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Enough of my lurking...

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Linda, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Hello there

    Enough of my lurking on this wonderful loving website and thought I would say hello to you all. I find reading topics on here and other people’s comments and experiences about the afterlife comforting.

    Sighing, I too have had some losses recently. Sadly I lost my partner Tom in October, our dog Jill in December and lost our home in November for emergency rehousing. It has been the most overwhelming time ever.

    Tom was/is a kind considerate warm and loving chap who loved nature, gardening and animals. I knew him for around twenty years. We were in an age gap relationship. He was a believer in the afterlife as he used to go to a spiritualist church.

    We spent quality time with each other: going on trips, doing mundane things like food shopping, teaching him astrology as well as talking about the afterlife. We used to watch a TV medium in the UK called Colin Fry. We would discuss our life experiences and how it contributed to the way we are in the present. He was a practical wise gentleman.

    Because it was an age gap relationship, we knew I would have to face ‘losing’ him, part and parcel of the relationship. That time eventually came. His health deteriorated in September due to kidney problems. On the October the 5th was the day he passed over. He was fine in the morning, but in the afternoon, I found him collapsed in the outdoor toilet. ‘Oh no!’ I cried. He was not breathing; I phoned for an ambulance and had to perform CPR. I had to heave him on to the floor, do the CPR until the paramedics came. They took over and tried to resuscitate him, but it was no use. They shook their heads, indicating he was ‘gone’. I felt stunned. I felt the world suddenly stopped.

    Our fourteen year old Jack Russell dog, named Jill, did not recover from grief and the location changes. She became sick and stopped eating in December. Upon the advice of the vet, she was put to sleep, with me there with her. It was heartbreaking.

    Since I have moved into my new home, I have had unusual experiences. I have been sensing. I sense daily. Like tingling forehead, tingling nose, energy creamy feeling on top of my head. Feel a presence upon my back frequently sometimes a kind of still, other times a vibrating sensation. Sometimes I can see shadowy movements corner of peripheral vision. Also twice I sensed two separate sweet fragrances. Logically this must be my friend Tom. I do speak to him. Last week I went on a lovely bike ride and then sat in a park. I sensed someone was with me. My right ear tends to click when I pick up a presence.

    Just before Tom passed over to the ‘Spirit World’, both he and I saw signs. Two weeks before, my daughter and I visited a theatre to see a famous medium, Derek Acorah, though I did not get a reading. I did this thinking it would be good for my daughter to believe in the afterlife. The week before, when he was on morphine and not acting like himself, he said I will be rewarded in heaven for helping him, as I became his part-time carer. He also had sensations few days before he passed over. He felt someone moving his moving stick from right hand to the left hand. He said “Did you see that?” He felt someone patting his back and body movements. He sort of spoke contemplating starting a new hobby when he crosses over. He said this sort of to himself but I heard but dismissed it hoping it wasn’t a sign. There were some other signs too. I know now he and I unconsciously knew it was his time. Knowing and reading about the afterlife has helped me with my grieving process. But it is still difficult. I can speak to him and I know he can hears me, though I wish I knew what he is up to, what he is thinking feeling. Wish I could see what he is experiencing. I truly miss our in depth conversations and our daily routine. I can sense him now. I love him so.

    I sincerely apologise for the long post. :)
  2. Identity

    Identity Inactive


    Welcome abroad and thank you for introducing yourself and sharing a part of you with us. It is never easy to lose people as you progress in life, but you never really lose them. They are well and watching over us. Looks like Tom had a head start, and your daughter is also doing great! It's lovely that you have that sensitivity to detect his presence, and it sounds like you guys shared some wonderful times together.

    Feel free to post here!
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear Linda, I am so glad you posted! And to paraphrase our Abraham Lincoln, a post is never too long - it needs to be long enough to reach the end of it ;-). I am sorry for the loss of your beloved partner, but thrilled for you that your signs have been so clear. Many deaths are preceded by preparatory events and signs, but people seldom see it all so clearly in retrospect. And it seems that nearly every recently-dead person gives signs of survival to loved ones, but often they aren't as easily recognized as Tom's are. I hope it helps you to know that the raw pain of new grief will temper into a softer and more bittersweet emotion as time passes, so you won't always find pain in thinking of your beloved Tom. And you will be with him again, with both of you young and healthy forevermore. The big thing that we learn in studying the afterlife evidence is that earth-life is fundamentally a comedy and not a tragedy because it always has a happy ending.

    And thank you for your kind comments about this website. It was founded and it continues to run as a gift to you, dear Linda, so everyone involved is joyous to see you using and enjoying it and finding comfort in it!
  4. Don’t be apologizing. Welcome to ALF.

    Thanks you sharing some memories with us. I am sorry for the loss of your loved partner. I think, you really miss him.
  5. I feel warm and fuzzy inside, thank you all for welcoming me!

    It is comforting to sense Tom. And I truly look forward being with him again. In a way, I feel he is still with me but just in a different state of being.

    Both Tom and I have always believed in the afterlife and he asked if my daughter believed in that too few days before he passed over. Indeed she does. A few months ago, she dreamt hugging Tom and she believed he was growing strawberries. He loved gardening, the land and nature. I have had several dreams of him too, one where I said ‘I love you’ and he replied ‘I know you do!’

    I miss all of us being together as a family unit: my daughter, my partner and our dog. Now it’s just my daughter and I on the earth plane. I certainly look forward for as being together again, as it were.

    Also to add, few days after Tom passed over, I dreamt of him showing me a spectacular view of vast valley of green, hills trees and mountains.

    Tom and our dog Jill will always live on in my heart. Now I have to slowly find my own feet.

    Learning more about the afterlife has given me a new sense of hope. I feel postive about the future. Thank you for welcoming me on board!

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