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Dreamt About It Once

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Lady Shey, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    For the life of me I can't now recall which teacher/guide it was (probably Silver Birch) but he'd made the point very clearly that incarnations on the planet we call Earth are indeed eagerly sought out by discarnates eager to more-quickly make spiritual progress.

    I'd guess the experiences found here are unique as are the struggles of our corporeal lives. The teacher, or another, also said that we have effectively 'competed' against others also wanting to be here by the strength of our resolve to achieve this - I'm sorry I've had to use my own words here because I don't have the book from which to quote.
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  2. Lady Shey

    Lady Shey New Member

    Here goes the dream that has bothered me since I was in 8th grade. First, I had the dream when we were on a vacation in the mountains. It was a cold place with a lot of pine trees, by the way. We had just recoinciled with my father at that time. It was the first I had seen him after so many years.

    There are two perspectives in my dream. The first one was when I was seeing myself into the eyes of another woman. On some other parts, I seem to be floating in the sky or beside the supposed me as I silently watched them.

    The clothing looked greek. But the windmill looked medieval. So I am assuming that the era must have been at the end of an era, and was the start of another.

    The dream began when I was with my father (bald and almost malnourished). We were trying to harvest anything that we could on our dried-up farm. I was dirty, and sweaty. My blonde hair was sticking all over my face while my only dress--a light blue dress that seemed to be fading into a white color already, was dirtied and had a lot of holes in it. My hands also had a lot of blisters.

    The sun was setting, and I can vividly remember that we had an old windmill. Another thing is that I remembered worrying that I couldn'nt see well in the dark--and it was almost as if I was blind and had a blurry vision, and that my father and I should hurry-up and harvest all that we could make do with because the tax collector would soon come to collect money from us.

    And so, on that day, the tax collector came. But he was with some kind of a ruler, a lord rather, around our city. The lord had a very striking red hair. I remembered it well because it was still visibly striking even after being struck by the setting sun's light. And so, my father couldn't pay for the tax. He then offered me, his daughter that couldn't see very well to the lord in our area. They made me kneel as my father begged for his life to be spared in exchange for using me as payment--a payment of a slave. I was assumming that I would immediately be killed by the lord since he seemed to not pleased by my father's action. The woman in my dream felt scared because she knew that the lord was somewhat a cruel and arrogant one. He can kill anyone he wants. But he didn't kill her. He didn't kill me.

    When our eyes met, he said that he would take me back with him, to his palace or mansion, I can't quite remember. But the place was extravagant indeed.

    This is just the 1st part though.
  3. Lady Shey

    Lady Shey New Member

    WOW. Are you saying that the SOUL who had been reincarnated had this STRONG WILL to rewrite or continue or resolve what had happened to it in its previous life?
  4. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    No, it wasn't about reincarnating.... The guidance was about the fundamentals that bring us here to undertake a human life in this world - it wasn't about returning for further lives.
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  5. Lady Shey

    Lady Shey New Member

    Oh, I see, I see.
  6. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    That's interesting so far, Lady Shey. I looked up oldest known windmill and found this on Wikipedia: "The windwheel of the Greek engineer Heron of Alexandria in the first century is the earliest known instance of using a wind-driven wheel to power a machine." So your dream could have been, as you said, as the Classical era was winding down and the Dark Ages were beginning. I'm doing genealogical research right now on the period just as the Roman empire was falling and the brutal social order you describe is familiar to me. It was to continue for a very very long time, unfortunately. That little half-Chinese girl I recall being in the mid to late 1800's was treated terribly and her mother had been sold by her own parents into prostitution. A poor woman or girl was property for most of our society's history, unfortunately.

    It also sounds like your memory has that vividness that has characterized my own past life "dreams" and that's made them stay in my memory for decades. I hope you'll post more about it.
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  7. Lady Shey

    Lady Shey New Member

    Hey. I haven't been here for a very long time as I am busy with school. Thank you for researching about it. I really had a hard time knowing which era that dream occured. I wasn't sure if it was in the end or in the beginning of a new era... Turns out it was in the middle of both.

    Here is the continuation of my dream:

    After selling me to the lord, I worked as his personal maid or slave. I am not quite sure but it seemed to be like that as I think I would always bring him fresh clothes and water in a basin. And it seemed so blurry for the entire that we were together. But the thing is, I remember the man with the red hair--the king or lord--whom I expected to be aggressive and scary--to be gentle and kind towards me. He was cold at first, because I remembered him not minding me when I would always go to serve him in his room. His room was cold and had stone walls and a small window. It had a plain bed and a small table beside it, if I remember it correctly. I know that everyone fears him, and that he has a lot of political enemies.

    Then my dream skipped to the time that we secretly got married? This is the time in my dream where it got very blurry. It was night time, and we were at a place that seemed like a temple or church...? It was night at that place, but something made it bright that my poor sight was able to grasp the entire scene. It was shinning, and I think the whole place had shinning stones if I there is such thing that existed before. It was in this moment that I also saw myself floating, watching them. And at times, I would go back to the woman's body. I can remember him kissing me, and also, no matter how awkward this sounds, I also saw, and felt for a bit how we made love. Despite every opposition from every corner of his land or kingdom, he still married me. There was even a time wherein one of his high officials was questioning as to why he has to leave his fiance and allied family for a peasant like me.

    Then it skipped to one dreadful night. When we were asleep, I saw how an assassin went inside our room. The assassin then stabbed the red haired man to death. For that whole scene, I was like watching from above. Then when I blinked, I was back in the woman's body and I was crying heavily while my chest was hurting... to the point that I couldn't breathe anymore. I couldn't see anything as I was almost blind at night--the very reason why my father gave me up to be killed. I was spreading my hands all over the bed and then I felt his life-less body with blood all over it. I screamed for help while crying. And so the guards immediately came. But instead of finding the culprit, they arrested me.

    My chest felt so heavy--I've never felt so sad and devasted. I also felt like my heart is about to burst from my chest. The woman that i was in really felt so hurt. The next scene that I saw was that the woman was thrown inside a dungeon. Her feet was tied to a chain, and she felt so empty at that time. I can also feel the dampness and coldness of the stone floors that time. It was so painful... then I saw myself moving closer to her face, then I was gradually going back to consciousness.

    The funny thing is that when I opened my eyes, i saw myself floating...? My face was very close to the roof of my double deck, and then I was slowly going down, feeling light headed, but the ache was still in my chest while my heart was beating so fast.
  8. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    Wow. That's so vivid and realistic...!
  9. Lady Shey

    Lady Shey New Member

    Yes. It was as if I re-lived what happened. I only dreamed about it once though, so I wasn't really sure what it was. But I never, ever forgot about it.
  10. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    That stand-out quality of your dream--the deep emotions it evoked that have kept it in your memory for years and years--is what makes me pretty sure that it's a dream of an actual experience you once lived. I mean, who remembers most dreams more than a short time? Thank you so much for taking the time to share it here, since, like you, I don't have many people with whom I can share my own experiences like it. Not without sounding like a loon, that is:confused:o_O

    It's cool that you're studying psychology. You sound young enough that you might just live to see science recognize the existence of the soul. We need a new generation to rise up and smash the shibboleths of the old guard. They're based upon snotty prejudice, fear and, above all, denial. The older I get, the funnier it seems to me when I hear one of them pontificating, nose in the air, about subjects they willfully avoid/deny. My hubby the science buff once actually said to me that he "doesn't have to research life after death, since it's a silly superstition"...!
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  11. Lady Shey

    Lady Shey New Member

    I am actually hesistant when it comes to sharing these things because I know no one would believe me because ever since I was a child, according to my mother-- she would often describe to me how creative I get when it comes to painting and drawing. I also love writing poems and all. So, it got me thinking, "What if it was just my creative mind?" But there is this ache in my heart that questions my own questions: "Can you even create emotions?" I couldn't have suddenly just felt all those... there must have been a source as to why that dream felt so surreal.

    The only people I have shared this dream was my two sisters and four close friends. And to add it up, I'm Asian. The person in my dream was obviously Caucasian...why did my soul transfer to an Asian woman? Does that even happen? There must be a grave reason behind it, since that dream did not end very well.
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  12. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    I went from half-Asian/half-Caucasian to Caucasian in the Gold Rush era lifetime and the one immediately following it, so I'm guessing that race is an earthly thing and of no consequence in the afterlife. Well, other than as a way to experience karma while we're here. Ditto for disabilities like your vision problem in the lifetime where you lost your love to assassination.

    And I'm an artist, sculptor and writer who's asked myself the same questions you have about my past life dreams being a creation of my own mind. But I keep coming back to the deep realness of those dreams. They didn't have any of the made-up fictional feel of even my best writing. When I'm really in the flow of writing fiction, I experience what my characters are going through, but what you described above is beyond that, to me.
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  13. Lady Shey

    Lady Shey New Member

    I see. Thank you for that. So it has nothing to do with race after all. But I do believe there is a reason to all of this.

    By the way, are moles also indicative of past lives? I just realized it tonight that I have a very obvious mole beside my right eye. It has been kind of my trademark. People would always notice my mole, and they find it attractive. Could it be a mark of my previous vision in that life? Oh, and I also, apparantely, have a bad vision. I wear glasses. Can't see clearly without it.
  14. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    That's interesting. I've read about birthmarks and moles marking the site of a fatal wound from the life immediately before the current one. It appears frequently in Ian Stephenson's (I think I have that name right--no time to look him up) research with children from India and has been quoted in a number of books on reincarnation.
  15. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    I have done a lot of psychological work on my self and my unpleasant childhood past so my current understanding of dreams, memories, repressed feelings and past TRAUMA is that dreams sometimes offer a traumatized person an opportunity to work on or resolve painful, frightening, unhappy feelings and memories from their CURRENT life (and maybe a so-called past life). All of my bad and disturbing dreams are about my current incarnation or life and a very bad and nasty childhood. When fear and pain prevents us from seeing, feeling and consciously remembering horrible stuff that happened to us during childhood and up, we might resort to working on those traumas in dreams, day-dreams, fantasies, random conflicts with other, etc. (road rage!) BECAUSE we cannot or will not face and deal with our original, childhood trauma and pain. It's often referred to as DENIAL. The painful, frightening event(s) of the past (in this lifetime) is unbearable so the trauma victim resorts to safer and easier ways of facing and resolving their early childhood wounds in unconscious ways such as with or in a "dream".
    I am not saying that you, or anyone, is living in Denial about what happened to you as a child but this is what I found for myself. It is quite possible that painful/disturbing memories and feelings from a "past life" could emerge in dreams, etc. but I found that my own, current lifetime contains more than enough trauma and past misery to explain why and how I've felt all these years but never understood why until I entered THERAPY and found the courage and tools to honestly examine and finally understand my rotten past in a rotten family. Now that I know why I feel like I do/did, it's much easier to deal with past traumas and find a lot of happiness and peace in my current life and beyond. Remembering what actually happened to me, as a helpless child, is the single most important thing I've ever done and most of the bad dreams and buried pain is GONE NOW.
    good luck with understanding your self and your (troubled) past.
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  16. Lady Shey

    Lady Shey New Member

    This is my first thought whenever I would remember that dream. Given that I'm a student in psychology, I have considered it as a possibility. Your statement speaks very Freudian as it is in the Psychoanalytic Therapy that I'm familiar with when it comes to a dream's latent content.
  17. Lady Shey

    Lady Shey New Member

    I see. The only thing I've heard and read of is about birthmarks being indicative of someone's past life.
  18. Lady Shey

    Lady Shey New Member

    Hello. It has been a while.

    I might have discovered something about this so called past life of mine.

    Recently, my sister had talked about an old sewing machine in our house. I was telling her that as a child, I have always been curious about that sewing machine. I played for it, and would often sleep beside it. My grandmother would always place the sleeping mat beside it, since the room that I always slept in the afternoon was where it was stored. I would always stare at it whenever I could not sleep.

    Later on, I realized that I was good with sewing. No one taught me how to do it. It was like, one day, whenever I would have broken clothes, or clothes that I would like to fix or adjust, I would sew them myself. But its not like it is that hard to sew. Somehow, I just find it very natural to do.

    Then, I remembered one part of my dream where I saw the red-haired man for the very first time: I was harvesting plants. At first, I assumed it as a wheat plant, since it looked one when the setting sun shined it with a glowing yellow of a color that resembled wheat. But then, when I searched the field of linens--flax plants. The plants that I was harvesting were closest to a field of flax plants. And I also read that women that take sewing and weaving as a way of living in those times, easily loose their sense of sight because they would usually work day and night, and in candle light only. The woman in my dream has a problem with her eyesight, especially at night.

    That is all. Do tell me your thoughts. I am open about it :) have a good night! X

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