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Dis-incarnate appears in a pet.

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by jimrich, Jul 25, 2017.


What ways do your departed loved ones come to visit you?

  1. as my pets, various animals, strangers, plants, objects,

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  2. imaginings, feelings, sounds, smells, sights

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  1. jimrich

    jimrich Established Member

    I was talking on the phone with a lady friend about her crossed over husband and asking if he ever visits her. She said no! And then, in a cautious, low voice, she, "I don't say this to others 'cos people will say that I'm losing my mind but, I sometimes feel that my late husband is here in the body of my pet back Labrador that I brought home shortly after my husband crossed over!" "He (the dog) often gets on my bed with me and when he snuggles up next to and embraces me, I get the feeling that it's my husband inside of the dog! It's so sweet!"
    What ways do your crossed-over loved ones come visit you?
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's my view that a loved one might engage with a pet in a manner slightly different from the way described.

    That might happen by drawing close and aligning their personal, spiritual 'vibrations' with those of the pet. In that way it could enhance the sensation of a loved one's presence but I'm not persuaded that the subject's husband was "...coming to be with her inside of her pet dog."

    And it could simply be fanciful and wishful thinking, hoping, by the wife.

    Unlikely to be proven but provided an individual is comforted then no harm done whatever the actual situation.
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I wonder who was "bothered"? Not me as jimrich has me on his 'ignore' list. (although only mac has responded thus far) He SURELY wouldn't go looking at what this nobody had to say about his ideas or any others' come to that..... LOL :D Maybe Irene told him what I'd written, eh?

    It would be interesting to hear from others experiencing something similar because otherwise it's unsupported hearsay how many claim to have.

    Of course nobody needs to be SCARED, or even scared, by such an event when their experience has brought them comfort.
  4. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    I see no indication in mac's post that he is either bothered or scared in response to the original post....he just gave his opinion regarding the anecdote provided, as is one of the purposes of posting. Actually I've never seen him "scared" of anything to do with the possibility of an afterlife or any other subject discussed on this forum -- he's been involved in "the spooks" (as he puts it ;)) for way too long for that, lol. He simply didn't happen to agree.

    As for the woman in the anecdote, here's my opinion -- there's no way for any of us to know whether or not her husband visited her via her dog. She is really the only person who might possibly know that, and either way (whether her husband is visiting her via her dog or not) if it helps her and makes her feel better, then it can only be a good thing.
  5. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    All of my experiences with my loved one have never felt like he was "in" their body but I can only speak for myself. I know they can "impress" upon other people, us, and animals. I have experienced on many occasions where he has done this. One time, early on, he had sent me a sensation and I was trying to think of how to describe it. I was talking to myself (in my head) and said "It feels like..". My daughter, out of nowhere, said "cold chills". I asked her why she said it and she had no idea why.

    I also feel when he has used insects or animals to get my attention, it's him using his energy to do so. Sometimes he does things that give one the impression he is a puppeteer.

    I know Roberta has mentioned some use remotes in some way but obviously I have no clue about that.

    What I do know is it's amazing when they do it. I do love it and it always makes me smile.
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  6. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    I didn't cast a vote because they all don't count for me but I'll say here is what I get:

    1-I can feel him tousle my hair or run his fingers through them.
    2-I can feel the tingle as he touches the sides of my face and moves down along it.
    3-Cold chills, cold chills, cold chills. Often on my rear-end which makes me laugh.
    4-Waves of emotion and what I describe as a euphoric feeling. I'm uncertain what he's doing during that time to cause that but it's quite lovely along with the waves.
    5-Sometimes, this isn't often, I'll turn a corner or stand up and feel his presence is very strong in me so much that I can "feel him". I say taste him but that sounds so weird but it's strong and it's an impression I believe but so different from when he unfolds images, etc to me.
    6-I get ear pops, high pitch frequency in typically one ear, a deafening moment in my ear, and a pressure shift. It's very sudden and quite noticeable.
    7-Songs, all the time. He will send me major cold chills or sometimes play 3 songs in a row that are special to me. I also love it when he drops in a song at large events or in places where the music isn't the norm for that station. I was in a large department store one time and he did that. It was funny because the song stopped as soon as someone realized it wasn't the norm and they changed it back to their normal music. He also did this at a large amusement park.
    8-Multiple rainbows at times. All different directions and different places and within timeframes that are crazy. I'm always in awe of this.
    9-Smells sometimes but not a primary.
    10-Strong tingling in concentrated areas. It feels Ah-mazing.
    11-Many more that no one but me cares about, lol. He's with me everyday. Just listed these for those who might need help identifying if what they are receiving are actual signs and/or presence. Left off the "heat wave" air, now that's amazing to see and makes you get your eyes checked.

    I never have "imagings" though, not sure what that is but all of mine are never imagination.
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  7. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    I'm sorry that you've have some encounters that have been unpleasant for you. For me, I've found nothing but genuine help here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I have no issues with that. The ignore list isn't quite my thing but I hope that it's helping you.

    I'm sure you didn't intend it but when you say "my story" it came across as implying it's fictitious which is incorrect. I am quite aware that what I'm sharing seems bizarre. When I first came to this site and read some of the things people shared, I felt they were more than what my brain could handle, seemed unreal and impossible "for me". But he was reaching out to me and that I couldn't ignore.

    Before I met him, I didn't believe in true love. Before he died, I believed in life after death with no research and most definitely not ever expecting this. What I have found to be a fact is that true love makes ALL things possible. It just takes work on both sides. He's here for my healing and works as one of my guides now.

    I post these things to be of service, to help those who may be wondering. I loved when Carol posted the signs/encounters about Mikey that seemed impossible and how she felt. Her sharing that helped me tremendously. I could identify and it helped me to step into what was coming for me. It's not easy stuff for some people to process and I don't need approval or everyone to believe me. She stepped out and shared hers and I'm so grateful. Now I do the same when I feel it is right.

    What I also love is that this part of my journey extends past just the two of us. He's helping me help people, we are helping people. He's got his life and I've got mine and then we have this part, our new life, our new norm. It's quite remarkable.

    ....and I'm happy to answer any questions anyone may have about anything I've written.

    Have a wonderful day!
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  8. jimrich

    jimrich Established Member

    It doesn't seem "bizarre" to me from what little I know about the Afterlife and connections with Dis-incarnates. I see your share as both normal and believable.

    I have the same attitude on sharing.

    Have a wonderful day!
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  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    The member who posts as jimrich is playing a game. If I'm on his 'Ignore' list at all then he will activate and deactivate at will and has indicated before that's what he does. So there's never any need for anyone to press their 'Quote' button before they make a response to what I write so that jimrich would then be able to respond to it while playing his game of pretending he doesn't look at my postings. :D He's;) a real lad alright.

    Never any need to be sorry about what you claim but it might be better if the woman herself were to 'speak' for herself and explain matters personally. Until then it's hearsay and member jimrich can't of course KNOW, or indeed just know, the position from her perspective as he wan't personally involved.

    To repeat myself, jimrich can't of course know it happened as he wasn't personally involved. And he couldn't prove it to any individual any more than he can prove what we writes about his late wife Irene. ;)

    A "good thing"? Of course a visit from a loved one to bring help and comfort is likely to be a good thing for anyone when it achieves its objective.

    Laughs Out Loud! :p Oh, no! Look like someone else may end up on the 'Ignore' list of the member calling himself jimrich. (this time)

    :eek: shock, horror What will we regular members here do with ourselves after being ostracised in that way?

    LOL indeed! :D
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  10. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    My bad, I meant "this story" and was thinking "my"

    Thanks for clarifying and all the comments. I also treasure reading what you and others on here write about their knowledge and experiences.

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