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Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Unexpected, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    This thread is a result of a poll conducted by another ALF member who was interested in knowing what ways loved ones visit us (objects, feelings, sounds, smells, sights.) That opened up a lot of questions about what I shared and I was asked to share that in a separate post so I'm obliging in hopes it helps someone.

    I think of communication with him in terms of "before" and "after" the self-guided afterlife connections.


    1. Impressing words/feelings - WORDS: the morning after his physical passing, a mutual friend of ours said something to me that only he had ever said to me. This friend later also called me a name that only he ever called me. At his funeral, 1 of his cousins said something to me to that was personal and "him", another cousin said the exact same thing my friend had said the day after he died that only he had ever said.
    Another time, he had sent me cold chills and I was trying to figure out what to call them. I had just picked up my oldest from school and we were waiting on my other child. She was on her phone and I was making notes about the moment, I had just typed out - I don't know what to call them and was thinking and out of nowhere my daughter said "cold chills". I smiled and looked at her and asked her why she said that, she said she didn't know and laughed. FEELINGS: I could feel these light touches at times on my arms and my face. They were very light but enough to get my attention. Also, I used to look at the sky a lot and one day out in the back yard I got this strong sensation that he was right there, right around me only I couldn't understand why I felt that way. I just knew he wasn't up and that he was right there with me. I later read about this this and it then made sense why I felt it that day.

    2. Objects - I was home alone, distraught and crying in the dark. There was a tissue box sitting next to me. Out of nowhere I heard the sound of someone pulling a tissue out of the box.
    Several times I felt my necklace chain being moved back and forth. I had been sitting quite still reading.
    Clouds, many clouds of hearts, faces, and animals that have meaning to me.
    Rainbows - pop up in unusual places, it's humid here but often times they would appear with no rain.
    The 3rd day after he died I walked in the house and a movie was on. I walked past it and at that exact time, lines were said that were of significance to him with a strong message for me.
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  2. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    3. Animals/Insects, etc - My dog has interacted with him on several occasions. I heard her moving, went into the bedroom to observe her ears perked and actively looking and moving around in a play like motion. This happened again another day and other times she rubs and noses into thin air. After he died, she was on my bed and looking sorta up. I followed her gaze and saw nothing but she was intently staring.
    A dragonfly hopped out in front of me and turned towards me and just hovered then flew directly in front of me and even turned the corn of my path and stayed there finally to fly off. They have appeared at important moments and in weird places. I had one in my backyard that came up to me and just hovered there and moved back and forth like "it" was observing me.
    Flocks of geese would act in ways that I had told someone I loved. The next day they would do exactly what I said I loved. Recently (3 weeks ago) he hovered a dragonfly over my daughter's head to try to get my attention during an emotional moment. I later thanked him because I knew he was trying to help me and he did a strong tingle on my head right then.
    One time I told someone I felt like he had moved on. As I pulled into my house, my sunroof opened back up after I shut it. I immediately went on a walk with my dog and this bird flies off the top of this house and starts squeaking at me and sorta coming down and up like it was coming at me but it never did. I continued to walk and another bird did it. I told him ok, I got it.

    4. Heatwave air - This was a big one for me. I was quite depressed and staring off into space but I kept looking at this specific spot. I looked up from it and looked down again. My mouth fell open as I saw this energy in the air. It looked like heat coming off hot pavement, wavy lines, it was about the size of the palm of my hand and it had a light amber hue in a bit of it. Kind of like if you took a prism and the light caught it and it hit a wall and you could see the colors there. I was in complete shock. This kept popping up in different places at different times and sometimes small in size but never really bigger than the palm of my hand. I would always start looking everywhere to see if a reflection of something was caught. Later went to get an eye exam to be certain, no issues.

    5. Ear Pressure/pain - I was driving along in my car and out of nowhere I got this strong ear pressure/pain in both ears. You think it's pressure in the car but it's not because rolling down the windows won't help it.
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  3. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    6. Hearing him - I heard his voice in my head. It wasn't the knowing sort of way, it was his voice that he pushed to me. Hard to describe. It was very short and got my attention the few times he had done that.

    7. Music/Electricity - Music is big for him and he uses it a lot. About 3 months after he passed, I was in JoAnn's and a song with significance had started to play. Lights, white noise, electrical interference. One day I was still trying to decide if I would try the self-guided connections. My computer sent out a loud electrical noise. I said his name and it did it again. That's when I decided I would no longer delay and I felt comfortable enough to move forward.

    I'm so grateful for this forum and the dedication Roberta and others have here. I knew it was him but I also was conflicted and didn't want to be wrong. There were many other things but I just wanted to list some. When I heard Carol share on her podcast with Roberta that she knew that rainbow and geese were from Mikey I broke down. I knew the things I had been experiencing were him but part of me just wanted to be sure, so I tried to observe and I took Carol's lead and starting making notes of everything and I still do it every day.
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  4. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member


    All of the above still happens but what is most different after beginning the self-guided connections is the feelings. I had not talked about them and Craig mentioned that I had not been talking about my experiences tied to those. Also I'd say my awareness in general is more attuned, just everything. The connections trained me to be more overall aware in general, they opened the door for 2-way communication. I know they can all use electricity but what he does and how he does it is quite creative in my opinion.

    1. Cold chills - I mentioned them above. I've noticed he uses them to get my attention on very specific things now. He can really intensity them. They can happen when I'm all warm and cozy under the covers in bed or just at anytime.

    2. Essence - I think this is him impressing who he is. This one is tough to describe. I've not found anything on it really. It is emotional as it's just "him". He has sort of used this sparingly except recently where he did it for an extended period of time. It's interesting how it happens too. Often times it occurs when I sit down, or step out, or step up. One day I walked out my back door and I literally thought he was right there. It's different than presence in that I can "feel" him like he's in me, like I say taste him but that's a horrible description because there is no taste involved. Another time, I got up and as I stood up I felt it again and it stayed with me as I walked. It use to be like maybe 3 seconds. The last time I would say he did it for like 15-20 seconds.

    3. Tingling - Typically I feel this on my head and my face, sometimes on my back. He can, like with anything, make it a strong sensation of a very light one. The best I can attempt to describe this is to think of white snow on the TV. A bunch of electricity moving around really fast. Think of it a bucket. Now think of it being poured slowly over your head or down the side of your face, like a waterfall. He can do a large amount or a small amount. Whatever he chooses. He has made it seem like, if he had a hand, that he's dragging one hand slowly down each side of my face. Other times, it feels like it's all over my head, neck, and shoulders and it's very relaxing.
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  5. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    4. Euphoric - I will feel very, very relaxed. I liken it to a drink or so. Hits me out of nowhere, can be very subtle or stronger.

    5. Waves of emotion (love) - The first time I felt this was during a connection and I almost couldn't breathe and had to ask him to dial it back. Other times I've been lying in bed and it would start at my toes and slowly overcome my body. Sometimes it's just also like a "wash" like washes over me. It basically envelopes you, sometimes it's just my upper body sometimes it's all. It spreads out then fades.

    6. Presence - The first time this happened I was walking and out of nowhere this frequency shift in my left ear happened. Another time it was my right ear, really gets your attention. I'll assume this is presence, I'm not really sure. I do know that ear pops, ear pressure are and I also get these shifts and deafening moments. One day I was typing and I got this quick high frequency noise, shift in my ears and then my ear popped. This shift can be quick and subtle. The ear pops are common now, they can be soft or strong like everything else. He also started doing this thing where it felt like he was blowing in my ear. It would sort of flutter like air was moving around in there.
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  6. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    7. Images/music - I get a lot of images. During the connections, I stopped even setting up the scene, just starting talking to him and he would send me an image, I would ask the question and he would respond, and we would continue to go back and forth like that. During the connections he would send me some but he wouldn't answer me about why he sent them. I found it odd but kept moving. Every time he did this, the next day that image would appear and I would be shocked every darn time. I realized he was using this to help me and have a little fun. I receive images now when he chooses, most often times when I'm waking up from a nap or just in a sort of sleepy state. Most recently he sent me an image of ducks, real live ducks. The next day I saw those exact ducks exactly how he had sent them to me in the image. He has sent others also, they all vary but are always what's coming up. Almost every day he wakes me up with songs. The other day I was cleaning and heard this song in my head. I recognized it but realized I couldn't hear the words. I went on cleaning, later he does it again but drops some words on me. I'm like I need you to do it again, he does it again and I can then hear it. That technique is new.

    8. Timing - his timing is amazing to me ALWAYS. I love the stuff he does for me. From songs, to cold chills at specific moments, to unfolding songs when I wake up. He keeps me on my toes with little unexpected things. One day recently I was working on something (he was present at this time), I was listening to a song and singing it. I realized there was a part that made me think of him, something along the lines of when I wake up the next morning he leaves me things to let me know it's real. Right then this dragonfly (I suspect, hard to tell as it was moving so fast), flew into my garage at an amazing speed, nailed the wall and turned around and flew back out. I laughed and told him he better be careful because I think he gave that bug a concussion. He has played songs at times that they shouldn't be played. It's amusing to hear the song stopped and the genre of music that should have been playing to resume. This has happened at large events to small places or locations I visit.
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  7. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    9. Hearing him - I've been hearing him since before the connections but it was small and only here and there. I can hear my guide and that's been happening all my life but again, here and there. I asked him one time what something was and he told me the answer. I then got this thought that he wasn't google and I giggled. He's very helpful in supporting me learning how to communicate better. Doing little things here and there. I recently tried automatic writing on my computer and he made his presence fully known. STRONG Presence, ear pops, and all that jazz. What came through was brief but him.

    10. Physical Intimacy - I've not mentioned this because I wasn't certain if I wanted to talk about it or if I should. I'm pretty private and it's pretty weird sounding. When I first read about this happening to other people I was surprised by it. It's not the same as it is when we are both in our physical bodies. It's also not weird at all because it's, again, with who you love.

    11. He's always learning new things all the time. I laugh thinking about him standing there trying new stuff on me. Within the last month he's started doing this pressure on my right side ribcage. I've noticed this is to get my attention about something, typically to be mindful and not react. I also want everyone to know that I submitted myself to thorough physical examination by a neurologist, etc. MRIs, you name it. I knew it was all real but I wanted all of that ruled out simply because he died of cancer and I felt it would be irresponsible if I didn't. Personal choice really. He's with me really all the time, just sometimes off doing things and does this "check-in" where I can feel his touch and it is very light whereas other times it's super strong and I know he's right here with me.

    I feel like I'm leaving out a lot but I've got almost 2 years worth of notes so I can't put everything here. I hope that what I've listed helps someone in some way. I'm happy to answer any questions.
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  8. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    This is lovely and very helpful, dear Unexpected - thank you for sharing!
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  9. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    Thank you Roberta!
  10. Zac

    Zac Member

    I had some unusual things happen since last night:

    (1) an air conditioner part I listed on ebay sold for 5-6x the list price ($400 instead of $70). I raised the price because I was on the road and didn't want to deal with shipping while I was gone. Another obscure computer part that has been listed for over a year also sold

    (2) while I was at costco with my mom this morning, one of the sample dispensing people gave me a whole 16 ounce bottle of a drink instead of a tiny cup like he gave to the people after me

    (3) a bag of tortillas fell off the shelf in costco as we walked by

    Are these signs? I'm not sure.
  11. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Whenever something happens that MIGHT be a sign, always say aloud, "Thank you! I see that!" (or "I think that's a sign from you!") and add, "Please send another one!"

    Remember that our dead loved ones are fully verbal human beings, and don't assume that they are continuously reading our minds in detail. Don't assume they always will know when we recognize a sign. TALK!
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  12. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    It's funny you asked this because I've been thinking that I never mention how I know they are from him. That was always my question when he first left his physical body. How do you know??

    At first, I felt my signs were outright things I couldn't dismiss although I do believe I missed many when I was in the deep deep pit of grief. Regardless...

    1-They were "very" attention getting.
    2-My initial reaction would be that his name would pop into my mind immediately, before I started to analyze it. I refer to that moment as the truest moment because it's when your heart is processing vs the mind.
    3-I would be thinking about random things and then out of nowhere my ears seem to "tune in" to a song playing or a scene from a movie. It would be very quick and strong and I would feel compelled to stop whatever I was doing.
    4-A "feeling", just feel like whatever just happened was from him and no mistake.

    I've learned everyone has to decide if it's a sign or not on their own. They all seem to be personal and many unique to the receiver and may not mean much to anyone else.

    I also followed Roberta's suggestion that she gave you. Anytime, even if I wasn't sure, I said thank you or told him I loved him out loud. I did this even when I was still analyzing everything (the signs I was receiving). To this day I still acknowledge what he does with both. Sometimes I do it telepathically, sometimes out loud with his name and sometimes I just say it because I'm feeling it. I know he can "tune in" when he wants and he will receive it.
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  13. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    When I mentioned rainbows in #2 at the very beginning, I failed to mention how they appear in multiples. Because multiple rainbow pictures would be meaningless, I drew it out and attached it so you would have a better idea. I'm the dot on the drawing (forgive my pre-k drawing) and none of these overlap or are the other end of the rainbow. I've spent a lot of time analyzing rainbows since he started doing this.

    1-Appeared when I walked out of the store. I waited until it passed, got in my car and started to drive.
    2-Appeared 4-5 minutes after the first one just to the left of the first one and only 1/4 of a mile from where I started.
    3-Appeared 3 minutes after the second one another 1/4 of a mile down the road.
    4-I made a stop for an errand and as I headed home something told me to go right vs the left I normally go so I did. As I drove over hills, I looked up and saw the fourth. This was 13 minutes after the third and it appeared much further away (3-4 miles?) but I could see it well.

    It is amazing to see and I'm always grinning ear to ear and filled with a tremendous amount of joy. I'm not foolish enough to believe these were all for me. I'm sure he/they hoped many would see these and have a bit of happiness but I do know I was meant to see them.

    PS- the other day I saw (3) tiny ones. 1 a mile or 2 from my house and the next two as I walked out my door. I believe those were about 10 minutes apart and only seen through sunglasses. Those did feel like they were for me.

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  14. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    And another quick insect interaction example. I had mentioned I had not seen a certain insect since I was a kid. About 3 days later I was driving home with my windows cracked about 1 inch on either side going 30 mph. Out of nowhere this particular insect flies in my window while I'm still driving. Startled the heck out of me but when I saw what it was I was in awe and couldn't believe it. Huge smile and a nice warm feeling. He does stuff like that, hears me say it or think it and then...there it is.

    I try to visualize throwing my arms around him and giving him a huge hug and kiss to say thanks too. I know he receives it because within seconds I get a tingling sensation on my head very soon after.

    Have a wonderful!
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  15. Roshani

    Roshani New Member

    i also feel like there is some heavyness on me during sleeping. it like someone is present near by me ...i don't know what is the actual reason behind it and what is happening in subconcious mind

  16. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    Hello Roshani!

    I've experienced this also. When it happens, it varies in how it feels. A few times it was so strong I swore he would be in front of me when I opened my eyes. Other times it's lighter feeling.
    In my experience, he can do that whenever he chooses but that really strong heavy presence feeling is always super intense when I'm in that lucid state. I'm aware something is happening but I'm not fully awake.
  17. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 Active Member

    Unexpected, thank you for your post. Beautiful as always.
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  18. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    Thank you for taking time to read it and say that! Have a wonderful day!
  19. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    Some observations about animal/insect interactions:
    1-Often the dragonflys or hummingbirds hover or move around and like they are being controlled by a remote control. Their movements are exaggerated in ways that make you take notice.
    2-Some appear like they are not real. Blackish/paper thin and disappear into thin air.
    3-Others zoom in and back out as if they are on a line (I always think of a clothes line) being moved straight in and then moved right back out.
  20. bill zola

    bill zola Member

    Thank you Unexpected. You mentioned #11 He's always learning new things. I am experiencing this with the love of my life. Early on after She transitioned and even a few days before when She was already in transition and almost comatose the usual electrical stuff would happen and right after Her transition white feathers would appear in my path. She is learning and growing the other day a white feather flew onto the hood of my car and slowly, very slowly rolled up to the opassanger side windshield, Her side. It stopped and slowly rolled over to my side and I felt "from me to you" She told me.
    I dreamt of Her that night and in the dream my cell phone fell apart and She was there going for a walk with me, so peaceful as when She was still physical. She was beautiful as ever and I asked Her to call AT&T and get the phone fixed so I could stay in contact. She said She would help me with this.
    She is learning how not just to show me She is here but now communicate things and guide me and I am concentrating on how to better understand Her communications. She already hears everything I say so I just need to be a better receiver.
    Peace & thanks again.

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