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Dis-incarnate appears in a pet.

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by jimrich, Jul 25, 2017.


What ways do your departed loved ones come to visit you?

  1. as my pets, various animals, strangers, plants, objects,

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  2. imaginings, feelings, sounds, smells, sights

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  1. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    I was talking on the phone with a lady friend about her crossed over husband and asking if he ever visits her. She said no! And then, in a cautious, low voice, she, "I don't say this to others 'cos people will say that I'm losing my mind but, I sometimes feel that my late husband is here in the body of my pet back Labrador that I brought home shortly after my husband crossed over!" "He (the dog) often gets on my bed with me and when he snuggles up next to and embraces me, I get the feeling that it's my husband inside of the dog! It's so sweet!"
    What ways do your crossed-over loved ones come visit you?
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
  2. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    It's my view that a loved one might engage with a pet in a manner slightly different from the way described.

    That might happen by drawing close and aligning their personal, spiritual 'vibrations' with those of the pet. In that way it could enhance the sensation of a loved one's presence but I'm not persuaded that the subject's husband was "...coming to be with her inside of her pet dog."

    And it could simply be fanciful and wishful thinking, hoping, by the wife.

    Unlikely to be proven but provided an individual is comforted then no harm done whatever the actual situation.
  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I wonder who was "bothered"? Not me as jimrich has me on his 'ignore' list. (although only mac has responded thus far) He SURELY wouldn't go looking at what this nobody had to say about his ideas or any others' come to that..... LOL :D Maybe Irene told him what I'd written, eh?

    It would be interesting to hear from others experiencing something similar because otherwise it's unsupported hearsay how many claim to have.

    Of course nobody needs to be SCARED, or even scared, by such an event when their experience has brought them comfort.
  4. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    I see no indication in mac's post that he is either bothered or scared in response to the original post....he just gave his opinion regarding the anecdote provided, as is one of the purposes of posting. Actually I've never seen him "scared" of anything to do with the possibility of an afterlife or any other subject discussed on this forum -- he's been involved in "the spooks" (as he puts it ;)) for way too long for that, lol. He simply didn't happen to agree.

    As for the woman in the anecdote, here's my opinion -- there's no way for any of us to know whether or not her husband visited her via her dog. She is really the only person who might possibly know that, and either way (whether her husband is visiting her via her dog or not) if it helps her and makes her feel better, then it can only be a good thing.
  5. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    All of my experiences with my loved one have never felt like he was "in" their body but I can only speak for myself. I know they can "impress" upon other people, us, and animals. I have experienced on many occasions where he has done this. One time, early on, he had sent me a sensation and I was trying to think of how to describe it. I was talking to myself (in my head) and said "It feels like..". My daughter, out of nowhere, said "cold chills". I asked her why she said it and she had no idea why.

    I also feel when he has used insects or animals to get my attention, it's him using his energy to do so. Sometimes he does things that give one the impression he is a puppeteer.

    I know Roberta has mentioned some use remotes in some way but obviously I have no clue about that.

    What I do know is it's amazing when they do it. I do love it and it always makes me smile.
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