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Details about the North American Station

Discussion in 'ITC & electronic communication' started by mac, May 30, 2016.

  1. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    "Dead experimenters are literally creating a permanent channel between there and here. They refer to it as "laying fiber-optic cable," and indeed we understand that the process involves spiritual light in some fashion, but I don't think that even Craig Hogan and Gary Schwartz (the two leading living U.S. experimenters) fully understand what the dead are doing. All we know is that they have created some large, solid, machinery-filled places called "stations" where people in their world will congregate to converse with loved ones in our world, while people here will be able to chat with those loved ones either by computer (initially) or by cell phone app (eventually, we think)."

    The claims made are conjecture - not based on fact. Much as I would like them to become reality, from what I've learned about the next dimension(s) it's unlikely in any foreseeable future.

    Experimenters in this dimension have little idea what's happening in the next; I wonder if they actually have any idea because their co-operators are unable to adequately describe what they are doing. I'm totally unpersuaded that (quote) "....they have created some large, solid, machinery-filled places called "stations"......." which will one day function like automatic telephone switchboards.

    From what we've been told about the next dimension it's one where thought can create objects that appear to be solid and real. We've argued time and time again what solid and real mean and whether the science of one dimension is compatible with another. But we've yet to see just one way of achieving basic predictable, reliable, repeatable interaction between one dimension and another. To suggest we'll all be able to chat using electronic equipment with our discarnate loved ones is pie-in-the-sky. It's a lovely notion but only a notion. If it were to happen I would have to admit I was wrong. I don't see me doing it in this lifetime. :D

    During the Scole Experiment days one simple aim was to achieve predictable, reliable and repeatable inter-dimensional communication. Some of us will know how that turned out despite all the effort put in.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I'm going to disagree with you here, Mac. I'm a poor substitute for Craig's expertise, but allow me to take a crack at explaining why. We do have fairly reliable communication already--it's just not in English. The Brazilian Station, which was largely developed by Sonia Rinaldi, has much clearer communications, and Sonia has reconnected hundreds of parents with their deceased children in recent years. The dead use a sort of lexicon that they need to gradually develop in each language. We are currently working to develop one in English, but the Portuguese lexicon is apparently quite large already. It would be great if we could get Sonia to join this forum--I believe she does speak English.

    I'm not sure that the stations will function like automatic telephone switchboards, but the rest is what Craig and Sonia have been told by those at the Stations. The North American Station apparently has machines that look like tables, and one sits at the tables and telepathically relays his or her thoughts to the machine, which transmits them to the researcher on earth. I intend to verify these details myself in future sessions with the Station.

    To be fair, ITC would have been much more difficult during the days of the Score Experiment. Technology has become much cheaper and much better, and that, I believe, is one of the keys that will help to demystify after-death communication.
  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    quote: "I'm not sure that the stations will function like automatic telephone switchboards....."

    I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear. In my response I conflated two postings.

    In posting #8 Roberta had described how you asked for your grandma and the answer was initially 'no' then almost immediately it became 'yes'. How did that happen? Who answered 'no' before your gran quickly appeared? Was someone staffing the communication device and able to near-instantly find your nan because they knew her or had you made a prior arrangement for her to be near?

    Roberta described in posting #7 paragraph 2) a solid, machinery-filled place etc. Mixing from her words, then, two images in my mind I ended up with a picture of a telephone exchange (old folk like me know what they are) where somebody answered the call you made to your gran and quickly 'transferred' it to her. Building on what she described for the future I saw in my mind's eye an eventual, etheric 'automatic exchange' where 'calls' in either direction would be directed to the intended recipient.

    Such an image has no persuasion for me.
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I'm not sure who was communicating with me at the Station before my grandmother appeared, Mac. If I had to guess, I would say it was one of the teams of researchers who are working to strengthen the signal; it would make sense to me that they would perform the word repetitions, for example. Montague Keen and Nikola Tesla both supposedly responded when I asked if they were there--Craig sent out a list of known scientists working with the Station on the other side, and they were the only two from the list who responded--but it will take more evidence to convince me that I was indeed in contact with such prominent researchers.

    In any case, I don't think that the call was "transferred" to my grandmother. It seems more logical that my grandmother, after I vocally requested her presence, went to Station in order to begin communicating. In other words, I don't think anyone else had to contact her. Moreover, when I asked her if she was communicating directly from the station or from elsewhere, she confirmed that she was at the Station. (Another possibility is that my grandmother was simply waiting there already, and that the "phone was passed" to her, so to speak, after I finished the word repetitions.)
  5. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    quote: "I'm going to disagree with you here, Mac. I'm a poor substitute for Craig's expertise, but allow me to take a crack at explaining why. We do have fairly reliable communication already--it's just not in English. The Brazilian Station, which was largely developed by Sonia Rinaldi, has much clearer communications, and Sonia has reconnected hundreds of parents with their deceased children in recent years. The dead use a sort of lexicon that they need to gradually develop in each language. We are currently working to develop one in English, but the Portuguese lexicon is apparently quite large already. It would be great if we could get Sonia to join this forum--I believe she does speak English."

    I've heard about Sonia Rinaldi but would need to know more about the Brazilian Station and it would be nice to ask questions and hear the messages to judge the level of clearness. I've heard the claims - I need facts.

    I'm not as accepting as some would have it but can be persuaded by good evidence.
  6. The North American Station

    Hi, Mac,

    Yes, we do have a large amount of evidence that the North American Station is being developed and that the Brazilian Station is mature and functioning well. We have hundreds of clips now from the Stations. We have been able to connect with the Brazilian Station from Illinois and have interviews we've done with a woman in spirit named Marlene who has described the North American Station at length. Her words are in Portuguese because they have come through the Brazilian Station. We've also received communication from the North American Station about the Station. Three mediums have also confirmed the development of the North American Station.

    The signals from the station are becoming stronger, steadily. One of our researchers has been connecting with her son in spirit and is connecting other parents with their children on an experimental basis. We'll do much more of that when the signal is sufficiently strong.
  7. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Thanks for the update. I shall try to remain patient until there are good examples of clear communication using English.
  8. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Being certain about the identity of spirit-side communicators is always difficult. What incontrovertible evidence has there been that it is actually Nikola Tesla and Monty Keen working on the project and not individuals simply claiming to be? We can't be the only individuals who wonder about such things. Evidential mediumship has always required proof that a communicator is who they claim to be. It's not unknown for mischief-makers to mislead.

    Reputable mediums know they need to obtain from their communicators evidence that can positively identify them to the intended recipient. For that to happen the clearest of communication is needed, the practitioner able to communicate effectively with discarnates and incates alike. Without clear, concise communication details may be inadequate to identify without doubt a communicator. We who are privileged to know that life goes on beyond death do not need any further persuasion about it but those who have yet to reach that stage need the highest standards of evidence that their loved ones are communicating.

    For all the criticisms about the quality of mediumship, for all the accusations of fraud, for all the claims that we humans can communicate better by doing it directly for ourselves, a medium provides a filter layer between discarnate communicator and incarnate recipient. The third party medium should be objective about the communication they bring. Without such objectivity isn't there a real risk that eager recipients may be unable to maintain a distance from their communicator until they've positively established, on every occasion, that their communicator is who they seem to be?
  9. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    When I'm considering the nature of the etheric 'stations' I find it helpful to generate a mental picture of the actual location and I can't believe I'm the only one to ponder what it/they might look like.

    Roberta describes "...large, solid, machinery-filled places...." but is that more likely just her own mental image? Or has the spirit-side team described them that way? I can certainly envisage a location but 'machinery-filled' feels like it might be inspired by the way early computers looked.

    What I see in my mind's eye is a structure, or perhaps a number of them, where a concentration of thought is focussed into creating a 'portal' from one dimension/level to that of our own. Rather than it being filled by machinery I see a 'point-source location' where the as-yet indefinable energy of our spirit friends is concentrated to interact with equipment in our physical world. A place where former earth scientists learn how to manipulate the scientific laws of our dimension in ways they never knew how to when incarnate.

    I'd guess it needs the concentrated etheric mental energy of several, perhaps many, spiritually evolved individuals, working towards the creation of a 'communication point' intended to become permanent in a similar way to how other etheric structures, created for community use of discarnates, are described. Rather than a huge industrial-looking building a comfortable, intimate communal one sounds to me much more fit for purpose.

    The development of the Brazilian Station appears to be well advanced and functioning and that may provide a model for other stations to serve geographical locations. Logically, though, the eventual aim must surely be to have a station (or perhaps a number of stations) to cater for the many languages found in this world.

    Their geographical location would have little importance other than for efficient end-user connections, the practicalities of our electronic world wide web.
  10. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    You are certainly not the only one who wonders what the Stations might look like, Mac--I'd say we're all curious! However, since the Stations exist on a solid, spiritual plane of existence, we do know some details about what they look like. The image that Roberta described is not her own mental imagining of the North American Station; she is rather paraphrasing an eye-witness account.

    Craig Hogan, as he mentioned above, has been in contact with the Brazilian Station, which is able to send much more intricate messages at the moments. A Brazilian spirit communicated to him in Portuguese--the message was later translated into English by Sonia Rinaldi, if I remember correctly--a description of the newer North American Station. She said it was bigger and more technologically advanced than the Brazilian one. There are tables that one sits at, and it seems as though these are the machines through which one communicates. I suppose it is larger because far more people speak English than Brazilian Portuguese, so those in Spirit expect it to get more use. In any case, I suspect that this is the account Roberta was describing above.

    This anecdote also illustrates your point, that the geographical location of the earth-plane communicator is of no importance to the communication process. Craig is based in Illinois, and yet he was able to communicate with the Brazilian Station. Similarly, experimenters in England have gotten responses from the North American Station. All that seems to matter is that one speaks the correct language--or has a translator, in Craig's case.
  11. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    It seems, Andrew, that it would be possible to ask specific questions and receive replies from team members. That being the situation, surely I can't be the only person eager to learn more to add to the sketchy details provided thus far?

    For example, what are the 'machines'? I'm getting a mental picture of a big building equipped with areas kitted out like computer stations each equipped with a communications device. If that's right, what is the device like? - big, small, using a microphone or a telepathic interface? That's surely possible to answer without needing technical terms. After all we ordinary mortals can describe a computer even if we can't give a technical explanation of how it works.

    How the device works would need a scientist to explain but surely one could hint at that? Has anyone asked?

    Is there a need for a big building or was that just a designer's whim? After all, how many mortals even know about what's being claimed for ITC, English speaking or other? The number is likely, I suggest, to be minuscule. How many Portugese speaking individuals are routinely communicating, one wonders, with loved ones? How much more 'space' will be needed 'over there' for that purpose in the future? However much it is there is no limit and additional space could be created almost in the blink of any eye, etheric matter being readily malleable to thought.

    So much just does not make sense to my questioning mind and I'm left wondering about the reliability/credibility of the reported eye-witness account. I can't be the only individual with questions about these and other issues....

    Would that Mikey Morgan were still around the ALF pages to give a fly-on-the-wall account of how he sees things. :(

    Last edited: May 31, 2016
  12. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Mac,

    Yes, it is possible to ask specific questions and receive specific answers. Of course, we are all eager for a detailed description of one of the stations. The issue for the moment, however, is the signal strength from the North American Station. I am formatting the questions I ask so that the majority of them can be answered with words consisting only of two syllabes, the rationale being that a section of the gibberish could too easily be mistaken for a one-syllable words, and that the signal is simply too weak to form longer words right now. The other problem is that it is often difficult to find the brief responses in ten or twenty seconds of gibberish--and it gets even harder when one doesn't know what one is looking for.

    I have just spoken with my grandmother a little while ago, and I was able to get a few details. She confirms that she communicates directly through a machine at the Station, and said that there were "lots of people [there]" this morning. She herself was joined by two other family members. I'll post a subtitled video of the exchange when I get a chance. We are getting more details with each passing day, but it will be a slow process until we are able to get longer answers.

    To answer a couple of your other questions, Sonia Rinaldi has connected over 160 parents with their deceased children in a single month according to AfterlifeInstitute.org, so it sounds to me as though quite a few people are using the Brazilian Station, (which is not to be confused with the European Portuguese Station, known as Rio do Tempo, or the Time-stream Station). My Portuguese is not particularly good, but I will likely attempt to contact one of these stations soon in hope of getting a detailed response. If I am successful, I'll post a translation of what I receive. In the meantime, here are a couple of recordings that Sonia has done in English--the Brazilian Station seems to have a very limited English lexicon--the quality is absolutely amazing compared to what we're getting.

    I certainly agree though that it would be wonderful to hear an eyewitness account from Mikey regarding the Station.
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  13. The North American Station

    We do have sketchy descriptions of the North American Station from Marlene. She says it is "luxurious." It is very large, with many "tables." Sonia says she has heard them refer to tables before, and she interprets them as being tables with sound devices on them. The North American Station has many, and will be a central broadcasting place. Marlene has actually relocated herself there from the Brazilian Station and broadcasts from there.

    As for the nature of their reality, in other contexts, we hear repeatedly that the next planes of life are just like the earth plane. The earth plane is just another spiritual plane. So the plane where the North American Station is will have buildings, pathways, homes, rivers, mountains, wild animals, artisans who decorate, and all the other things we have, but none of the negatives, such as blizzards, arid deserts, biting insects, predatory animals, disease, and so on. As a result, the North American Station will have sound equipment using technologies we don't have, but using devices that must be constructed. The Station will look like a broadcasting station on the earth plane or a laboratory, with many tables containing sound equipment. There is a "machine" that would be more like a computer, I would guess, that has components that must be designed and assembled. They have to experiment with it and work at improving it.

    Love, peace, and Joy
  14. Nirvana

    Nirvana Active Member

    That is good quality, but the child sounds like an audio clip from a Disney movie. Are there more realistic-seeming recordings?
  15. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I'm sure they exist--Sonia Rinaldi has been doing this for a while, after all--but I haven't been able to find any clips other than those two. I'm not sure if Sonia has a website of her own. Craig, do you know where we might find more of her recordings? Even if they are in Portuguese, I could always provide a translation.
  16. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Thank you for another wonderful post, Craig! I cannot stress what you say here enough! I have studied quite a few narratives from newly-dead authors, and every author goes to great pains to stress just how solid and "earthly" the Summerland is. For example, an author once mentioned how one could stick one's finger in the dirt, and there would be dirt under the fingernail afterwards--just like on earth.

    As far as construction goes, I have read that highly-advanced beings can often "think" buildings and houses into creation, but many accounts also mention that things can be built "the old-fashioned way," so to speak. There are even what we would call construction workers in the Summerland according to some accounts, although this sort of work is not looked down upon at all there, as it might be by some on earth, because the working conditions there are always joyous!

    So, when the dead tell us that they are in a solid building, communicating to us through machines, I take them at their word!
  17. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Thanks, Craig, for your response. I hope you won't think me difficult but I am struggling to make sense of what I've been hearing. It appears, though, that I'm on my own in asking questions to try to understand the vague picture painted by unseen friends.

    I'm very familiar with the way life and conditions in the etheric have been described over decades. Indeed I have addressed members here and elsewhere passing on to the best of my limited ability details communicated by teachers, guides and inhabitants alike and what I have learned from my own helpers. What doesn't fit into the picture, however, are these new structures about which we have little information. Or the mechanisms deployed in communicating with incarnates. All that is novel and different and something that interests me deeply.

    In the past I've argued that we know nothing of the sciences of the next dimension(s) and whether they're in any sense compatible with those of this physical dimension. Even whether the materials found there are similar to our own, elements found in The Periodic Table. I'm no longer in science but I still try to approach matters analytically.

    The Brazilian Station is working so what communication devices were constructed for it? Who made them and how? Will similar devices be constructed to use in the North American one? You say you would guess that a computer-like device built from components would have to be designed and assembled. If they're built using components they would have to be fabricated. Perhaps your guess is right but is it based on earth knowledge and experience or is it what your discarnate counterparts have told you?

    The Brazilian station is proof of concept already because it exists and is operating. Why, then, do we have nothing more than sketchy details about this amazing technology I am asking myself? Are our scientists not asking similar questions?
  18. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Thanks for the statistics concerning the number of Station users. My arithmetic indicates that an average 5 parent-couples per day would be using the South American station with (probably) around half that number of children actually in the etheric Station building.

    If it's a different 160 each month then it's a lot of parents and chidren re-united but hardly a great number needing a big building from which to reach out to their parents. I'm not being awkward simply trying to figure the logistics and understand what I've been hearing.

    Neither am I doubting the recordings but I'm trying to make sense of what they mean. The quality/clarity of them is less important to me than the overall picture which at the moment is so fragmented I'm unable to generate the personal mental image so important to my understanding.

    I would have loved to hear Mikey Morgan's perspective, figurative as well as literal, about these etheric communication stations. I'd have valued his telling us what he could see outside and inside them. In the past his words have resonated for me (even though we haven't always agreed) and from his words I usually felt I could 'see' what he saw and described of his experiences.
  19. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    (Just a quick note: I've separated this conversation and my posts about my ITC sessions into two separate threads. Much of the discussion is about the North American and Brazilian Stations in general, rather than about my own work, and I don't want to disrupt the flow of the conversation when I upload more videos later this week.)

    I understand what your skepticism, Mac, as well as your desire to see the larger picture--I only ask that you be patient as we wait for more details. If the signal were stronger, I would gladly do hour-long sessions so that we could get a very detailed description of what is going on!
  20. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Andrew I totally concur with your moderating in this way and separating out our discussions into separate threads. :)

    I'm shortly going a step further myself by starting a thread to express my general thoughts on transdimensional communication etc. That will leave this thread for comments primarily concerning the North American Station.

    Thus far there's really only we two discussing anything in depth anyway but it should help me avoid wandering.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2016

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