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et's, soul cells, books, pets, reincarnation

Discussion in 'Carol and Mikey Q&A 'follow-on-discussions'' started by mac, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    You too my friend :)
  2. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    I was reading through some posts and wanted to say that this is absolutely true. One of my cats that lived to be near 15 years old escaped out of the apartment a few months after my daughter was born. I was in a frenzy and a panic when I noticed he was missing. He was an indoor cat so he use to always try to get out the door and frolic around outside then come back home. He was I guess you would say my best friend and comforted me as a child when things were not so well with school, friends, my parents, etc... But when Gabby was born, he began to act different. Normally he never sat in my lap. He would always sit next to me, play around, and wait for me to come home, but he never sat in my lap or anything like that. Yet shortly after Gabby was born he started being much more affectionate than usual and I noticed little changes in him. I figured he was just getting old and needy but sure enough right after she was born, he escaped from the apartment again only that time he never came back. It was a freezing winter that year and he wasn’t use to being outdoors in that type of weather. I prayed that he would return but he never did. I started having dreams about him shortly after that of him running around in flower fields. I also would feel like I felt something jump on top of my bed during the night like he always use to do only to find that there was nothing there. I knew then I had to face the fact that he was dead. I was a crying mess, but over time I came to see that he died when I no longer ‘needed’ him anymore. (I hate to put it that way) but he was like a companion to me and comforted me through so many dark moments in my life. Yet shortly after I gave birth to my daughter he sure enough ran away and died. If he were able to talk it was if he would say ‘Now you have her to help get you through this life’.

    I had people telling me he was old and was going to die anyways, but I don’t think it was a coincidence that he died shortly after my daughter was born. Trying not to cry here... but just thought I would share that.
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  3. Hi Carol & Mikey,
    Thank you for answering. I very much agree when you say "Life is either very unfair if it's a one time shot" and that is why I also do believe in reincarnation. It doesn't make much sense otherwise.

    While I can understand changing roles within families and such, what I don't understand is why my mother in this lifetime would be my spouse in the next or my romantic partner in this lifetime would be my parent in the next with all the other billions of souls to "choose from". I'm sure I'm sounding like a "typical human being with an ego", but still - that, to me, makes it feel like we're all just balls of energy without much personality, individuality, or uniqueness of bonds and relationships in the Afterlife. Kind of like, "Well thanks for playing my mom the last time, can you be my husband next time?". Ugh, that's somehow depressing to me.
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  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I get that and I personally don't think of them as different from us in a spiritual sense.

    Are you saying then, Mikey, that the progression of our technologies is one where extra-terrestrials - physical individuals living in a physical dimension other than our own - are influencing or have been influencing our progression? Or are they simply the individuals I refer to as 'discarnates' and others refer to as 'spirits'? If we were to go down that path we might say that all discarnates could be seen as extra-terrestrials. Is that what you're suggesting is the case?

    Wouldn't it be the case that anyone living in a human shell would - by definition - be a human - at least in their current incarnation? But what I think folk mean when they refer to 'aliens' or 'extra-terrestrials' are individuals who are visiting this dimension but aren't incarnate in it the way we humans are. ie not born into it of human parents. ;)

    Yes, of course, and when they have human mothers they're humans!

    And in such situations they aren't what I refer to as 'incarnates'. ;) BUT when they appear and disappear in such a way can they affect matters in this dimension? You must be aware from your recent incarnation of stories of alien abductions etc. Are they all fanciful or do such events occur?

    technically or spiritually "brilliant"?
    Should we regard them as more technically, and probably more spiritually, evolved than we are is that what you're saying, Mikey?
    Would I be right in thinking that at least part of their function is to technically influence the human race?

    Please forgive my probing questioning but I was looking for specific examples of involvement rather than about general spiritual principles. ;) There are so many ideas about aliens/ETs and their previous or current involvement in our world.

    I'm just trying to nail the basis of any involvement with us they can be considered to have.
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    The nature and principle of soul-cells can take some fathoming!

    I found my initial guidance in a book channeled by a Brit. medium, guidance from an individual who appears highly spiritually-advanced. I read and then re-read several times not only the section about soul-cells but also the whole book. Learning in such a way is usually the way I learn so maybe I'm just too dumb to get things first time of hearing.

    I don't think of our 'real selves' as balls of energy without personality, individuality etc. because that flies in the face of all I've learned elsewhere too.
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  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I don't find it too difficult to accept that severe disability etc. may be a chosen path but I am still not persuaded that it's always or often the case......

    As for reincarnating to 'get things right next time' well I'm not persuaded by that idea either. It may sometimes be the case but again I can't accept that's how it always is..... As I understand matters, we learn vicariously from our soul-cell companions based on their experiences in their individual lives. We all take the learning we gain from our own experiences back to the group, each spiritual companion able to share the learning gained by any other companion.
  7. Oh, would you mind telling me what book that is Mac? :) When I started learning about the Afterlife it was much about how we become "the-all-knowing" and "all-wiser" and oh-so-happy-go-lucky in total peace and free of everything from our earthly lives, or, that we go straight back to God/the source. But what I then learned even more about was that we are the same people when we transition back Home. Surely there is change but that we maintain individuality, that we have a spirit body, and that spiritual growth, evolving, and learning is a process that we continue over there and one must decide for oneself to grow and learn as we still have free-will in the spirit world. And that relationships and bonds continue if there is a loving and spiritual connection between two people. But somehow, my mind can't make it go together with drastic role changes in each lifetime. Not sure how to explain it, really.
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    In respect of what you've mentioned in your lasts couple of sentences it seems you need to research a little further.... :)

    You've certainly learned a lot thus far though and you've done really well getting to where you are now. I've been at this stuff for 35 years and the first couple of decades were the hardest and I struggled at times getting things in the right context - like looking at jigsaw puzzle pieces that you know must fit but still having to work at figuring which section of the main picture they go in and then how they interrelate with each other and with the whole thing.

    The book I mentioned is 'Soul Trek' by Julie Gale. It's not in print but may be available through online second-hand book dealers. I found it very illuminating, sometimes challenging but very much in line with Spiritualist philosophy and teaching. That was important to me and it still is whenever I consider any alternative approaches to spiritual issues.

    My own copy is falling to pieces, its pages held together by rubber bands which may give some idea how well used it has been! :D
  9. Thanks Mac, I'll check it out. :) You're right, there's a lot to learn, even though I know that while I'm here, I will never understand everything or even dare to believe it...
  10. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Hi Mac,
    Just an FYI, it is really tough for me (Carol) when you post so many questions at once and I'm scrolling all over to try to answer and then see the next question again on my laptop.
    Mikey tells me you could say we are all ET's in the fact that we are soul groups on a journey coming / traveling from one dimension to the next. He has said this before. But he does say that there are soul groups that are more technical / brilliant in this area, that are helping in this dimension. Are they more spiritually advanced? Not necessarily according to Mikey. But they are of a group that is more "technical" for lack of a better word, which he said before. Understand there are many types of soul groups out there according to Mikey. Animals are different, souls searching for spiritual progression are different, etc.
    The term "human" from Mikey's perspective, strictly means having a physical shell in this dimension only. It has no bearing on what "type of soul group" the individual is from.
    Mikey tells me that this type of soul group did not always come to this dimension. (So he is labeling them as an ET from "our perspective".) Now they are more involved. Again Mikey talks about progression in electronics, phones, computers, etc. technology that is related, as one example. Do you want name brands? :)
    Regarding abductions, Mikey calls them visitations. They do not come down in a spaceship and take us physically away. They cross dimensions by changing their vibration and appear as real to us, because they are. The experience to us is similar to Astral travel in the fact that it is our soul / consciousness going or traveling with them, not our physical body. But that is what it feels like to us from our earthly perspective according to Mikey.

    This is what Mikey tells me. I have no idea about this. Not my favorite area or concern.....just sayin!
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
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