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Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by jimrich, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. pandora97

    pandora97 Active Member

    Welcome back Kurt;)
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  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    These are all human terms, and terms of convenience. None is the eqo in spiritual terms.
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  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    And the ways humankind tends to use words or terms are detailed in dictionaries. How many speak about 'ego' in spiritual terms rather than the dictionary-definition way is uncertain. ;)
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  4. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    All language and terms are "terms of convenience". That's how language works, to convey meaning. For most people, the primary meaning of the word "ego" is probably the way Freud meant it, or close to that. Again, it's just one way to refer to the "I", to the self. There is nothing inherently wrong with the ego; it's only bad when a person lets those things for which the ego is considered responsible run rampant -- doing things just to fulfill the "I" in selfish, short-term ways (addiction, not caring about the feelings of others, etc.).
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  5. Kurt

    Kurt Active Member

    Thanks for welcoming me back. I swear, sports bars in the night life areas are are cess pools of negative energy.
  6. pandora97

    pandora97 Active Member

    Only if you're supporting the losing team!:p:D
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  7. Nirvana

    Nirvana Active Member

    Meditation/Self-Inquiry is crucial for fixing/quieting the ego
  8. Kurt

    Kurt Active Member

    True. But for some reason everyone was cool with me. I only had 1 argument with an old drunk guy.

    Everywhere else, I was willing to have actual discourse.

    I brought a poster home for free.

    I was going on about free food, free posters and a free ppv to my roommates.

    I billed it as


    And they were so jealous, they could not see why I was mad.

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