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Details about the North American Station

Discussion in 'ITC & Electronic Communication' started by mac, May 30, 2016.

  1. The North American Station

    Hi, Mac,

    Yes, we do have a large amount of evidence that the North American Station is being developed and that the Brazilian Station is mature and functioning well. We have hundreds of clips now from the Stations. We have been able to connect with the Brazilian Station from Illinois and have interviews we've done with a woman in spirit named Marlene who has described the North American Station at length. Her words are in Portuguese because they have come through the Brazilian Station. We've also received communication from the North American Station about the Station. Three mediums have also confirmed the development of the North American Station.

    The signals from the station are becoming stronger, steadily. One of our researchers has been connecting with her son in spirit and is connecting other parents with their children on an experimental basis. We'll do much more of that when the signal is sufficiently strong.
  2. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    Thanks for the update. I shall try to remain patient until there are good examples of clear communication using English.
  3. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    Being certain about the identity of spirit-side communicators is always difficult. What incontrovertible evidence has there been that it is actually Nikola Tesla and Monty Keen working on the project and not individuals simply claiming to be? We can't be the only individuals who wonder about such things. Evidential mediumship has always required proof that a communicator is who they claim to be. It's not unknown for mischief-makers to mislead.

    Reputable mediums know they need to obtain from their communicators evidence that can positively identify them to the intended recipient. For that to happen the clearest of communication is needed, the practitioner able to communicate effectively with discarnates and incates alike. Without clear, concise communication details may be inadequate to identify without doubt a communicator. We who are privileged to know that life goes on beyond death do not need any further persuasion about it but those who have yet to reach that stage need the highest standards of evidence that their loved ones are communicating.

    For all the criticisms about the quality of mediumship, for all the accusations of fraud, for all the claims that we humans can communicate better by doing it directly for ourselves, a medium provides a filter layer between discarnate communicator and incarnate recipient. The third party medium should be objective about the communication they bring. Without such objectivity isn't there a real risk that eager recipients may be unable to maintain a distance from their communicator until they've positively established, on every occasion, that their communicator is who they seem to be?
  4. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    When I'm considering the nature of the etheric 'stations' I find it helpful to generate a mental picture of the actual location and I can't believe I'm the only one to ponder what it/they might look like.

    Roberta describes "...large, solid, machinery-filled places...." but is that more likely just her own mental image? Or has the spirit-side team described them that way? I can certainly envisage a location but 'machinery-filled' feels like it might be inspired by the way early computers looked.

    What I see in my mind's eye is a structure, or perhaps a number of them, where a concentration of thought is focussed into creating a 'portal' from one dimension/level to that of our own. Rather than it being filled by machinery I see a 'point-source location' where the as-yet indefinable energy of our spirit friends is concentrated to interact with equipment in our physical world. A place where former earth scientists learn how to manipulate the scientific laws of our dimension in ways they never knew how to when incarnate.

    I'd guess it needs the concentrated etheric mental energy of several, perhaps many, spiritually evolved individuals, working towards the creation of a 'communication point' intended to become permanent in a similar way to how other etheric structures, created for community use of discarnates, are described. Rather than a huge industrial-looking building a comfortable, intimate communal one sounds to me much more fit for purpose.

    The development of the Brazilian Station appears to be well advanced and functioning and that may provide a model for other stations to serve geographical locations. Logically, though, the eventual aim must surely be to have a station (or perhaps a number of stations) to cater for the many languages found in this world.

    Their geographical location would have little importance other than for efficient end-user connections, the practicalities of our electronic world wide web.
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    You are certainly not the only one who wonders what the Stations might look like, Mac--I'd say we're all curious! However, since the Stations exist on a solid, spiritual plane of existence, we do know some details about what they look like. The image that Roberta described is not her own mental imagining of the North American Station; she is rather paraphrasing an eye-witness account.

    Craig Hogan, as he mentioned above, has been in contact with the Brazilian Station, which is able to send much more intricate messages at the moments. A Brazilian spirit communicated to him in Portuguese--the message was later translated into English by Sonia Rinaldi, if I remember correctly--a description of the newer North American Station. She said it was bigger and more technologically advanced than the Brazilian one. There are tables that one sits at, and it seems as though these are the machines through which one communicates. I suppose it is larger because far more people speak English than Brazilian Portuguese, so those in Spirit expect it to get more use. In any case, I suspect that this is the account Roberta was describing above.

    This anecdote also illustrates your point, that the geographical location of the earth-plane communicator is of no importance to the communication process. Craig is based in Illinois, and yet he was able to communicate with the Brazilian Station. Similarly, experimenters in England have gotten responses from the North American Station. All that seems to matter is that one speaks the correct language--or has a translator, in Craig's case.

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