in an incredibly clear fashion. I believe he spoke a total of 3 times, very concise sentences; This gentleman's 'voice' is as close to human speech as any energy being is ever likely to sound (he shocked me and believe me I don't shock easily) :) :


  4. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Kenda! Thanks for introducing yourself, and welcome to Afterlife Forums! I love that you have created videos for your EVP sessions--I do the same with mine. It makes it a lot easier to share the recordings with others. :)

    After listening to your videos--I checked out a few others on your channel too--I have to admit that I can't hear anything at all in them. That doesn't mean anything, of course. I'm not terribly good at hearing the responses in "pure" EVP since that's not the type of communication I work with myself. I assume that you are contacting spirits on the earthbound plane, right? (Or, at least, transitioned spirits who have returned to that realm to speak with you?) I work with ITC with Stations, which actually allows us to contact those in the Summerland more directly, without the interference of earthbound entities, who as you will no doubt know, can't always be trusted.

    Of course, the drawback to my method is that we never have out-of-body experiencers pop in during sessions--that must be fascinating!
  5. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    Andrew, you couldn't hear the male speaker in THE HISTORIC CLIFFORD HOUSE video?


    Honestly, that's pretty astonishing. I'll have to check out your clips of Higher Entities.

    Thanks for the welcome, glad to be here :) x

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