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Dreams of a dead uncle

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Ski, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. Ski


    Okay, so here is another psychic phenomen I've had that is amazing in its own right. If you read what happened with my great grandpa, then you know I was very young still, 7 years old when I lost contact with my mom and her side of the family, including my grandpa. I didn't know much about them, I didn't get to grow up with them.

    Not too long after that bell happened with my grandpa, I would have jumbled up dreams, that didn't mean anything really. Just normal weird dreams. One thing I noticed, after a while, was there was a man who started showing up in my dreams. He always stood to the left side of the dream. At first I did t pay attention to him, mostly because I wasn't conscious enough, as I was in a deep sleep.

    However, he kept showing up over a course of a few weeks. It did t matter how absurd, or weird, or how much the dreams changed, he was there....in his spot to the left side of my dream. I just didn't pay him any attention.

    Then early one morning (which is when I have these psychic dreams, they always happen in the early morning, approximately 5-6 am) I was more aware you could say, in the dream, or more conscious. I saw him there again, but this time, I actually talked to him. I was having a jumbled up random dream, and I just happened to be able to consciously take notice of him. I looked right at him, he seemed to be a bit hazy. I asked him, "Who are you?" And he walked a few feet over, to the right...and he held up a flashing neon yellow sign ( the kind you see at bar n grills that advertise alcohol, or at old motels that would be blinking) and the sign read "1968" He looked a bit young, around 19-22yrs old. But he was hazy, so I think I was picking more up on his energy and got his age from that.

    He never said a word, just held up the sign over his head.
    I woke up, and the dream was still very vivid in my mind. I thought it meant something, but wasn't sure. I kind of forgot about it...but Over the next few days, I started finding nickels, pennies, and random things with the year 1968, which sparked my interest again of the dream. I thought about it awhile, and I figured it would be a long shot...but I called my dad and asked him some vague questions...like if he had ever lost someone close to him when he was young, or maybe even a relative...and he said, no. I had my moms number, even though I didnt talk to her much, I thought if it was real, maybe she would know. So I called her, and asked her the same questions, and she said no, but she said I had a grandma who died in 1969.

    It appeared that it was not real, just a really creative, imaginative dream, so I dropped it.

    Then awhile later, I was bored and googling ancestry online. I actually ran across my great grandpa( the one I wrote and made a post about here) to see his obituary online. It was there I found out about him. As his obituary mentioned his family, it said he had a son, 20 yrs old, who preceded him in death. He died in Vietnam in 1968. I even had a name, Mark.

    I was floored! To say the least....I couldn't believe it. Nobody in my time spent with my grandparents or that side, had ever mentioned him. My own mother who was 6 years younger, didn't even remember him when I asked her on the phone. It might have been too painful, I don't know why nobody talked about him.

    I have since made a memorial, amd have pictures of him. He is on the memorial wall for marines who died in Vietnam. He looked just like my brothers kids, blonde hair amd blue eyes, with dimples.

    I keep a picture of him on my iPad, and visit his memorial online to post flowers and messages. I mean, he sent me a message from beyond, that means a lot to me, the memorial and pictures to celebrate his life was the least I could do. It is still there today.
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  2. Harmonica

    Harmonica New Member

    That's nice that you gave him a memorial after he kept coming through in dreams!

    Have the dreams stopped or diminished in frequency since you gave him a memorial?
  3. Ski


    Yes, they have completely stopped. Only one time....after I moved out of state, a new job, ect....I was stressed, and sitting on the floor, leaning against a shelf. Something kept rubbing and hitting the side of my head. It was a tag, with a Vietnam logo. But, I can't really say it was a sign although it did brighten my day.
  4. Harmonica

    Harmonica New Member

    Well then perhaps he was feeling like he needed to be memorialized in this world or honored in some form and after you did that, he backed off a bit, with the dream- communication frequency in getting your attention.
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  5. Ski


    Thanks Harmonica....I never thought of it that way. But, now looking back....he did hold up a flashy neon sign to get my attention. I don't believe in war really...man, I don't know why we all can't get along:) Its not like there isn't enough room here, lol. But, he is my hero...and I put that on his memorial wall. I can't imagine these young boys dying in a foreign land away from their families. It breaks my heart.
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