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Details about the North American Station

Discussion in 'Instrumental TransCommunication with Stations' started by mac, May 30, 2016.

  1. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    Examples please- By "lexicon" do you mean the departed use a different vocabulary than the human population? --or is it akin to something like verbal shorthand? Just curious; Haven't noticed this myself. In my experience, Spirit personalities tend to use vernacular typical to the era in which he or she lived on the physical plain; they might utilize common slang or nick-names, something like that. Obviously there exists a conceptual barrier; observations concerning Spirit's dimension that cannot be properly understood by those mired in the physical dimension.
  2. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    The "parent-child communication first" concept definitely makes sense. The human child "imprints" on ~depends on~ the parent for emotional cues (creating a sense of safety and acceptance) until the child is well into his or her teen years --and to some degree beyond even that. I'm always dismayed when I hear a child has crossed over and the family is either not accepting the situation or doesn't "believe" in the possibility of life-after connection; leaving said child feeling isolated from his or her emotional center, virtually invisible to loved ones (Yes, I've heard there are care-givers in the other dimension, that's probably the case, but this certainly doesn't replace emotional bonds created in life)

    Adult-to-adult communication (between friends or semi-distant relatives) is a sketchier proposition (adults have complicated relationships, which might include resentments and misunderstandings); I believe in some cases, the departed personality sees an adult friend or relative as being fully capable of handling grief and continuing on in an autonomous fashion --I can imagine the dis-incarnate individual thinking communication might, in some ways, impede that very necessary process.
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi, good to see you again! The transitioned dead do not seem to speak as such; rather, they actually communicate via telepathy. That's the problem with communicating with those in Summerland--one usually needs a medium to interpret their thoughts. The stations, however, are equipped with computer-like machines, and the dead can simply think their thoughts into them; the devices will then convert those thoughts into words. It's their computers that need a developed lexicon in order to achieve sophisticated communication, and we are working with the North American Station to help with this right now. The more the machines are used, the better their English-language lexicon will become.
  4. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    Hi Andrew- Yes, thank you; Having recorded Spirit speaking on-tape for many years, I'm aware of the mode of communication utilized by those in the Afterlife :) (I am, in fact, a medium). What I think you're saying is that the system will operate with the use of an English-language "bank" of sorts; something that is similar -yet undoubtedly vastly superior- to those utilized by current phonetic communication devices/apps (i.e. Digital Dowsing's Ovilus series). I read, in many cases, Sonia's clients were able to discern specific vocal characteristics intrinsic to the On-Living individual's physical voice -tone, cadence, etc. Having used the Echovox app (a random sampler, much like EVPMaker), I've found, even though this might be a somewhat rudimentary level, Spirit definitely is able to use on-board language-banks in order to sound/speak very much as they once did in life --It'll really be great to experience fluid conversation, can't wait. :)
  5. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    bumping an old thread up the forum board.....

    Early summer this year this thread produced some interesting discussions. In some of my own postings I mentioned how I'd love to get Mikey Morgan's input on the situation he sees 'over there'.

    At one point there had been some very confident suggestions that marked improvements in the clarity of communications with the North American Station could be expected by January 2017. I found that claim somewhat incautious and there was later some back-tracking about timing with up to 5 year hence later suggested as a more realistic date.

    I'm cautiously expecting Carol and Mikey to return to our forum and I will then ask Mikey to give us his unique perspective about this particular ITC attempt.

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