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Coronavirus conversations

Discussion in 'Carol and Mikey Q&A 'follow-on-discussions'' started by mac, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's natural for humankind to worry about anything that appears to be a threat. We're hard-wired to do that after all and those who remain close to the earth plane will naturally pick up our anxieties. Telling us not to worry is pointless because worrying isn't a choice we make - events cause us to worry. We don't choose to worry and may be emotionally unable to stop. It's as pointless as telling someone who isn't a worrier to become one, to start worrying.

    That's good to hear when so many are experiencing major difficulties.

    Speaking only for myself I've never been concerned about this world coming to an end but I hope Mikey's words may reassure those who are. But this virus appears to be a significant threat to the lives we've led up to this point and the world we've grown to know. How the world's populations reacts remains to be seen. It would be great to know we're all gonna work together, that national governments are gonna co-operate with others and with NGOs, that rivalries of all kinds will be set aside, that big businesses will abandon their bottom line and turn to producing what is immediately needed in vast, and expensive, quantities. And that all will work together to deal with this virus. Even as I'm writing it sounds like pie-in-the-sky and a huge sea-change would be needed for even some of those aspects to come to fruition!

    Thanks for that reassurance because elsewhere I've read suggestions/intimations it might have been. That sounded nonsense to me and Mikey's words seem to confirm it.

    I see it as a re-balancing in a world whose values need re-balancing. Not cleansing this virus but quarantining it followed by a 'reboot' of the operating system. Quite whether that will happen on account of Covid 19 remains to be seen and 'short-termism' may continue - get through the immediate crisis, get things settled down and then 'back-to-business'. Unless I'm mistaken one prominent individual is already advocating that in a matter of weeks albeit not in so many words.

    Putting it that way makes it sound like the stuff 'hippy new-agers' spout on about. Such words mean little to average Joe's and Josephine's battling their way through incarnate life. What the next generations would more likely respond to is a call for us to stop trashing this world and to adopt more socialist values - that would include nations funding research and paying for what's needed. And that means the average gal and guy paying more tax because money doesn't grow on trees.

    Beyond those last points I won't go because we don't do political (or religious) discussions on ALF. ;) Try Twitter if you're so minded.

    Yes it could but we'll have to wait to see if - and by how much in the longer term - it actually will.

    One of the biggest recent pandemics was the so-called Spanish Flu. The CDC indicates about 500 million were infected worldwide and 50 million died. The present situation is different for the moment but that could change rapidly. Yes we should be better placed to respond to Covid 19 but there's no guarantee we'll do better.

    It remains to be seen whether humankind is more prepared and better able to respond to this threat.

    As with all apparently-negative events there will also be positive outcomes, both of them resulting in spiritual growth. We who are privileged to understand that situation are in a better position to respond differently from those who don't. Whether there's enough of us to significantly alter the shape of the future is moot; mac isn't optimistic but would be delighted to be wrong.

    As so often it's a yes and/or maybe situation - death because of the virus may be a potential exit point but it may not. My layman view is that for the majority it won't be because Mikey has indicated there was no spirit orchestration of the current situation.

    ps As previously I'll shortly be moving my responses out of this C&M Q&A thread so that it's mostly just Mikey's words that will be seen here.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2020
  2. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Hi Mac,
    This is Carol right now. :)
    Mikey tries to calm me as I need that right now with my job . I understand what you say about worry, but Mikey does help me immensely in this area as I tend to have a problem with this at times. I have improved a lot knowing what I know through him. That is why I'm here and went public with my story. I want to give hope. *Watching the World News tonight made me feel ill. Even the music they use is very intense and dramatic. No wonder anxiety is getting so very high. That is a health crisis in and of itself from what I see at the hospital. We need some kind of hope! I wish they would stop being like that. I work in the scene, and we remain level headed!
    Mikey stands strong that spirit did not place that virus here. That is not how this dimension works. (I'm guessing some think we are being punished for something, which is so off based or that it is the devil.) Mikey uses the word reboot to give us a simple understanding that things here need to reset and regroup. Rebalancing is also a good term. I do think it is an eye opener.
    Knowing what I know makes this easier for me. I know even if I was to get sick and pass, it's truly not the end! What is truly real is Home. But this is one tough school right now!
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
  3. Tseeker

    Tseeker New Member

    Hi Carol and Mikey. I personally identify with what you say. Mikey’s words are always comforting and I would say being here and learning what I’ve learn from you, Mikey, Mac, Roberta and many others has made these times somewhat easier to handle. I don’t watch news anymore either. They are terrible. Thank you for keeping your head leveled and doing your job at a location that is probably the center of the storm so to speak. I commend you and all of those health professionals who are putting their life’s at risk trying to help others. For them are the higher realms for sure.
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It wasn't about you personally I made my remark, Carol and I hope you're not upset. I do realise you work in the medical field and caring professionals like yourself naturally do worry about what they're doing and how things are working out. It's totally understandable that Mikey will try to calm his mom who's under such stress.

    Again I'm sorry if my words hurt you but I meant them as a general observation about folk who are worried by all manner of things that are affecting them and their families right now and will continue to affect them into an uncertain future over many difficult months.

    I do understand your points. There needs to be hope but there also needs to be realism and some folk just ain't gettin' the message or applying simple common sense. As I'm sitting here typing this piece my wife and I have been discussing our own situation here in this country and how we're going to stay away from others.

    We went hiking yesterday expecting to be out on open desert trails and away from people. Jeez how wrong we got that! Even though we expected it to be busy it was a shock just how many were hiking the same, narrow trails. Keep 6 feet apart? Don't get me going! Some appeared to be trying to stay away but how do you pass each other on a trail that's 4 to 5 feet wide at most? And we were close to probably a couple of hundred individuals on the trail as we passed close by one another. We've abandoned any thoughts of future trail hiking because so many others will be doing that too - we'd be as stupid as they. I am angry and feel stupid for even visiting the park.

    And as I'm writing there's a bunch of old farts like me sitting close together on a tiny deck eating and drinking - some will have COPD, some will have hard heart attacks, will suffer with high BP etc. All of them in the age bracket with health conditions that put them in the high-risk category. Despite the 6' rule emphasised with as little association as possible these bird-brains are taking not a scrap of notice - oy vey! Hope is fine but right now there's little to feel positive about.

    That's how I'd already been guided. I had no doubt it wasn't spirit engineered.

    I'm sure you're right and I've been hearing from my park neighbors that "The good lord will take me if it's my time."

    For years if not decades an influenza pandemic like H1N1 after World War 1 has been feared by specialists in the field. I suppose it could be said to have been inevitable.... But how the global population of 7 billion will adapt to a world likely to be very different potentially facing problems of huge magnitude for years to come we can only guess at.
    The term 'reboot' is often used to signify restarting a computer to fix glitches and poor running but what's happening now is the equivalent of a major (electronic) virus attack on the operating system resulting in it being progressively destroyed; unable even to restart successfully and eventually failing totally and needing a fresh install to get going again. That's a frightening possibility for this world and the number and the magnitude of the changes we're likely to see can scarcely be quantified at this time.

    Knowing what I do I'm not afraid of death either, Carol BUT the world I'll be living in - I won't die for some time - will be so different from anything known (apart from a few survivors of WWII) that I'm expecting major changes that will become apparent in the remainder of this year and beyond. I find the prospect of them very depressing.

    I just pray I'm hopelessly wrong and being unduly pessimistic. :(
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2020
  5. kim

    kim Regular Contributor

    I couldn't agree with you more Mac. Why do you suppose so many humans are such worry-warts? I worry, but I know it is useless.
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Folk have said to me on occasion "You worry too much." to which I reply "I worry by the right amount." ;)

    Worry isn't necessarily useless because by thinking about 'stuff' - worrying - one may come up with a solution to a problem. Sit back and switch off and you're relying on what/whom for a solution? Something just happening, someone else providing the solution to your problem? Fine if that's your preference.

    Of course if someone is worried by everything no matter how trivial, if they're paralysed by fear and uncertainty, then they may need professional support. But if it's just common-or-garden concern/worry about the everyday things in life that will eventually sort out in one way or another then I don't see worry as an issue.
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's your right, of course, to not watch or listen to the news - it might not matter whether you do or whether you don't but listening to or watching it might mean you could learn about something you could do to help - volunteering for example.

    In the UK 405,000 citizens have responded to a request for volunteers to help. Without seeing or hearing the news somewhere how would they have known about the request for help? Maybe over here American citizens could do the same?
  8. Tseeker

    Tseeker New Member

    Mac. I appreciate your comment (specially since through this forum I’ve learn to respect your vast knowledge and argumentative talent with an extensive vocabulary perfectly used for each occasion) and commend the citizens of the UK for their massive number of volunteers. Not sure there is a need to compare that with what Americans do or don’t do here but I believe your intention is to invite Americans to follow the same path; which is perfectly fine. That’s not to say Americans don’t volunteer or that news outlets are the only way to learn about volunteering opportunities. I use myself as an example. I only check the CDC website to retrieve official/objective information and the company I work for to learn about volunteering opportunities and/or donations to those in the front lines. To your point yes news outlets can help learn about volunteering opportunities but is also true that there are other means as well. Thanks for all you do in this forum and for this forum. Please stay safe!
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Thank you for your generous words.

    I agree totally that there's no need to compare what American do or don't do and I didn't actually compare citizens of one country with citizens from the other. All I suggested - as you observed - was that Americans might want to do something similar.

    Judging by what I hear and see the situation is deteriorating here in the USA somewhat rapidly and volunteers in health and social care might soon be very helpful. National news broadcasts might reach many individuals quicker than even via the web and the social media.

    Not all individuals have or want web access but may be interested in knowing what's going on in their nation, however bad the news. Without TV and radio news broadcasts they'd be in the dark, perhaps also without vital health guidance.
    Tseeker likes this.
  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It looks possible, perhaps very likely, that this Covid 19 situation has a long way to go and that things will get a lot worse before they get better.

    In the UK we've been told we could face a year of restrictions of one sort or another. If that turns out to be correct then it's also likely that many, perhaps most, other countries and nations will also face long periods of unprecedented restrictions.

    Our world looks set to change in ways we can foresee and in others we're unlikely to anticipate. My guess is that few of the early changes will be seen as positive or beneficial but in time some of them may turn out that way. But all that will happen in a future that for the moment looks very bleak and very uncertain indeed. Perhaps one certainty though will be that citizens of all countries will have to pay more in taxes to make the longer-term changes essential to deal with the next pandemic. Yes the next pandemic because this won't be the last!

    Countries like my own will have to train more medical workers and provide better facilities and vastly more of them. Even before Covid 19 we've been on the bare bones of our arses in terms of medical provisions. Even in summer most services have been severely stretched and waiting times for treatment have become longer and longer. We're desperately short of nurses and doctors and it's been getting that way over years rather than months.

    We need more hospitals and clinics but have neither the money to build them nor the space to site them - ours is a tiny, poky sliver of land, s0mething sharply contrasting with my winter home state where there is spare land in abundance. Yet we have to have more hospitals if our tiny country isn't going to look and feel like a third world one.

    We can't find that money from the country's piggy-bank. We will have to borrow on the world market. That will have profound political costs but ALF is a no-politics website so that's as far as I will go along that particular path other than to say many other countries are likely to face similar problems of huge amounts of borrowing. Perhaps one positive point is that interest rates are at all-time lows! We should borrow all we can but invest it wisely in the future of all of our nations and countries. And we should ring-fence additional taxes so they get turned into long-term national benefits - that's not politics it's basic economics!

    As I expected, Mikey confirmed that our friends unseen are well aware of the new situation and concerned for our world. But they didn't bring it about and I have no doubt at all they're not in charge and not changing anything. This is down to us to sort. I'm equally sure, though, that our friends unseen will inspire certain incarnates in directions that should help overall and in the long run it may be argued that this world will have experienced a spiritual shift forward, even if by only a minuscule amount. But I seriously doubt it will bring about the spiritual sea-change so often heralded, predicted, promised. My guess is that will remain pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking. ;)

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