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Does Mind Survive Physical Death? by David Fontana

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by TheIrreligiousSurvivalist, May 3, 2013.

  1. http://www.paranet.fi/paradocs/tutkimuksia/fontana2003.pdf.
  2. VainVessel

    VainVessel New Member

    I often wonder about that same question, and I usually reach the same conclusion as David Fontana. Other times though, I find the situation too absurd, since most of the evidence can only be studied secondhand by the vast majority of people, and there is a whole skeptic movement trying to suppress and ridicule it and the people who seek it.
  3. People who learn about the afterlife are less likely to commit suicide.

    My belief is that some people have a life plan that requires being a materialist atheist because they have lessons to learn that are best learned in the absence of belief in the afterlife. For example, I developed my sense of ethics when I was a materialist atheist and it is better for me to do what is right because I have decided for myself that it is better than it is for me to act out of fear of retribution in the afterlife.

    I think the evidence for the afterlife is overwhelmingly convincing but that people who don't believe in the afterlife are either ignorant of the evidence or have a psychological block against accepting it.
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  4. At first blush you would expect the opposite? Why wait to die?

    Who says a little fear isn't helpful? :) I've found that as one progresses, the fear is overshadowed with the realization that by cleaning up my act, I serve the better purpose of living a grander life. That this is a positive reflection that one is moving up the spiritual progression ladder.

    With knowledge of the survival evidence comes accountability. With accountability comes the necessity to make changes. Some of those changes can be massive.

    The block may as much be a part of the life plan as it is a self-imposed, subconscious wall to provide a false sense of safety from having to stare yourself squarely in the face each and every day.
  5. No one said it was going to be easy V V. :D

    If you can come to grips with the life planning process (pre-birth) and match it up with reincarnation, toss in the "there is no time" concept, you have a core knowledge to make sense of what, at first glance, appears to be absurd.

    We spiritually progress at different paces. Some of us planned to be stuck in bodies without either the mental, emotional or physical capacities to learn from the survival evidence. Everyone will eventually; soon enough, and no sooner than that, it will be right for those who are overwhelmed by the challenge of life continuity to be reborn with the abilities to tackle them. Just not right now.

    Who cares? There is all the time in the universe - and no time at all - to get to where you (pl) need to be.

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