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Discussion in 'Carol and Mikey Q&A 'follow-on-discussions'' started by mac, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Sorry about that, Carol. If I ask a number of questions in future I'll ask one at a time but the alternative (for anyone else) is to do what I've done here. That way you can give an answer to any specific question or section of text before doing the same again for the next one.

    lol! :D No I'm not interested if the ETs are fans of one brand over another (like Mac versus PC computer operating systems, or iPhone versus Android phones) but my question also links to development of the so-called soul phone. If these entities are catalyzing electronic developments there's no telling what overall impact that's going to have on life in this physical world and there's no telling how and why they became involved. These are the kinds of issues on which I look for insight rather than for personal spiritual help.

    And that's as I understood things yet so many individuals claim to have had such an experience. That must mean it's fanciful or wishful-thinking and folk need to be wary of whom they listen to.

    When it's experienced in such a way it's not hard to understand why individuals feel certain they've been abducted - they have no alternate explanation. This next comment is not a question for Mikey rather just an observation for anyone interested in the subject: one must wonder about the desirability of such visits to our dimension. Perhaps it's not something our spirit-side helpers approve of but are unable to control?

    I know you're not keen on the topic, Carol, so I'll leave the subject now. I don't have long to wait until I get to research these matters first-hand anyway! ;):D
  2. jobun

    jobun New Member

    thank you so much mac. I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am to have found this site and the wonderful people here who are so helpful to everyone that has questions. I gather this is why I found this spot, because I had asked so many times for guidance and have been so hurt and lost because of all of the loved ones lost within the last 5 - 6 years. I will share more as I get familiar with everyone but for now I am just thankful to be here.
  3. jobun

    jobun New Member

    oh, and I do receive messages from my loved ones. I get dimes all the time. I get cardinals, I even get clovers, if you can believe it, LOL.
    the clovers I associate to Kyle. the dimes I get from everyone. I have been getting those for many years.

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