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Dreams of great grandfather on dads side

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by Ski, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Ski



    When I was a small child, about the age of 4... for almost whole week straight, I had the same reoccurring dream every night. It didn't feel like a night terror, but it was discerning, taking my age and experience into account.

    I'll start off, I was a very sick baby, and spent two years in a hospital in Nashville. I still have memories of my birthday there, the baby bed, oxygen tent, and nurses. I still remember what my room looked like. I was very ill, and I probably shouldn't have lived, but I did. I do have an experience to share while I was in the hospital, that relates to the light, after my story of the dream.

    I've always had psychic experiences through dreams. This one is one of my earliest memories.

    Every night, I would wake up to the same dream. It seemed to go back further each night, but it always lead up to the same point. At the age of 4, I had no concept of death, or what it meant to die.

    The first night, in color...I was standing on a train station platform. Everybody(about 5-6 people) were all standing next to me. We were all looking under a train that had stopped. I didn't know why...then I woke up.

    The next night, the same dream....play by play...of all of us standing on the train platform, looking under the train. Somebody said "there's a man under there"
    Then I woke up.

    The next night, I had the same dream again, except this time...I was a man. It was early morning, approximately 7:00 to 7:30 am. I could tell because the sun was coming up, there was still dew from the morning, and it was slightly cold. It looked to be the backside of the city, and a little rough. I was walking through the city, admiring the artistic graffiti on the buildings. I could smell the morning air, feel the chill in the air, and knew I had somewhere to be. The next scene is me standing on the platform, at the train staion, looking under the train. Then I woke up

    The next night, I was a man walking through the city, same scene as the nit before, except this time...As he walked passed all the buildings, he started walking on a set of old railroad tracks that were no longer in use. The sun came out in full, as it was hiding behind the buildings before. The next scene is of the train platform, and everyone looking under the train again. Then I woke up.

    The next night, it started from the beginning, and the dream ran all the way through until the end...in synchronized order. After we were looking under the train, and someone said there's a man under there....I couldn't see him. I woke up.

    It bothered me, but I grew up on farmlands, in the country, and I was too young to understand, ask, or know what I was seeing. I tucked this experience away for 27 years, almost forgetting it completely.

    Until one day, I was sitting outside at my dads house on the picnic table talking to him. I had never met his grandparents, they were long gone when I was born, in fact they both died within a few years of each other when my dad was a baby....so he never knew them, as he was the oldest child in his family, his siblings didn't know them, either. I asked my dad what happened to them. His grandma died of a stroke when he was a baby. Heart disease. Then he said, my grandpa died on his way to work. They lived in Chicago(I've never been there) and he was a salesman. He would get up early every morning, in his suit and tie, catch the morning train and head off to work.

    One morning he was running late, it was cold and he wore a long coat over his suit. The train had already started to take off, and his grandpa tried to catch the train, by jumping for it. He lost his grip and balance, and his coat got hung up. He fell between the platform and train, and was run over accidentally. My dad was 3 years old at the time. This is what his mother told him as he got older. This happened in the mid 50s.

    I was shocked, and immediately I thought back to the reoccurring dream I had as a tot, that I had forgotten. I had never been to the city before. My grandma and all 4 of her siblings, moved away after that, as their only brother got a good job managing one of the coal mines down south (which he eventually bought and became very wealthy later)

    This is my first experience with dreams, which would foretell many more to come later on.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
  2. Ski


    One other thing worth mentioning is, I do not feel this is a past life reincarnation. I do not have any memories of anything, only this one reoccurring dream as a toddler.

    Also, maybe I have some connection to him, because he was an excellent salesman, and I am also an excellent sales lady. We are the only ones who work sales in the family. Also, I have always been terrified of trains. They scare me. So maybe I'm connected to him by these aspects we share.
  3. bluebird

    bluebird Regular Contributor

    Intriguing, Ski. Thank you for sharing this dream experience. :)
  4. Ski


    Thank you bluebird:)

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