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'Direct Voice' potential or something else?

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Amy, May 13, 2017.

  1. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I see why you were all over the place. A lack of sleep can be a killer, literally sometimes. I hope you're coming to terms with your cat's condition and its likely outcome.

    I wasn't expecting you to understand the technicality of transdimensional communication - I suspect that few here will do. And I don't understand when you say you're an "information control freak" - do you censor / control what you receive?

    You and me both but after decades now of searching I've concluded that information may not be found this side of the divide. You don't know me but folk here and elsewhere who do may see we seek similar understanding. Generally I've failed to find it.

    You're preaching to the choir. I haven't done a Meyer's Brigg's but when I say I'm analytical by nature and training, someone who consistently tries to consider 'the big picture' rather than being parochial, a Spiritualist but not just a Spiritualist.... I hope you'll see that I may not be the kind of individual you've encountered previously. I ask awkward questions and challenge what's not well-supported. Folk can find that threatening.

    I try to respond only to what others write. I don't know which websites you've used but I've used a fair few myself over the 14 years I've written online about 'the spooks stuff'. I didn't see the section about Roberta as b/s but I did feel there were potential alternative explanations. I try to see if there's an alternative explanation.

    EVP and physical mediumship are highly specialised subjects. I don't have that specialised experience and it would still be better to look elsewhere for those who claim they have.

    I did read what you'd written but it was where you were trying to go from there that left me a little confused. I'm not unfamiliar with the direct voice and how it develops but your situation was matching what I understood. When using forums, one point at a time is easier to deal with I find.

    Please, apologies are really not necessary. I like to be sure I'm properly understanding, though, and I didn't feel that I was achieving that.

    I think you might face a problem finding someone to directly help with your development. Here in tiny Britain what few physical groups there may be probably work in the traditional way of closed home-circles. So even here I'm not aware of them - if they even exist to any extent. When the NAS was around its president encouraged such groups, provided written guidance and a forum for those wishing to discuss points and/or report results. Those days have gone.

    Living 3000K from your nearest point-of-contact with anyone as you do (2000 miles in old money or in America) means you're pretty much stuck. (Incidentally I think of such a distance in terms of my RVing the USA rather than driving to any of our EU countries. ;)) But I'll ask my friend down under in case he knows anyone anywhere nearby. Roughly where are you?

    If you don't already know about this place try https://www.wallaciadevelopmentcenter.com/
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  2. Amy

    Amy Member

    Hi Mac again,

    You sound like a conscientous fellow, both in communication, and in wanting to understand the amazing world around you, including spirit communication. I just wanted to say I respect that. I also 'get' the questioning thing - and how others can find that threatening - geezez, story of my life, in fact! I'm a lot like you, I think, on that front.

    Thankyou for your well wishes re my sleeping situation - thankyou for your understanding. Some folks wouldn't understand unfortunately.

    "Amy said:

    I guess I have a quest for knowledge that is deeper Mac - I am not satisfied with the usual typical responses from most mediumistic and new age ways of thinking. It's not that they may or may not be wrong, it's just that I want to know the detailed ins and outs - almost like the specific mechanics of EXACTLY HOW.

    You and me both but after decades now of searching I've concluded that information may not be found this side of the divide. You don't know me but folk here and elsewhere who do may see we seek similar understanding. Generally I've failed to find it.

    Sorry, still learning how to quote things here. Hmm..that is very interesting, yes, I suppose you just well may be right there. After I read your thoughts on this, I realised my probable naivity in even hoping to understand half of the mechanics of the communication process. I guess it's a little bit like unlocking some of the keys to the Universe! The subject intrigues me though - I would love to talk to you more about if you ever feel so inclined. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts so far.

    Re my distance from a 'public' medium. I was lying in bed and realised the distance is probably only 2000 kms, not 3000 kms, however, that still makes my situation rather stuffed! lol!! On that Verdini's site you gave me, and on a few others, I have read guidance for starting a home circle to develop physical mediumship. Somehow I'm thinking this is largely going to be up to all my initiative, in getting some degree of a home circle back together and going from there. (It would be my old mediation and pyschic development group - we were a harmonious group on the whole, and met every week for 10 years!). I really do miss that, and I know they do too. So, with a little help from friends , such as yourself, the group, and maybe email contact with 'the experts' (said with a grain of salt), practice with my sister over the phone (to see if any more voices speak), then maybe with perseverance, I might just get there. Wouldnt it be amazing if I did? And we did?

    Thanks for your offer of help via your contacts/friends down here. I am in C.Q, tell them..they should know what that refers to.

    I'm sure I haven't responded to all your points, but I will leave it there.
    I'm interested to learn more about your story, too. How you became interested in spirtualism, and your experiences etc?

    Catch ya later,

  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Central Queensland? Did you take a look at Wallacia's website?
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  4. Amy

    Amy Member

    Hi Mac,

    Yes, Central Queensland.

    I've had a brief look at that website. Interestingly enough, I see they had a physical medium workshop/demonstration 2 days ago! (free) Wow, I would have loved to have been there!
    Thanks for that link - I might send them an email I think!
    Thanks for all your links, for that matter Mac.

    Hope you're having a great morning/night up there in England.


    P.S edit: I am reading this now: full transcript of a very recent physical mediumship sitting & research undertaken at the Wallacia Centre:


    Thanks Mac.
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  5. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    my pleasure

    It's an interesting comparison, perhaps, that Wallacia recently was host to a well-known (allegedly) physical medium where a video recording showed him to be defrauding his sitters by moving around and creating 'phenomena' - all during a sitting in the dark where nobody could see what was happening.
  6. Amy

    Amy Member


    Interestingly enough, I watched those videos about 3 weeks ago. I was laughing at the blatant audacity and near nakedness of that man! Far out, he must have been desperate to keep up ratings or something? Or perhaps he was fraudulent from the start. Made for a very interesting video though, lol!! :(

    Thanks for the heads up.

  7. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Had it not been so serious it would have been a giggle.... But he's been presenting as a physical medium, presumably charging for his services but play-acting in the dark. Mannion isn't the only one but he was caught with his pants down, literally as well as figuratively. Whether he is ever a medium I don't know but anyone found cheating is likely to remain under suspicion by those who know/care about mediumship.

    Worse, even, is that such fraud may taint any other mediumship and mislead and upset those looking for help rather than entertainment.
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  8. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I do what I can....

    no problem about quoting - see my tips below

    I'm prepared to answer questions about how I arrived in the place I am - wherever that may be!! Mostly, though, I don't say much about me as I'm not interesting and I prefer to address points that others make. But I don't have secrets and I have spoken about what happened to me in other thread here on ALF.

    I'm sure I haven't responded to all your points, but I will leave it there.
    I'm interested to learn more about your story, too. How you became interested in spirtualism, and your experiences etc?

    Catch ya later,


    see above

    OK, then. To quote pieces of a thread posting. Press the 'Reply' button, bottom left in a posting. If you're wanting to quote a specific section first go to the opening text enclosed within the 'square' brackets (eg)

    [member's name etc]

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    Enter a couple of carriage returns ( ENTER ) and type whatever you want to say. The quote piece will have a pink background in a frame. Your response will be underneath. Do as many of those as you wish.
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  9. Amy

    Amy Member

    Yes, totally agree!

    Thanks for helping me with the quoting thing. That's good of you.

    Would be interested to read what happened to you.

  10. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I've had to re-do my suggestion - see if it now makes sense, please....
  11. Amy

    Amy Member

    Ok thankyou. I will try it.
  12. Amy

    Amy Member

    Ok, I told you I would keep you posted, Mac:
    (And Roberta may be interested in this too):

    Ok day 1 of experiments:


    My sister and I set up a time today, with the express purpose of inviting EVP communication during our mobile phone conversation. We set aside 15 mins. Results: Well, no voices from the other side came through, but there certainly was no absence of other communication!

    Whilst in a light trance, I gave my sister an impromptu mini-reading - some life advice type thing (confirmed accurate by her). That lasted on and off for about half an hour. But this is the interesting part - towards the end, more historical information came through - totally unrelated to my sister. I did not expect that. I googled the info later - and the names and events in history, spoken through me, were accurate. These events happened in the 1800's in Australia.
    Now, a question my sister asked me was if I had ever read the info before? Good question! Yes I have read other information on the subject, years ago. I told her I wondered if I was putting myself under some sort of self hypnosis and therefore was able to recall specific information I otherwise would not be capable of remembering. However, for my money, it's the other side channelling through me. As mentioned before, this has happened to me before, but not on subjects or people I have read about at all, or heard of, etc. I also get detailed instruction at the time, on how to do things - like particular styles of painting for example.

    Anyway -

    I just thought I would let you know.

    So whilst no EVP unfortunately, (we will keep trying), we did get some rather unexpected historical information!

    Hope you are having a good day and don't mind reading this! We are going to persevere with all this!

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  13. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I don't mind at all and enjoy hearing such accounts.

    Might your sister have been exposed in younger life to that information - which she can't now recall? It's impossible to remember what you can't remember but might she have read it, heard it, seen it when she was too young for it to have registered at the time?

    If you can you eliminate that for certain then perhaps it's exactly what you've concluded. And if it is, does it have any value? Might you just be 'hearing' the witterings of a discarnate who's realised you're someone he/she can 'speak' to and will listen?

    Perhaps discarnates like just to rattle on about themselves in a similar way to incarnates?
  14. Amy

    Amy Member


    Good thought there. I will ask my sister.

    I look at disincarnates the same way I look at incarnates - they all like to acknowledged and validated, so I am happy to provide that, to a certain extent.

    Is the knowledge ramblings? Well, it doesn't seem to be so far. Well at least to me, what is shared is is very interesting. Maybe I've got someone interested in history as my doorkeeper guide? lol. They let some souls through who can impart some historical data? Dunno! But will watch this space.

    I'm interested in hearing more about your experiences, like I said. However, scrolling through the forum for it is obviously like needle searching within a haystack!

    Thanks for listening,

  15. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Folk used to say I'm a good listener. I can't tell if I am but I hope so and I do try to be. Naturally I do enjoy hearing interesting 'stuff'.

    Here's a little bit about me - it's dated but ought to still be relevant: http://afterlifeforums.com/threads/coincidence-expanded.699/

    I'm guessing there will be other bits on ALF about my limited experiences but they're likely to be dotted around and mostly provided when I think they may help someone. I don't think I talk much about myself or my experiences other than in such a context. I'm not being secretive but telling my story has to have a purpose.

    It will be interesting to hear what you learn from your sister's ideas. That you're finding your discarnate's information interesting doesn't necessarily mean it has any special relevance though. But why not ask? If the info is deliberate and targeted at you for a purpose there's no reason why you shouldn't know why. If the guy just witters on without acknowledging your asking then you can draw conclusions about him.

    My maxim is not to make things fit - don't guess at a meaning. By all means wonder and think about it but if in doubt then just ask. If the reason is that your discarnate friend senses you're interested in history that might be his reason for telling you it. No more significance than that.
  16. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member



    You'll need a broadband connection or a large data allowance if you view it on a cell phone.
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  17. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

  18. Amy

    Amy Member

    so sorry for the delayed reply Mac!

    I was in the middle of replying to you when I had to delete it all due to an interruption at the time.

    Thanks - I am looking forward to reading about your experiences/story/thoughts etc. Thanks for the link!

    My sister said that she has never studied/read about the region and history involved.
    Interestingly enough, I met a direct descendant of that time period and very similar historical event on the weekend at a party! Funny timing.
    My sister and I will be doing another EVP session next week, we hope (health pending).

    I hope you are well?
    Will have a bit of a squizz at those links now. Some links have come up with a notice that due to privacy settings, I am unable to view them here. Hopefully the one about yourself will be ok though.

  19. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I'm fine, thanks, and enjoying our wonderful summer weather in Somerset where it's raining cats and dogs - again! I have a 10K run on Sunday so wish me some good weather please. I don't care for running in the rain!

    If you haven't already done it, click on the Vimeo link above and you'll be taken to the YouTube hosting website where you should be able to watch it without any problems.
  20. Nirvana

    Nirvana Member

    Dr. Gary Schwartz says we will have all 4 components (text and video) of the SoulPhone in 2 years! 95 - 99% chance.
  21. Zac

    Zac Member

    I found this about the Soul Phone:


    They provide few details and I wonder why they don't provide more technical details for presumably non-profit projects. An open source project would seem to make the most sense for this sort of endeavor.

    Some of the their ideas include a "Soulswitch" which is described as a single bit digital (on/off) mechanism. This is what I've seen experimenting with over the past 3 years. The simplest variation (flip-flop single bit memories and circuitry to sound an alarm if they change state) of the hardware would only cost a few dollars each in quantity. It seems to me the best way to proceed is to distribute these devices to as many people as possible.

    This is a simple 2 bit version I built and sent to a friend to test:


    If spirit could repeatably change the state of the flip-flop then more detailed investigation to determine how that is accomplished would be warranted. This could be done by constructing a flip-flop using discrete transistors or microprobing an integrated circuit. Meanwhile, many people around the world could be experimenting with these devices.


    "The Soul Phone Foundation's goal is to raise one million dollars to build and test a working prototype SoulSwitch. This conservative and responsible budget consists of $450,000 for equipment and supplies, $450,000 for salaries, and $100,000 for institutional administrative fees. Funding will support the efforts of key members at the University of Arizona's Laboratory for Advancements in Consciousness and Health (LACH).

    The time frame for creating a practical SoulSwitch is totally dependent upon
    the availability of funding to complete research and development. With
    full funding, we expect to have a reliably functioning switch within two years."

    Oddly, this appeal for funds was removed from the current version of their website sometime after May 31, 2017 when the google cache snapshot was taken. Perhaps they received funding? In any case, I wonder why a million dollars would be required to develop and test a single bit memory "Soulswitch".


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  22. Nirvana

    Nirvana Member

    They did receive the funding! It's not just the SoulSwitch but SoulVoice and SoulVideo are expected to be here in 2 years!
  23. Zac

    Zac Member

    Where did you find this information? I find it hard to believe they could have phone/video working in 2 years they don't even have single bit communications working yet.
  24. Nirvana

    Nirvana Member

  25. Amy

    Amy Member

    Hi Mac,

    How'd your run go?
    Thanks for the link - I have seen Calling Earth before, quite a remarkable and very interesting doco. Thanks so much though, for posting it. (Sincerely said). My sister and I havent had another EVP attempt yet, (health issues), but hoping to very soon.

    Hope you are well,

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