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Craig's Sessions with the North American Station

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Andrew, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Everyone!

    A few days ago, Craig and Rob recorded a session with Marlene, our contact at the Brazilian Station. They asked the questions English, but expected Portuguese answers and asked me to translate the recording. When I listened to the audio file, I was amazed to hear a voice clearly and immediately say, "English. I will start"--Marlene, who also speaks English, had gone to the North American Station to answer the questions, and she had been able to do so fairly clearly! Some of the responses are less clear, but this is still a real breakthrough for English-language communication, especially when one considers that Craig and Rob used Portuguese gibberish made from Marlene's voice to record the session. Craig has generously allowed me to post a video of the session below, so that everyone can hear this session!

    I thought I'd make a new thread for this, so that if Craig and Rob have other recordings that they'd like to post in the future, we can easily add them here.

  2. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Established Member

    Hi Andrew how do you "choose" or select between the diferent stations? its a different methodology for each one? or do you say aloud I want to reach station X?
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I usually state the name of the station at the beginning of my sessions, but I don't know whether that is necessary. If you ask to speak to a specific person, you should theoretically connect to the appropriate station, just as Craig did with Marlene in the recording above. The recording method is more or less the same for each station, but we use difference gibberish for different people depending on the situation. In the video above, Craig is using gibberish that was made from a recording of Marlene's earthly voice.
  4. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    This is amazing! That ANYTHING intelligible can be received from stations on a vibratory level so much higher than the physical, and that the people talking are documented to be folks that we used to think were dead, is all by itself so far beyond extraordinary that I think we don't feel sufficient wonder as we listen to it. This is like hearing from someone living on a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri! And to me, the most wonderful aspect of all is the fact that dead experts are determined now to turn electronic communication between their world and ours into just another usual thing. Like calling up Grandma in Newark. No biggie.

    We do indeed live in extraordinary times....
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I agree! We are privileged to have a front-row seat to these incredible breakthroughs. The most prominent discoveries and inventions of humankind are but trifles compared to this work!

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