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'Direct Voice' potential or something else?

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Amy, May 13, 2017.

  1. Amy

    Amy Member

    Hi I am new here.

    Thanks for reading this.

    I'm a trance medium, (although a fairly slack one I'll admit), I am looking for some insight please.

    My questions relate to direct voice mediumship, and help defining what is going on.

    I've been talking on the phone recently (mobile/cell), to two particular people (my sister and cousin, both of whom I'm close to). Nothing remarkable about that. However, they both report hearing a voice speaking to them that comes out of nowhere. "Hello" - was said very clearly - to my sister. It sounded like a formal British man speaking. Then, there was nothing more said. The following day, in a subsequent phone call to my sister, another voice spoke out of the blue, this time it was a woman, and fainter, but still clear: "Hello".

    While I was reporting all this to my cousin, a few days later over the phone, a similar thing happened. "Hello" through a lot of static, and this was said three times over a period of about 1 minute, intersected by static, each "hello" seemed to grow dimmer until there was nothing more said and no static.

    The funny thing is, I could not hear any of this! Only they could hear it. I wondered if it was their practical joke, haha, but both of them wouldn't be so mean I dont think.

    Fast forward and my daughter and I have returned to our house after shopping, to hear a voice in our hallway. This time it was quite garbled - sounded like some sort of baby dinosaur. This at first, concerned me, but I read afterwards that spirits at first can communicate in a garbled way until they get the hang of it.

    And about two weeks ago...whispers were heard on the phone again by my sister. Again, I could hear nothing.

    Thanks for getting so far. So...is this the start of what could be direct voice mediumship (which would excite me no end), or is this something else, EVP, for example? I seem to be the link/ingredient here that makes this happen?

    Please note obviously I have heard the clear voices of spirits before, as a medium, but spoken to me in my head, although I have heard them very clearly. I have never heard them speak out loud like this. (And still haven't - it seems everyone else can hear them but me, except for the hallway voice that time).

    I also saw a small but beautiful light floating in the top corner of my dark room one night while I was lying there on my bed. It was fleeting, but so nice.

    Penny for your thoughts??? Greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks!
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  2. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Who sits with you when you're working in trance? Do they hear anything other than the voice coming through you? If so then it might be the beginning of 'the direct voice' but at this point it's too early to be sure. That mode of communication, though, has always been pretty uncommon but it doesn't preclude it.

    In trance the medium may not hear the direct voice but when sitting in a circle or group others should. Without that scenario it's hard to determine the actual source although as a clairaudient medium you're familiar with voices 'in your head' so to speak.

    EVP is a possibility given the proximity of electronic equipment when the voice was heard. The frequency of this mode of communication appears to be on the rise. You might want to research this subject and try for yourself some experiments.

    There's a thread in one of the forums here discussing ITC and EVP with relevant links in it I think.
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Welcome, Amy! As you will learn from the threads that Mac mentioned, there are very advanced teams of dead researchers working closely with living researchers to try to develop an easy, reliable method of electronic communication between the living and those that we used to think were dead. We expect a cellphone app to be available within the next decade; the dead say it will be much sooner, but they have little concept of earth-time. The facts that you are a medium, and that the voices are generally saying a contact-making word ("Hello?"), suggest to me that perhaps - just perhaps! - yet another team might be trying to work with you in developing yet another kind of cellphone communication, perhaps one not even needing an app. Amy, why don't you ask your guides what is going on??
  4. Amy

    Amy Member

    Hi there and thankyou very much for your reply.

    Usually I'm alone when in a light trance as our old group folded many years ago. I'm quite shy and isolated, so no-one is around except me to hear anything. I am not in a deep deep trance at the time, so I'm aware of what's being said through my vocal cords. Usually it is beautiful messages for humanity, (that I dont share with anyone, lol, unless they ask! Hopeless hey.) Last year though, to my surprise, things seemed to rev up a bit as if I was being super tuned and I found myself using a lot of very long singing tones that seemed to amplify and reverberate a hell of a lot within me - as a way of tuning myself up prior to communication. I know it sounds quite ridiculous, but at that time I got souls speaking to me who told me historical details, and their names. When I googled their information I was quite blown away as to their accuracy. The reason I am telling you this is because I thought the voices on the cell/mobile phones and in the hallway could be a natural next step in all of this? If so, I would be so excited, but I am also aware I could be barking up the wrong tree.

    So is it possible for a direct voice medium to not hear the voices that are spoken, but for the sitters to hear them only? What 'level' of trance does a medium have to be in for this to occur? I suppose a very deep one?

    Thanks for your help, I would love to know even more about ITC and EVP. I did a bit of research after the cell and hallways voices but would ove to know more.

    Can you recommend any experiments I can do? I thought about ringing my sister and just being on the phone in silence for ten minutes to see if she could hear anything? We have asked for them to step forward and say hello (only once, and nothing came), but I should keep trying I guess!

    (Its interesting to note that I have a very good rapport with my sister and cousin - I wondered if that harmony was helping the spirit world to communicate as harmony is apparently important for direct voice circles).

    Many thanks.

  5. Amy

    Amy Member

    Hi there and thanks for your welcome. What you have written is just amazing! But I should not be surprised! Imagine an app!! Wow if that worked, it really would be revolutionary for those who are open to it! I'm very interested to learn more about these teams of researchers on both sides.

    Gee I really hope what you said is the case - that a spirit team might be trying to work with me. I know it might be a long shot, and wishful thinking. However - its worth a shot to try and keep up with this. I asked Mac the same question - can you recommend any experiments I should be doing? Should I do all the typical things - like a prayer, singing, and then ring my sister and get her to listen?

    I dont think it was a crossed line as there was no two way conversation, or a flow of conversation she could overhear - just these random" hellos" - and very clear. she said the tone was friendly - as if they wanted to say more.

    Thanks for your help.
    Its hard to know who to ask about such matters!!


    Edit: p.s my guides - I should ask them shouldnt I? So far Ive just been researching the net, listening to the Leslie Flint (famous direct voice medium) recordings etc. Tried to get his book from the library, but they didnt have it.

    Further edit: Actually I have just read/listened on your forum that Leslie Flint was on the team trying to communicate using the stations? Its interesting because his face was one of the images I received last year when I was getting all that historical info coming through. At that point I didnt know who he was, but recognised his face later! (hmmm....)
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  6. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    You should take a look at the discussions on this website concerning ITC and EVP for starters. Other information can be found online and as with any research time and effort will be needed to find what's appropriate for your needs.

    For information concerning the direct voice take a look at http://zerdinisworld.com/?s=direct+voice&submit=Search

    Research should help you decide if any are similar to what you've described.

    May I suggest caution whenever allowing discarnates to use you? They may have your best interests at heart but equally they may not and working in isolation leaves you especially vulnerable to mischief-makers. Traditionally mental and physical mediums have developed their attributes working with a dedicated support group of sitters.

    I can't recommend any form of experimentation as I don't know anything about you.
  7. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    try http://www.leslieflint.com/books - I imagine few libraries will carry such books.

    The 'soul-phone' or 'spirit phone' is an as-yet-unproven concept, an app to run on one even more remote. If they were to become reality it would make communication mediumship redundant but by the time such devices might be perfected this world likely will have moved on in ways we can hardly guess.

    Perhaps then today's high-tech smart phones and apps will look as dated a concept as the cell-phones or computers of 20 years back look now.
  8. Amy

    Amy Member

    Hi Mac,

    Thanks. I will look at those links you provided. If there are any particular parts of this forum re ITC and EVP that spring to mind, do you mind posting them here? I have had a bit of a look and a general look around on the net.

    Dont worry I sat in a pyschic development & meditation group for over 10 years, I'm kinda way past the point of worrying about disincarnates taking advantage, but I do agree with you that a group is better, however I have not had that luxury lately. We are talking of getting some sort of group back together, however. Any kind of traditional direct voice development would obviously have to be done in a harmonious group setting. :)

    I have spoken with my sister and told her about this forum. We are going to have sessions where we purposefully set aside time to see if any further communication comes over the phone. I will let you know how it goes.

    Thanks for your input and help,
  9. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member



    I had no luck searcing for EVP yet it has been discussed - it's possible one of the links above may lead to another link in one of the postings. I'll get back if I can think where else to search...
  10. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

  11. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    The search engine on this website doesn't accept - but doesn't always advise you - that the term evp is too short, or too common, (class distinction in a search engine?:eek:) for it to bother with.

    Luckily it did better with evp's but didn't find evps other than for 2017 - go figure! I've just found that 'evp' worked OK too....

    Maybe it's just me who's too dim to use a search engine effectively? :rolleyes:
  12. Amy

    Amy Member

    Hi ya,

    Ok, thanks very much for them, and for the search engine heads up. I will def have a look.

    I've been sitting here reading a lot of good info on direct voice, from the link you provided (Zerdinis.com). Thanks - it is helpful!

  13. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Glad I could help a little. :)

    George Cranley, compiler of the website's resources, online pen name 'Zerdini', was amazingly knowledgeable. He founded The Noah's Ark Society, dedicated to the study and practice of physical mediumship.

    Although not a practitioner, he was highly experienced, having sat with many well-known mediums from the last century's last decades.

    Which country do you live in?
  14. Amore

    Amore Active Member

    Hi mac and Amy!

    Just wanted to add that when a forum software doesn't accept short search terms, you can instead search for it on google while setting google to the forum address, as in here:

    117 results for evp, all on afterlifeforums.com. Hope that helps!
  15. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Amy, what has caught my eye was your saying that you had heard from not-really-dead folks that you didn't know, and they had told you things about themselves that you could independent verify by Internet searches. Did this really happen? If yes, then it's huge! Did you keep any records? Are you able to do it again, freshly, and even on cue? If indeed you can, then please send me an email through the contact block at robertagrimes.com and let's get you studied!
  16. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    That's handy! I'll give it a try next time - thanks! :)

    Could we get this stickied somewhere, Roberta, to make for fruitful searches? Or perhaps everyone else knew how to search this way already?
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  17. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Sure, we can sticky it!
  18. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Oh, not the whole thread but just the way to search here using Google as above....
  19. Amy

    Amy Member

    Hi Roberta,

    yes it did actually happen. I know you dont know me from a bar of soap, and I could be a narcissistic fool or wishful wannabe, (and the worst one of all - I was accosted by deceased impersonators)- but I honestly feel none of those things apply, and yes, it did actually happen. Yes I did keep notes at the time, as I was intrigued. As I enjoy writing, I started to put one such experience down on paper in a format that read like a story to make it enjoyable to read, but I must admit I only got half way through it, but my raw notes would still all be there, yes. But I think this can happen hon, to certain mediums, so maybe I'm not worth studying that much lol, (seriously). But I am more than willing to hear more about what you have to say! :) Many thanks for your replies too, and your amazing vote of confidence. That is surely worth gold!! :)


    P.s Edit: Sorry I just re-read your reply and I realised I didnt answer your questions fully. Could I do it again, freshly, and on cue? Well I believe I could do it again yes, probably often. But on cue? I am honestly not sure Roberta - because these things come from them (spirit world) - they kinda decide when to come - perhaps it is not so much up to me when I want it to happen? But...having said that - if I put my mental focus and sincere practice in that direction - who knows? Tell me more, if you wish.

    PPS I have learnt a lot since listening to all these direct voice and some EVP recordings! I have learnt that the other side have just quietly stepped next door - our concept of death really is obsolete - obviously I knew that before - but BOY! Is our concept of death just TOTALLY obsolete or what!? (such is the casual banter and interaction of these so called 'dead' people - they chat with us just like you and I would - it really is like having a cup of tea with the not-so-dead-people-next-door ! OMG! I find these recordings just such an eye opener! A beautiful one!). (It is not like that as a medium for me - with deceased people's relatives - where I only get bits and pieces - not a long casual exchange. However trance of 'higher' beings is kinda a bit more like a flow of their words, yes).
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  20. Amy

    Amy Member

    Thankyou Mac, and thankyou Amore,

    for your replies! :)

    I think I am going to enjoy those links, and I just got my monthly internet data refreshed too, woooo! (So I can read a lot, yay!).

    Yes, that guy Zerdini - yes - far out - what a resource! That is a really good online library almost about mediumship. Actually, it's honestly one of the best I've come across. I have bookmarked it, so I'm def going back there to read more. I've already learnt some stuff I really wanted to know from it. THANKS HEAPS for that, again.

    Noah's Ark...that is good to know too actually, very good. I didnt know there was such a thing.

    I am in Australia. At one point I lived briefly in England, like some of us Aussies do!
    I say that because you are in England, right? (profile obviously).

    Many thanks,
  21. Amy

    Amy Member

    Actually Roberta - apologies for the cumbersome postings, but, you have got me thinking now, back to that time last year when I heard/saw that historical info. Maybe you are right, my friend, just maybe, like you say - about the teams on the other side! Because all this was propelled last year when I was kinda frustrated, I wanted to know more about the pyschic process. Now I know, as a medium, that sounds rather daft - but the fact is - in my heart of true hearts - I dont know 100% for sure how I do these pyschic things - or how anyone does them for that matter. I mean - there are plausible theories - my guide talks to your guide, and passes that info on etc - BUT I wanted to do my own experiments with that. So I did. I started to use my daughter's sight cards (that was all I had) - to see if I could get what was on the back of the card pyschically, and to repeat this process over time, hoping to study the process. (I'd never used card before).

    Anyway, that time period (over about 2 weeks I think?) is when it all went BOOM, in a good way, and I started not long after, to get the accurate historical info from folks (deceased). I also became so overwhelmed by stimulii, I found the normal sounds of life quite irritating etc (traffic etc). Maybe my natural curiosity, which I have in spades, i.e "Ok guides I want to know more about EXACTLY HOW pyschic info happens" - led to me attracting a team of similar people on the other side - equally curious researchers, for example. Hell, THAT MAKES SENSE. oooH! That's when I saw Leslie Flint too. Yup, I know he's the buzz word for idiots, too, but I am pretty sure it was him as it looked a lot like him (and you must remember, it was a case of SO I WONDER WHO THAT WAS at the time ). (I only saw an image of him, I did not receive his name).

    So again, I know I sound excited, cause I am, lol, but I am reluctant to let myself get carried away. But it makes sense, doesnt it? Could it be?????? A team of researchers? Only one way to find out!!! Onwards and upwards!!
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  22. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    quote: "PPS I have learnt a lot since listening to all these direct voice and some EVP recordings! I have learnt that the other side have just quietly stepped next door - our concept of death really is obsolete - obviously I knew that before - but BOY! Is our concept of death just TOTALLY obsolete or what!? (such is the casual banter and interaction of these so called 'dead' people - they chat with us just like you and I would - it really is like having a cup of tea with the not-so-dead-people-next-door ! OMG! I find these recordings just such an eye opener! A beautiful one!). (It is not like that as a medium for me - with deceased people's relatives - where I only get bits and pieces - not a long casual exchange. However trance of 'higher' beings is kinda a bit more like a flow of their words, yes)."

    Isn't it a situation of 'horses for courses'?

    I'm an old-fashioned old Spiritualist and in our movement mediumship is primarily to provide comfort and help seekers understand that life is continuous, that death isn't the end of things and that we live on elsewhere. The role of a medium in achieving that is, then, as a go-between, someone facilitating a dialogue (or healing) that leads another on to the understanding of the notion of survival and whatever else they find from that.

    Whether mediumship is clairvoyant, clairaudient, healing or philosophical, whether it's in trance or 'live on air' matters less than the the comfort and persuasion it can bring. With EVP and ITC it's a similar situation save for there being no go-between and - dare I say it - no philosophical content. That hardly matters, of course, because a great deal about life, death and what follows in the etheric already has already been told.

    I don't think my concept of death is (quote) TOTALLY obsolete and neither is it for others who have reached a similar level of persuasion. ;)
  23. Amy

    Amy Member

    Hi Mac,

    I must be an old fashioned spiritualist too then! Agree with you my friend. And yeah, I know that 'totally' word was a bit of a stretch, but I mean humanity's as a whole.

    Many thanks,
  24. Amy

    Amy Member


    Um...ok...so something I must tell you. I was down near the bay this morning overlooking the still water and a vision of a woman's face came to me. I just 'observed' and took a mental note, not knowing who it was. I rang my sister and forgot I had that vision as my focus is terrible today as I havent slept well. I tell her about some of the things mentioned on this forum. I get home, put some lunch in the oven, go to your website - and hey presto - um, there you are!!! The woman in my vision this morning! (mind spinning). I swear I am telling you the absolute truth! In my vision it was like you do not always wear your hair that way - or colour, and you looked younger, you also had on a green or blue dress (I watched that Chicken soup guy video). I know this sounds potentially creepy, but I swear to you I am 100% sincere and this is the first time I have both 'seen' you, and seen you. lol.

    So now what?

    It's possible the great interaction here has just stimulated my pyschic radar, but um.....was it a sign? I am not sure, or was it purely me predicting what I would see this afternoon on your website? (See thats why I wanted to start my card experiments - to satisfy my own satisfaction about HOW AND WHY I see these things!) So now what?
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  25. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Amy you should calm down please. You're excited but you need to keep a level head. :)

    Try not to make things fit. Observe as objectively as you can and don't find what's not there. Please remember that none of this sounds "creepy". If apparent coincidences or premonitions are part of a bigger plan in some way allow them to happen and watch the outcome. :)

    Wait to see if unseen friends appear to be directing them and try not to over-react to what happens.
  26. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    You saw a vision of me? Oh, poor Amy! Most people see beautiful visions, dear, but... all you got was me?
  27. Amy

    Amy Member

    Hi ya Mac,

    Thanks for your help.

    Im not trying to make things fit, hence my question - why am I seeing this? I have left my post open ended, yeah? I have given suggestions, but remain confused. Edit: OH you may have meant who the vision was? Thats a fair enough statement and good advice to give, but I'm pretty certain it was Roberta, and not because I want to fill in gaps with belief because Im excited.

    No I meant creepy as in, from the outside in, it may look like I'm a stalker. (Not from your perspective but others reading this). Apologies for the cumbersome communication.

    Yeah Im excited, but also confused. Yes I have calmly observed for 20 years, yep, I just pass on the info. But I really DO wish to understand more, actually it's kinda essential to me going forward. I know I cant force the issue, but I desire to learn more. Maybe there just are no answers (and Im exhausted, lol). Edit: yeah ok, maybe I just need to chill out a bit more, and stop trying to be a knowledge control freak, let go of my need to know, and just get on with the practice/experiments etc. Thanks for your help.

    Many thanks,

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  28. Amy

    Amy Member

    Hi Roberta,

    lol. That made me smile. :) Yes I am almost 99% certain it was you, cause it looked a hell of a lot like you, except you looked a little younger in it.

    many thanks,
  29. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Amy I wish I could believe that I was actually helping a little but it's not what I'm getting..... I've looked through this whole thread yet again but remain confused what you're looking for.

    I must first make the point that you don't come over to me as a stalker; I wonder why you're concerned you might seem that way.

    I don't think you're seeing what happens here although that's understandable as you're new. The few of us here who have remained regular contributors over the years that ALF has existed have discussed many 'spooks' subjects. It's not easy to see them though because this version of the website is new. Although all the old discussion threads are apparently still available it's not easy to see 'em hence not easy to get a full flavour for what's been discussed - even if anyone were prepared to go looking. So pleased don't be concerned - we've likely seen most topics before and if not we'll know something about them or where to find info if we don't. :)

    I'm confused why after twenty years you appear to know so little about things that this non-practitioner sees as fundamentally important to a practitioner. I deliberately use the word 'practitioner' rather than 'medium' or 'psychic' because I know nothing about what you do. In a different scenario involving someone new to the things you've described, I'd be suggesting they seek someone experienced with whom they could work and from whom they could learn how their attributes might best be developed. Has anyone helped you before in such a way?

    I don't know why you feel the individual you saw (posting # 24) was Roberta when the one in the 'vision' was somewhat different to how Roberta looks now. And anyway there are plenty of photos of her that you may have seen at some point but not consciously registered/remembered. Was the experience just muddled
    half-in, half-out-of dreaming?

    You asked earlier:

    "So now what?

    It's possible the great interaction here has just stimulated my pyschic radar, but um.....was it a sign? I am not sure, or was it purely me predicting what I would see this afternoon on your website? (See thats why I wanted to start my card experiments - to satisfy my own satisfaction about HOW AND WHY I see these things!) So now what?"
    To me, what you've asked here sounds rhetorical but even if it's not there's no way for anyone to know the answers based on such limited data.

    I'm not a practitioner but what I'm getting is someone bouncing around from subject to subject, a butterfly flitting from one place to another. I'd like you to settle to give us - me - a starting point for trying to follow what you're asking about. But, then, I'm a clay-footed Taurean and baby steps towards understanding is my way. ;)

    BUT please don't think I'm dismissing or 'pooh-pooing' what you've said. I'm simply trying to piece things together and begin to make some sense of 'em. It's what I do with most topics that have relevance for me and were you to look back at my previous postings I think/hope you'd see it's the way I have mostly tried to approach subjects.
  30. Amy

    Amy Member


    Hi ya.

    hahaha, that may have something to do with the fact that prior to the weekend just now, I hadnt slept properly in over a month and a half. Consequently my writings may be a bit all over the shop, flitting from to one subject to another, and not succinctly written. My beautiful cat has been diagnosed with a brain tumour and is howling at night, keeping me up, also, I came down with a bad cold for a week. So I am not surprised you are confused, lol. I got to the point where I was a walking zombie, when Im that tired I tend to get rambling. THANKGOD I have recharged myself now with a decent night's sleep, but I still need more.

    Yes I too, would be thinking "Well, this is odd" - 20 years - but still doesnt know stuff? But just because I am able to GIVE information, does not necessarily mean that I intricately UNDERSTAND the process of HOW I do it. Like I said, Im an information control freak, lol. But read on...

    I guess I have a quest for knowledge that is deeper Mac - I am not satisfied with the usual typical responses from most mediumistic and new age ways of thinking. It's not that they may or may not be wrong, it's just that I want to know the detailed ins and outs - almost like the specific mechanics of EXACTLY HOW. There has been fairly spirited (and friendly) debate about such topics on other forums, I am happy to learn more. Im not sure if you've ever completed a Meyer's Brigg's personality examination? It is fairly spot -on - I'm an ENFP, and we see the bigger picture, and we are naturally very curious souls. It is just my natural curiousity Mac, that is all. When people have asked before "So how do you do this?" Well, I can only give them a theory really. (My guide talks to your guide etc - but does that cover all situations? When you feel there is danger around a corner, and hang back, is that your guide, or is that just you sensing?) So are you with me Mac - the fact is, in my heart of hearts, I dont know 100% FOR SURE how I receive pyschic information. The natural researcher in me wants to find out.

    Re the stalker thing, (lol). To answer your question of why would I be concerned about that? No, I'm not really concerned. But I am aware that it does look like a convenient vision - that I saw an image of Roberta, and then later that day saw her video, and realised it was her I saw. (No, I have never even heard or seen of Roberta before, so no chance of getting it mixed up there). As you probably are aware, there are a lot of charlatans online! I've witnessed so called readers create multiple user names (like up to 10), and give false readings to other usernames, and then given themselves false feedback! (Yep I left that site after a long unsuccessful process of trying to get that behaviour stopped). The point being - when things are too good to be true, they often are, so I hope my vision was not seen by others reading here as just that - convenient B.S. Yes Roberta looked a little younger in the vision I had. As to why I was shown her that way - well your guess is as good as mine. But hair (down to the highlights) and face was almost exactly the same, and the same kind of vibe as in the video?

    Ok a starting point - I just wanted to know if the voices on the phone were more an EVP thing, or perhaps the start of direct voice mediumship? (And both you and Roberta have helped me with that, so thankyou very much). I understand that my original question may not be so easy to answer, but I was just after feedback from those with more knowledge than I about EVP, in particular.

    All the further info I gave you was to give some background info about some type of things I'd done (Historical info etc) because often direct voice mediumship happens at the end, or mid way through - a medium's life. So I was trying to convey that I was not just starting out my mediumship journey. Seems I have provided too much info though and confused you?

    Anyways, if so, apologies. I hope this post has helped to clarify things a bit more.
    and you are helping Mac.

    And I totally agree - its a good idea to seek help from those who can help me develop my "attributes", so do you know of any decent physical mediums in rural Australia?? The nearest 'public' one to me, is over 3000 KMS away! Im not sure how many British miles that is, but that's like you to Spain and back, at least. Hence, I came online. Hope you can see the humour in that :) :) :) .

    Many thanks,
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