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EVP accounts and discussions

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by ekenda, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    Hello Everyone! Exciting to be among those asking familiar questions... Having been communicating with Spirit for 20 yrs and recording for 8, it's always a breath of fresh air to be among like-minded people. I remain ever-open to receiving the next 'piece of the puzzle' --never knowing exactly who or what will provide it (definitely keeps life interesting!) Looking forward to reading all the insightful posts here- :) x Kenda

    If you're curious as to the kind of thing I do, you're welcome to check out a couple of videos of my session material. While I do record the on-living, occasionally living OBEs appear on recording as well.

    I generally don't use audio assisted material (radios, apps or speech/phoneme files) --What I do I classify as "Pure EVP;" I ask a question and remain silent for a period to allow Spirit to answer. So what you're hearing on recording in the videos is a voice out of "thin-air."

    Here are the URLs:

    LOUD, SUPER CLEAR SPIRIT MESSAGES (the introduction is a bit of fun, the EVPs-- absolutely real)

    WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE? (Spirit tells it like it is, really interesting -and unexpected!)

    (this one is about Spirit's concern for ALL life-forms, there IS a spider involved...)

    HAPPY LISTENING! :) x Kenda
  2. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    My compromised hearing may be the cause of my being unable to differentiate words from background sounds in the EVP, or perhaps I just need to spend much more time listening. I wonder, though, if it's because I'm not clairaudient?

    Have you considered that the 'priming' of one's hearing "....to accept the sound of Spirit Communication" (as indicated on-screen before the audio clips) may be greatly enhanced if one has the attribute - even if latent - of clairaudience?

    I wonder, too, how one authenticates the identity of a communicator. In traditional, evidential mediumship ('spiritual mediumship') an experienced medium will work hard to make sure that a communicator is the correct one for the eager would-be recipient.

    Can EVP be used similarly because it seems such a slow endeavor that fluid interchanges may be hard to achieve.
  3. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    Hi Mac,
    It does take a bit of priming the hearing, probably more than one encounter with Pure EVP; it's a case of listening "inside" the sound, if you will. Having done this for a considerable amount of time, one thing becomes more and more apparent, there is nothing concrete about the Spirit side of life... things we think we "know" are never written in stone. Yes, it's difficult to determine exactly who the communicators are as we're interacting with invisible hosts; that being as it may, I enjoy taping because the results are tangible.

    Below you'll find a recording done in an "inhabited" residence on the Nat'l registry list of historic sites... After the first clip you'll hear a male energy speak in an incredibly clear fashion. I believe he spoke a total of 3 times, very concise sentences; This gentleman's 'voice' is as close to human speech as any energy being is ever likely to sound (he shocked me and believe me I don't shock easily) :) :


  4. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Kenda! Thanks for introducing yourself, and welcome to Afterlife Forums! I love that you have created videos for your EVP sessions--I do the same with mine. It makes it a lot easier to share the recordings with others. :)

    After listening to your videos--I checked out a few others on your channel too--I have to admit that I can't hear anything at all in them. That doesn't mean anything, of course. I'm not terribly good at hearing the responses in "pure" EVP since that's not the type of communication I work with myself. I assume that you are contacting spirits on the earthbound plane, right? (Or, at least, transitioned spirits who have returned to that realm to speak with you?) I work with ITC with Stations, which actually allows us to contact those in the Summerland more directly, without the interference of earthbound entities, who as you will no doubt know, can't always be trusted.

    Of course, the drawback to my method is that we never have out-of-body experiencers pop in during sessions--that must be fascinating!
  5. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    Andrew, you couldn't hear the male speaker in THE HISTORIC CLIFFORD HOUSE video?


    Honestly, that's pretty astonishing. I'll have to check out your clips of Higher Entities.

    Thanks for the welcome, glad to be here :) x
  6. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Even I could make out some of the words. I'm not disputing what appeared to have been said but what the importance of those words was I'm unsure.

    It looks like ghost-hunting but with a technical flavor which I realise you find interesting and I'm sure so must others. For anyone totally unfamiliar with the notion of survival I expect it might be a startling and 'spooky' introduction to the subject but (I'd guess) not for those a little familar with it. But maybe that applies just to me; it's not my scene.

    I apologize in advance because what I'm about to say may sound unkind but I don't follow what it tells an experienced seeker. The communication wasn't fluid, the communicator more of a curmudgeon even than I! What do we learn from such an individual?

    When - if - a 'soul phone' is developed, when ordinary gals and guys can speak in an ordinary way to their loved ones and friends 'over there', then I'll say all the effort that went into its development was worthwhile.

    Until then I reserve judgment.
  7. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Kenda! I watched the video you linked to again, just to make sure, and I can't hear anything. If I listen enough, the noise from the recordings starts to sound somewhat like the responses you list, but I don't think I'd be able to make it out at all without the subtitles. To me, it just sounds like the noise produced from a small motor or a white-noise machine. Like I said, I'm sure they're legitimate paranormal recordings--I just can't hear them myself.

    As for my recordings, they're clearer to me, but we also use randomized voice files, so it's like comparing apples and oranges.
  8. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I agree with Mac here. To be honest--and I too will apologize, Kenda, if this sounds rude; I don't mean it in that way at all--I have never understood the point of communicating with those on the earthbound realm. The vast majority of people on that plane of existence either know less about the death process than do we or are negative entities who enjoy toying with those few humans who can perceive them. Contacting earthbounds can actually be dangerous, and that is principally why I bring this up.

    Those of us who are working with the Afterlife Research & Education Institute are focusing exclusively on contacting transitioned beings. We aren't necessarily working with "higher beings," as you mentioned above; our method allows us to contact any old person on the Summerland levels or above. Yes, I am absolutely biased as one of the researchers, but in my opinion, this type of ITC work is more advantageous than traditional EVP, since it allows us to speak with friendly entities who know much more than we do.

    Since you clearly have a passion and a talent for EVP, I would suggest that you give our method a try to see if you like it--you may be very pleasantly surprised by the results you receive. At the moment we cannot record without adding noise, but our gibberish is carefully scanned for full words before we use it, and any that are found are removed. Let me know if your interested--there's no pressure, of course--and I'll send you a link to the instructions.
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  9. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    Andrew, I'd definitely agree with you on that- at a glance, your stance sounds decidedly arrogant (though I'm certain you don't mean it that way; Why would you? We're all in this together to achieve the best possible results).

    I have absolutely no problem recording either with minced sound files or RF sweep... the entities that come through here "commandeer" the "broadcast bits" and transmit them as fluid speech. I purposely abandoned recording with audio assist to allow Spirit to master a technique that is for all intents and purposes "Pure." *I'm wondering how long you've been recording? I know, as does anyone who works with physical Spirit phenomena, it takes time to develop, both medium and Spirit team. I've listened to your work; Don't really think it's significantly better than Pure EVP, apples and oranges really. Quite frankly I'm excited by the prospects of both techniques. :) x

    BTW, If we're really honest with ourselves it's impossible to know with 100% absolute certainty the 'level' of the entity speaking when we're communicating with invisible beings. It's the content of the information that is the primary factor; Is it uplifting? Is it helpful? Is it accurate? --so on and so forth.

    Last edited: Jul 3, 2016
  10. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    "I know, as does anyone who works with physical Spirit phenomena, it takes time to develop, both medium and Spirit team."

    There's a fundamental difference between EVP and ITC involving a so-called station, the latter as described elsewhere and the one with which Andrew is experimenting. The first appears to need the involvement of a medium, a go-between. The latter doesn't; communication is establed by means of a non-organic, inanimate translation device. (my words)
  11. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    By initiating the session and pushing the "record" button, anyone using an electronic device as a means of receiving Spirit communication is acting as a medium by definition, whether through direct communication or ITC Station. The only difference between "Pure EVP" and what Andrew is doing is he is introducing fragmented audio as a means for Spirit to "speak" --Pure EVP requires Spirit to use only available frequencies to convey thought patterns.

    "A non-organic, inanimate translation device"... are you talking about his computer? Which device is it that you are referring to? Any digital recording device is dispassionately collecting frequencies coming in from the surrounding atmosphere.

  12. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Kenda! Thanks for trying our method--I saw the thread, but haven't had a chance to listen to your results yet; I look forward to doing so later! It might be helpful for you to check out this thread if you haven't already; many of us have discussed the process that I am using in great detail there. :)

    Actually, Mac is right--there are great differences between our two communication methods even though the procedure is relatively the same. We are communicating with actual stations on the afterlife levels; these are essentially buildings filled with machines that help the dead communicate with us. Instead of coming to the earthbound realm and trying to impress their non-physical voices on our recordings manually, they have special computer-like machines in the the stations that do the process for them by converting their thoughts into audible sounds. This is what Mac is referring to when he says a "non-organic, inanimate translation device;" he means their computers, not mine.

    Because of this, we need not develop any sort of mediumistic skill for this to work, and there is no need to have a team of spirits helping us--the general team working at the station does all the work for us; we just do the recording! Our voices seem to be helpful during the recording process itself, but otherwise there is no organic component. The recording equipment is the medium; I'm not, and they can record to a certain extent completely independent of my presence during the session. The dead researchers, many of whom were well-known and respected on earth, who are pioneering this project want every single human being to be able to pick up the phone--with no practice or experience--and be able to call his or her deceased loved ones, and that is indeed how this process seems to work!
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  13. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Yes, of course, what I said was not meant to sound arrogant at all. I brought up the issues surrounding traditional EVP primarily because it can be dangerous to communicate with those in the earthbound realm--they are stuck on that plane of existence for a good reason, after all--and the fruits of such labor seem to be few and far between.

    I am new to the process, but as I mentioned above, the process has been designed by those in Spirit so that the earthly communicator has little to no effect on the communication clarity. You should also keep in mind that my English-language recordings are weaker, because the English-Language station is still in its infancy. If you happen to speak Portuguese, try listening to my Portuguese sessions; they are clearer. Sonia Rinaldi has been working with the Brazilian Station for years, so we are able to get excellent results from them.

    I'm sorry, but this is possible, actually. You can contact specific people, ask them questions to verify their identities, and then ask them what their respective levels are--assuming you have already gotten that information through other means. The responses you get will verify that they are, in fact, transitioned beings. That's just one method, but there are others. (And that is not to mention the fact that the Station has told us that it is impossible for earthbounds and other negative entities to interfere with the communication process.)

    I wholeheartedly agree with you that it is the content of the message that is most important; that is, however, the principal problem that I have with traditional EVP/ITC. The vast majority of what we hear--I have done quite a bit of EVP research, even though I don't record earthbounds myself--is either cryptic, chilling, or confusing. Occasionally, I have heard wonderful clips where a transitioned being has clearly returned to the earthbound to contact his or her loved ones, but that is relatively rare. Entities, such as the ones in "haunted" houses, generally have little spiritual advice to offer us; if they did, they would almost certainly be enjoying themselves in the Summerland right now.
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  14. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Speaking of the content of the messages, I have watched a few more of your videos on YouTube, and I must admit that although I still cannot hear the responses at all--each of the replies sounds exactly the same to me, believe it or not--I do have some very serious concerns about the sort of information you are receiving. What I say below might once again seem strongly worded, but I am speaking bluntly because the sort of entities you may well be contacting can be dangerous, and you deserve to know that. It's your right to communicate with whomever you wish, but you should know that dangers, and that not everyone out there is of an enlightened mindset.

    For example, a spirit told you in your "Afterlife Answers" video about claustrophobia when you asked about awaking to find oneself in a coffin. I can say with absolute certainty that such a reply is nonsense. We leave the body at the very moment of physical death--sometimes just before, actually--and we quite literally never look back. Many people are unconscious at the time of death, but they awaken to find themselves in Summerland-level hospitals surrounded by loved ones and advanced beings. In reading hundreds of communications from the dead, spanning nearly two centuries, I have never once seen a single account of the deceased following his or her body to the grave. Assuming that was a legitimate reply, someone is toying with you.

    (I am also concerned by the fact that you are asking for predictions about future events, such as the 2016 election, and for famous people to come through. I'm sorry, but you are making it far too easy for earthbounds to poke fun at you! Asking materially-minded questions will attract materially-minded entities as a general rule. This is especially the case since you are not using any verification questions with the entities that allegedly reply to these requests--there's really no way to prove that a particular famous person is the true communicator, unless you knew him or her personally.)

    I'm truly not trying to be critical of you or your work, so please don't read this post in that way! I'm writing out of concern. It sounds to me, however, as though you don't have a lot of background information about the afterlife, and this lack of information has made you more susceptible to negative entities (i.e. because you can't tell when they're lying). I would suggest you read The Fun of Dying, written by our very own Roberta Grimes--it's the perfect, easy-to-read introduction to death and the afterlife, and you could then use that information to "fact-check" the spirits with whom you communicate.

    I'm sorry if what I've written here sounds arrogant or condescending to you--hopefully I've made it clear that any such effect is unintended--but I feel strongly that the above post needed to be written. When I listen to a lot of your videos, I get an eerie gut feeling, even though I don't hear the responses themselves. I never get that sort of feeling when I do my ITC work, and I think it is subconscious realization that the entities you're recording are fairly negative in terms of spiritual vibration.
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  15. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    For your general information, Kenda, when I speak about 'mediums' I'm speaking from the perspective of a Modern Spiritualist, a UK Spiritualist at that. [In the USA (my winter home) Spiritualism isn't exactly similar to what's found in the UK and I often make that point.]

    A medium, then, to this Brit. Spiritualist means a human being with attributes that allow her/him to communicate with discarnates, for example, clairaudiently or clairvoyantly or both. It doesn't mean someone who pushes a button on an electronic equipment. I already understand the difference between EVP, pure EVP and 'ITC with stations' and have recently referred to the last on several occasions.

    A description of the device I referred to may be found in Andrew's excellent description elsewhere. It's not his computer but an unspecified device 'over there' that appears to be a receiver for the messages sent to it telepathically by discarnates. Its unspecified m.o. appears to be that it then translates those into a form which then modulates the random electronically-generated 'gibberish' stored on a recording device in this dimension. On that recording certain incarnates can discern words, responses to questions asked. In general I can't; I think I don't have the necessary attributes or maybe it's just insufficient patience to keep trying.
  16. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I'm not concerned who you communicate with, Kenda, or what questions you ask. That's your prerogative but the content of any messages might leave me questioning what importance or significance should be attributed to it - it's the same 'test' I'd apply to any trans-dimensional communication.

    Were I able to communicate with discarnates, however, I'd want to ask questions that hadn't been asked before or which had been answered in insufficient detail. I'm happy to concede that any incarnate's personal experiences of the etheric world may be of great interest (as with Mikey Morgan, formerly an active member on ALF) but not her/his take on its philosophical significance. Remember that communication isn't with 'spirit' but with an individual living in a different dimension.

    My purely personal perspective is that the discarnates most readily contactable are likely to be those still 'close' to this earth dimension. It should not be assumed that they will automatically be significantly more knowledgeable about philosophical issues simply because they are no longer living in this physical dimension.
  17. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    Alright guys, very good! I'm almost 60 and I've been around Spiritism, Spiritualism, Spirit contact in all it's different incarnations for the bulk of my life so I know "the drill" like the back of my hand; and thank you for your concern Andrew; I'm confident that there are no dangerous characters lurking among those in my spirit team.

    One thing I might interject Andrew, did it ever occur you might be talking to a consciousness(es) who has access to a "bricks and mortar station" in the physical at some distant point in the future? Love thinking outside the box.
  18. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    My intention, in posting my research, is not so much about making strides in any particular direction (primarily it's just a form of documentation). When I receive messages that I find of particular interest, like the "WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE?" information, I note it as such. There is much known about EVP pioneer Sarah Estep personally (and the same holds true for all those who do this sort of research), but there are very, very few examples of her work available to hear. As you can see by viewing my videos, I'm pretty thorough about setting up the situation and line of questioning. By and large these are just "reference notations;" the travails of an audio medium if you will.

    I find Spirit's overwhelming concern for the plight of animals very interesting (from the beginning of the course of my practice, they have been very direct relaying their belief that we have a bounty of choices at our disposal, we should not harm sentient animals for our nourishment). They also express deep and abiding concern that we do not respect each other and take no care in our dealings with other people (we blatantly set about to level the playing field and puff ourselves up in the process when interaction with other people really should ideally be about LOVE and RESPECT) All in all, I do what I do because it's interesting to me and I feel as though the other dimension is a "new frontier" whose population includes a goodly number of intelligent beings with expanded perspective. I'm simply reporting my findings.

    Last edited: Jul 4, 2016
  19. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Well I'm nearly 70 but have merely three decades of exposure to the subjects we discuss here on ALF. Spiritualism provided the foundation and other sources of information helped add to the little understanding I have. My particular interest is in communication modes of all kinds.

    I'm not a sensitive of any kind. Are you, Kendra, a psychic or a spiritual medium or a practitioner of some other sort? I asked Andrew elsewhere if clairaudience may be at work, even partially, when EVP and ITC experimenters hear the words they do on the recordings they make. Do you think that a telepathic link, even if sometimes a weak one, is established between yourself and those heard on your recordings? A link that helps you home in on words which others, perhaps like myself, can't readily make out?

    On your second point, Andrew will, of course, speak for himself but I believe his concern was not about your spirit team but about those who reply by means of your electronic equipment to the questions you ask them.
  20. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I totally respect your approach as something that has particular interest for you. I agree with your sentiments concerning animal welfare and discussions about eating animals is one that goes way back. There are differences of viewpoint between discarnates just as there are here on earth between humans. No divergence, however, will be found between spiritually-advanced, modern-day teachers' (or guides') ideas and those aired two millennia ago by the Nazarene.

    I now totally understand from which direction you approach your special interest - thank you. :)
  21. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    You are clearly very knowledgeable about after-death communication and especially EVP--I do not mean to imply that you are new to the field of survival itself, but I do wonder how much you know about spirit life itself in the Summerland and the other post-transitional afterlife levels? Life there is vastly different than life on the earthbound level. If you are familiar with the spiritualist literature of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, then you've likely read many accounts of both. A lot of the questions you ask, however, would be superfluous if you had the same understanding of life after death as do many of us here.

    Mac is correct in his post above. If you do have a spirit team working with you, which is entirely possible in my opinion, then of course you needn't worry about negative entities within that group. However, that does not mean that these benevolent spirits can protect you during your EVP pursuits. All sorts of mediums can and do attract negative entities--especially when they seek unknown spirits out of curiosity, rather than contacting loved ones or higher spirits for more spiritual pursuits--and even the best communicators can be duped by them. Giving those in Spirit a voice on earth is a noble pursuit, but not all spirits are worthy of that privilege.

    On that note, I think it is also somewhat misleading to say that these recordings are communications from "Spirit," because the term connotes the wise, loving beings that we find in the Summerland and above, and some might mistake these responses for advice from more benevolent or knowing entities. (In any case, we should remember that all spirits who are communicate--no matter the medium--are just regular people; they are just as fallible as we are, and in no way do they qualify was omniscient. Whatever they say to us should be regarded as a matter of opinion until independently verified--I say this not so much for your benefit, Kenda, but rather because we have a substantial "lurkership" on this website.)

    No, I can't say this idea ever did occur to me. I'm all for thinking outside the box, but why look for such an odd explanation when we have every reason to believe that those communicating from the Stations are simply who they appear to be--our loved ones in the Summerland? The simplest explanation is very often true, especially when there is so much evidence to support it. I have spoken with several people whom I knew on earth, and I have asked them countless verification questions that no one would have known outside of my immediate family, and they have consistently passed my tests with flying colors. (I've also done the same with some spirits I didn't know, and their own loved ones have confirmed the answers I received, so I am more than convinced.)
  22. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Thanks, Kenda, for the clarification. :) I feel a lot better knowing that you are not necessarily convinced by the messages you receive, and that you maintain an analytical mindset during your investigations. I publish my own communications for the same reason as you do--more to demonstrate the capabilities of ITC with Stations rather than to provide definitive answers.

    Well, I've offered my two cents on the potential dangers in this field of work--but how you work is entirely your prerogative, and I fully respect that. I agree with Mac that your approach to EVP is quite fascinating, and I hope that you'll continue to share your findings with us here on Afterlife Forums! :)
  23. Deb A.Z.

    Deb A.Z. New Member

    Andrew, what are your thoughts on a grounding prayer before each ITC session? It is something I do during any work with the other side, especially since Susanne Wilson found lower level entities who were impeding progress with the north american station a while back. If I remember correctly she was told of their involvement, and actually saw them. She then proceeded to inform Roberta, along with Craig. They, and others, started sending loving thoughts to them to inhibit their involvement.
    Please correcting me if I am wrong on this.

    Do you think sending these loving thoughts, and implementing a grounding prayer might hasten our communication?
  24. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Deb! I would say that the prayer might be helpful for some people, but it's probably unnecessary. Sometimes I say a quick prayer--usually a gratitude prayer--other times I haven't though, and it doesn't seem to alter my response quality. What you say about the low-level entities is correct, but we are told that this problem has been taken care of by those working with the Station on the other side.

    How has your recording gone, by the way? Are you getting responses yet? :)
  25. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    "Home Circle Member" comes through on recording, wonderful to hear from her.

    25 yrs ago I sat with a small but dedicated 'home circle' for a couple of years. For those who are unfamiliar, a home circle sits in meditation (usually once a week); it's a good, gradual way to begin developing connection with the Spirit side of life. This particular circle consisted of 2 Spirit mediums, a Reiki healer and me (at the time I was functioning as a "battery," or power supplement, for the group). It was a wonderful experience, learned so much! The group took a hiatus and soon thereafter one of the members became ill. Sadly, "Nancy," a gifted Reiki healer, crossed over a few years later.

    I've been spending time with my parents lately and have noticed, in her sleep, my mother carries on very pointed conversations with unseen companions --the latest of these (night before last) was accompanied by a loud cracking sound that I know to be associated with Spirit's comings and goings. I suspected I'd hear something related to that smidgen of conversation. Nancy and my mother were great friends.

    This morning I'm pleasantly surprised to hear Nancy say her name on recording --so good to hear from her!! :)

    She says, "This is me, Nancy"

  26. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Kenda! Believe it or not, I can make this one out! To me, it sounds more like she is saying, "It's Nancy. Nancy." But I'm thrilled to be able to hear at least part of it! Thanks for sharing! :)
  27. Nirvana

    Nirvana Member

    I guess that has something to do with the dimensional shifting
  28. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    Must be! --Also accustomed hearing Spirit enter rooms through windows; on recording, sounds similar to striking fine crystal with a fingernail; In real-time, sounds as though the glass is cracking.
  29. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    Be really shocked if you couldn't Andrew! :) What I really love is, even though it's such a brief message, it actually sounds like her voice --that's a wonderful gift!
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2016
  30. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Member

    just for informartion Sonia Rinaldi said she receives comunications from the future, they said things like : we are speaking to the past . The name of the place where they are transmiting is called alpha.

    she also receive trans-images from aliens...they told her trough Evp that they are using a device to Change the lights particles in the video in real time to draw or paint images....the kind of images she gets are amazing.

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