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electrics and electronics

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by mac, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Recently genewardsmith gave an example of his stove electric burners being switched by the wrong control knob. Mikey Morgan said this was just the sort of thing discarnates can interfere with so I'd like to offer some further thoughts on this phenomenon.

    Electric heating rings used to be connected by separate wires to mechanical controls - turn the knob, adjust the setting and an electro/mechanical sensor would control the length of time that ring switched on and off. A single mechanical/electrical circuit for each heating ring enabled one dedicated controller to work it - a 'simple' stove. But modern stoves may have an electronic power controller, timer, heat sensor etc. with multiplexing of the control signals. I don't know if this was the case for Gene's stove.

    As I understand electrics, on a simple stove a heat ring might be activated by the wrong controller if there were a simple fault. For example a temporary short-circuit might occur if a pan were to boil over resulting in water getting into places it shouldn't. I can't understand how a spirit could re-jig an electro/mechanical circuit to achieve the same effect but it might be able to interfere with an electronic one.

    My guess is that for a while after passing over our family and friends wouldn't know they could interfere in such ways. I wonder how folk find out they can send signs to loved ones in such ways? There has to be a 'first time' for all spirit individuals so who teaches them and shows them the most effective ways, I wonder

    If no-one has to be taught or shown, if it's something that can readily be accomplished by all returning spirits, how are the 'bad lads' of the spirit world prevented from interfering in negative and/or destructive ways, I wonder? Surely something must be constraining them if it were easy for any spirit to do? In our modern world one might expect many more signs based on interfering with the breathtakingly high number of electronic devices we own. Perhaps that is happening but not being recognised? Or perhaps it's not as simple as my suggestion.....

    I've written elsewhere about how signs may be ambiguous and lacking persuasiveness. Members have asked why signs can't be clear and unmistakable although in fairness defining what would be needed is far from easy. Compare their situation with others whose lives are filled with signs and/or contact with loved ones and you could be forgiven for feeling nonplussed about the whole business!

    35 years 'in the spooks' and I still know little about the way this stuff happens.

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